8 Reasons Of Why You Should Go Camping

We all associate camping with adventure, fun, and loads of excitement. However, did you know that camping is much more beyond this? While people connect with nature better during treks and camping, involving in such activities also makes a better version of you!

In this post, I am going to talk about how camping can improve your physical and mental stamina, ability to come out of stressful situations, and be a problem solver in your own way!

After all, I never get bored of spending lonesome nights under the stars and secluding myself away from civilizations once in a while. Read on to realize why travellers have camping at the top of their wishlist for outdoor activities.

Camping helps in strengthening physical abilities, boosting mental stability, increasing social engagements, becoming environmentally conscious, breathing fresh air, eating delicious barbecue, enjoying night sky and isolating from busy life.

1. Strengthen Your Physical Abilities

Think of the last time you went camping. What type of landscapes did the journey involve?

My camping trips typically include several adventure activities such as trekking and hiking and sometimes swimming. Sometimes, I have long miles of wilderness to cover, or tricky boulder zones to navigate through.

While walking under the sun boosts your vitamin D intake, you also get to strengthen your physique, enhance your endurance and stamina. These activities also test the capacity of your lungs, as you cover long miles and several landscapes.

Walking over the rocks, river crossing, and down treks also help you balance your body better. Eventually, you get to do all sorts of exercise that you have been missing amidst your busy chores in the city.

Camping makes you physically fit

2. Camping Boosts Mental Stability

While most of us remain obsessed with our respective professions in the cities, we hardly get the opportunity to reconcile ourselves. Camping for a few days serves as a powerful stress buster. It makes sense to take away time deliberately from your packed schedule and free your mind from boredom and anxiety.

With better mental stability comes more productivity. This explains why you get to work better when you rejoin your job after camping for a few days. Camping also boosts your emotional stability, as it presents you with several unexpected challenges to solve on your own!

Camping makes you happy and boosts mental stability

3. Camping Increases Social Engagements

Imagine living for seven days without social media, Wi-Fi, or any kind of interaction with the digital world.
Yes, social engagements existed long back these technologies were invented. These interactions exist even today, but you need to deprive yourself of the digital clutter deliberately.

While you walk through nature, you get to spend quality time with your friends and co-travellers. Most camping sites hardly have mobile towers. So, you can cut off your communication with your workplace for some days!

Rather, like me, cherish the opportunity to talk to fellow campers and trekkers from other parts of the country. Socialize, make friends with strangers, and get to know their experiences and lifestyles! That’s what social engagements are supposed to be like.

Social engagement during camping

4. Make Yourself Environmentally Conscious

Camping is a perfect outdoor activity to educate yourself about nature. My experience on beautiful treks and the thrill of roaming around the campsite taught me how people in far-flung lands live sustainably with nature.

Particularly, if you are enthusiastic about nature, birds, and animals, camping brings you the perfect opportunity to educate yourself in the lap of nature.

Be it the hilltop camping at Kheerganga in Himachal Pradesh, river camping near Dawki river in Meghalaya, or lake camping by the bank of Pawna lake in Maharashtra, camping makes you environmentally conscious, as it did to us. IT IS ENCHANTING!

So, what’s better than thriving with as little as you can and blending your lifestyle with nature?

Be Environmentally Conscious

5. Breathe Pollution-free Fresh Air

How do you love pampering your lungs as you inhale the purity in fresh outdoor air?

In India, the best camping destinations are set amidst forests, and you get to pitch your tent by lakes, rivers, or on the top of mountains. While your eyes feast on the lush greenery, ripping water, or snow-capped peaks, you get to breathe pure oxygen free from the pollution in the cities.

No wonder, why I recommend camping to people seeking a healthy lifestyle!

Breathe Pollution-free Fresh Air

6. BBQ, Campfire, And Food That Tastes Better!

Imagine roasting chicken at your campsite amidst the fresh air! As the red flame reaches for the sky, you will feel the sensation of goodness deep inside. Savour your food in the lap of nature, as food tastes much more toothsome when you cook them yourself in the wild.

Well, there’s a lot on my list, including chicken BBQ, tandoor, kebabs, campfire nachos, and paneer tikka. If you are planning a camping trip with your own arrangement, make sure to pack a camping stove, ingredients, a travel cooking kit, and enough fuel for making food easily.

Moreover, I love collecting fruits on the way up and down my treks. Fishing is yet another popular activity during camping. With these ideas, you won’t run out of your cache of edibles when you go camping the next time.

Delicious barbecue in camping

7. Enjoy The Night Sky And Astrophotography

If you are someone who loves to explore the mysteries of the universe, camping would be the best outdoor activity for you. I usually carry a start chart and sometimes use an app (if I am in a network zone) that helps me locate stars. Well, it’s time for you to feel insignificant as you try to fathom the vastness of the universe.

My fellow campers also engage in stargazing and astrophotography, where the Milky Way appears much clearer before us. Stargazing and night photography at the pitch blackness surrounding you happen to be enthralling indeed.

Lucky campers may also get a glimpse of a shooting star (like I once did in a clear sky at Tonglu on the Sandakphu trek). Although rare, who knows, the magical moment might be awaiting your lens!

Camping under starry sky

8. It’s Time To Isolate Yourself!

Being an avid backpacker and camper, I love isolating myself from the din and crowd of city life. Well, do you relate yourself to this secluded essence when you go camping?

As you explore the wilderness, you can test your survival skills. Spend time with yourself, as you walk on trails and camp in a tent that city-dwellers hardly get to explore.

Isolating yourself during camping also serves as the best time to think about how happy you are away from the busy lifestyle. It’s time to self-retrospect and realize our relative insignificance compared to the world that goes around us.

Isolate yourself from busy life during camping

No wonder, why camping refines us with a psychological strength that others hardly get to realize!

Well, if you feel inspired to delve into nature, grab your camping gear and get out for an adventure. Camping is affordable, and you can do it with as much as you like. Explore your inner self with some of the most popular or offbeat places to camp and enjoy your weekend!

So, the next time your friends ask why you love camping, you know what to tell, right?

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