6 Best Camping Cooking Utensil Sets In India

In case you frequently go on camping trips, you might be looking for the best camping cooking utensil set in India to cook outdoors. Regular kitchenware isn’t very suitable for outdoor camping, especially if you are backpacking or adventuring on foot. A camping cookware set is essential for camping that consists of utensils specially designed for travellers camping in a tent. Such utensils are lighter and more portable than regular cookware, with compact designs and features like foldable or detectable handles.

For frequent campers, it would be logical to buy lightweight and non-stick camping utensils kits for a better camping experience. Not only will it help you travel light, but you’d also enjoy more flexibility in terms of what you can cook while camping. For instance, traditional kitchen utensils may not work well in adverse outdoor weather conditions, significantly limiting your cooking ability.

Choosing a cooking utensil set for camping can be a daunting task considering the varieties, materials, sizes, etc. To make it easier for you, we have reviewed the top 6 camping cookware sets compatible with camping stoves and open fires.

Best Camping Cooking Utensil Set In India

The Best Camping Cooking Utensil Sets In India

1. Zigly Campsor Portable Camping Cooking Utensil Set

Zigly Campsor Portable Outdoor Cooking Set

Specs & Features

  • No. Of Pieces: 8
  • Included Cookware: 1 boiling pan, 1 skillet, 3 plastic bowls, 1 tablespoon, 1 wooden shovel, 1 kettle
  • Material: Hard anodized aluminium, BPA-free plastic and wood
  • Total Weight: 490 grams
  • Ideal For: 2-3 travellers

How useful is Zigly portable cookware for outdoor camping?

This camping cooking utensil set consists of three utensils – a kettle, a pot, a pan and three bowls along with others. If you need outdoor tableware for small cooking activities, this one is the best one for you. Made of anodized aluminium, these utensils are non-stick in nature and hence very easy to clean.

These utensils are also quite stylish and sleek, contrasting black and green colours. The availability of a tea kettle along with pans, pots and bowls with the non-stick camping cookware set makes it stand out in this list. This is definitely a good choice if you seek a nice blend between aesthetics and practical design.

The material also makes the camping cookware set very light, which is a considerable advantage in terms of portability. Moreover, you do not have to worry much about wear and tear either, as the utensils are corrosion and scratch-resistant.

The design of these camping utensils is convenient too, making them convenient to carry and use while travelling, trekking, or hiking. For instance, you can set the lids down and fold the handles when not in use. The curved design of the handles allows them to wrap along the body of the utensils, thus taking up minimal space. The cookware set comes with a strong mesh bag that you can use to store and carry the utensils easily.


  • The corrosion-resistant nature of the cookware will protect them from harsh weather conditions.
  • You can easily fold the handles to minimize the space taken up by the utensils.
  • The scratch-resistant performance is quite good.
  • Cleaning the utensils during outdoor camping will be easy, thanks to the non-stick properties.
  • The cookware set is very lightweight.


  • It is slightly costly compared to the other camping utensils on this list.

Why is Zigly camping cookware set worthy?

This picnic cookware set is a great choice, considering the fantastic portability it offers. The camping utensils are quality products made from high-grade aluminium. Together with the eye-catching design, these features make the cookware set worth your money.

2. Cluemart Camping Cooking Utensil Set

Cluemart Camping Cooking Utensil Set

Specs & Features

  • No. Of Pieces: 10
  • Included Cookware: 1 pot with lid (1 Liter) + 1 pan + 2 bowls, 1 soup spoon, 1 folding spork (spoon cum fork), 1 spatula, 1 nylon drawstring pouch
  • Material: non-stick aluminium pots and pans with stainless steel spork, BPA-free plastic.
  • Total Weight: 450 grams
  • Colour Options: black, green, orange
  • Ideal For: 1-2 travellers

How useful is Cluemart cookware for camping outdoors?

If you are looking for a relatively more comprehensive camping utensils kit, this 10-piece set from Cluemart should serve you well. It comprises two bowls, a non-stick pan, a stainless non-stick pot, a wooden spatula, a soup spoon, a foldable stainless steel spork, and a nylon drawstring pouch. The pot also comes with a lid, which is extremely helpful for outdoor cooking. This is the best camping cooking set in India for individuals who love cooking various meals during outdoor trips.

The variety of utensils and cutlery included in this cookware set makes it highly versatile. You can easily use it on the best camping stoves for cooking your meal without any hassle. You can cook various food items, ranging from making coffee and snacks to preparing rice on a mini stove without any hassle. Such a cookware set would also be a great gift item for someone who travels and goes camping frequently.

The utensils in this set also happen to be anodized aluminium camping cookware with a non-stick surface. The radiance coating on the cookware also guarantees fast conduction and even distribution of heat. Thanks to the compact and stackable design, you’ll also find the cookware set extremely easy to carry with you.


  • The compact and stackable design principle and the dedicated drawstring pouch will help you carry the cookware set with ease.
  • You can fold the handles around the cookware to fit them within a small space.
  • The even heat distribution will help you cook food quickly without burning them.
  • This is a very comprehensive camping cookware set consisting of every utensil you may need on a camping trip.
  • You can easily clean the cookware after use, thanks to the non-stick properties and the loofah sponge that comes with this set.


  • Although the set has two eating bowls, there is only one spoon.

Why is Cluemart camping cooking utensil set worthy?

This is an ideal camping cooking utensil set for campers who take pleasure in cooking outdoors and would like to cook various dishes. The design features of the camping utensils, particularly their foldable nature, make them particularly compact and portable. This cookware set is adequate for solo travellers or up to two campers.

3. Zorbes Outdoor Camping Picnic Cookware Set

Zorbes Outdoor Camping Picnic Cookware Set

Specs & Features

  • No. Of Pieces: 8
  • Included Cookware: 1 stockpot with cover, 1 frying pan, 2 bowls, 1 rice ladle, 1 spatula, 1 cleaning sponge
  • Material: Non-stick coated hard anodized aluminium, plastic and wooden
  • Total Weight: 444 grams
  • Ideal For: solo travellers

How useful is Zorbes cookware for outdoor camping?

This set is ideal camping cookware for Indian solo travellers. While the utensils are compact enough to be suitable for cooking only one person’s meal, the cookware is quite comprehensive. It consists of 8 pieces of utensils in total, including a stockpot, a cover, a frying pan, a rice ladle, two bowls, and a sponge for cleaning. Such a cookware set should serve you quite well on a hiking trip, allowing you to try your hand at cooking various dishes outdoors.

The strong aluminium used in these utensils makes them highly durable. This camping cooking set is resistant to corrosion and oxidation, which is a great advantage considering the utensils might potentially be exposed to harsh weather and moisture. Hence, you can always carry this cookware set with you during your travels.

The manufacturer has paid special attention to the compactness of the cookware set, making sure that it’s highly portable and usable at campsites. Not only are the utensils very lightweight, but they easily fit inside one another. This means you can store the whole cookware set within the space needed for just one utensil.


  • The ergonomic design of the handles, together with the material, ensures a firm grip.
  • You can easily fit the cookware set in your backpack or even hang it outside using the drawstring pouch that comes with it.
  • Thanks to the non-stick coating, cleaning the cookware in the wilderness won’t be a huge hassle.
  • You can stack the utensils into one another and fold the handles.
  • The camping utensils kit weighs only 0.538 kg, which is relatively light considering the number of utensils.


  • The cookware size makes this set adequate only for one person.

Why is Zorbes camping cooking utensil set worthy?

This is the best quality cooking utensil set for camping if you are looking for a blend of portability, versatility, and great design. As mentioned earlier, this is primarily suitable for solo travellers as the utensils are only large enough to cook a meal for one person. But, it’s definitely worth your money if such a small cookware set is what you seek.

4. Rehtrad Camping Cooking Set With Utensils

Rehtrad 8 Pcs Camping Cooking Set

Specs & Features

  • No. Of Pieces: 8
  • Included Cookware: 1 boiling pan, 1 frying pan, 1 tablespoon, 1 wooden spoon, 1 cleaning tool, 2 bowls with carrying bag
  • Material: Hard anodized non-toxic aluminium with non-stick coating
  • Total Weight: 500 grams
  • Ideal For: 1-2 travellers

How useful is Rehtrad cookware for camping outdoors?

The cookware set consists of a frying pan, a boiling pan, plastic bowls, a wooden spoon, a tablespoon, and a cleaning tool. Additionally, it also comes with a drawstring bag in which you can carry the utensils. The boiling pot has a capacity of 500 ml, which is quite good for cooking while staying in a camping tent in India. It also comes with a cover, which would help you cook more efficiently by trapping heat within the pot.

Hikers seeking a good-quality non-stick camping cookware set may consider buying this one. The non-stick coating is completely free of any harmful chemicals. Moreover, the manufacturer also provides a cleaning tool that will allow you to clean the utensils without damaging the coating. The oxidized aluminium is quite strong, which makes the cookware very durable. The camping cooking utensil set is also resistant to high temperatures, which would allow you to prepare a variety of dishes on camping stoves or campfires.


  • The camping utensils have anti-slip and anti-heat handles that will allow you to use them safely.
  • You’ll find this camping cookware kit easy to clean, thanks to the non-stick coating.
  • Made from high-grade aluminium, the utensils are very durable.
  • This set comes with a dedicated cleaning tool.
  • The design of the utensils makes them easy to carry around.


  • The size of the cookware can be too small for some campers.

Why is Rehtrad camping cooking utensil set worthy?

This camping cookware set is perfect for up to two people and is quite good in terms of utensils included. Thanks to the stackable design, which ensures easy storage, the kit is excellent for hiking trips where you can carry minimal luggage. Overall, this set is a good choice if you find it suitable for your requirements.

5. Fainlist Portable Outdoor Camping Picnic Dining Utensils Set

Fainlist Portable Outdoor Camping Picnic Dining Utensils Set

Specs & Features

  • No. Of Pieces: 24
  • Included Cookware: 4 mugs, 4 long plates, 4 divided plats, 4 forks, 4 spoons, and 1 carry case
  • Material: 100% food-grade BPA-free plastic
  • Total Weight: 350 grams
  • Ideal For: 4 travellers

How useful is Fainlist utensil set for outdoor camping?

Are you going on a picnic with a group? This camping utensil set is best for a group of four, with 24 pieces of utensils in total. These include four divided plates, four long plates, four mugs, four spoons, four bowls, four spoons, and four forks. The picnic tableware set comes in a carry case, thus ensuring compact and convenient storage too. While this set might be unnecessary for solo travellers, it’s perfect for small groups in camping destinations.

As you may notice, all the utensils in this set are camping tableware, and you cannot use any of them to cook food. If you specifically need a camping utensil kit for cooking, go for one of the other products listed here or carry cooking utensils separately. All the tableware in this set is made of plastic, so you shouldn’t place them on a flame under any circumstances. However, it does make the utensils far lighter than metal tableware.

The plastic used in the manufacture of this camping cookware set is BPA free and perfectly food-safe. Moreover, these utensils are compatible with dishwashers, making them easy to clean.


  • These plastic utensils are super light and very easy to carry while travelling.
  • With 24 pieces of tableware in total, the set is enough for a small group of picnickers.
  • In case you use the tableware set indoors, its microwave compatibility should help.
  • The utensils are easy to clean after use.
  • All the tableware is BPA and toxin-free.


  • You can’t use this camping utensil set for cooking, instead, it is perfect for dining.

Why are Fainlist camping utensils kits worthy?

This is an ideal camping utensil set for picnics, BBQs, and outdoor or indoor parties. With multiple types of utensils and four of each, it should serve you quite well. The lightweight of the utensils is undoubtedly a notable advantage too. Microwave and dishwasher compatibility are added perks that make them even more convenient.

6. Verilux Camping Cooking Set With Pot, Pan and Bowls

Verilux 8 pcs Camping Cooking Set

Specs & Features

  • No. Of Pieces: 8
  • Included Cookware: 1 pot with lid, 1 fry pan, 2 bowls, 1 rice ladle and 1 cleaning sponge
  • Material: Anodized aluminium with non-stick coating
  • Total Weight: 500 grams
  • Ideal For: 1-2 travellers

How useful is Verilux cookware for camping outdoors?

This is yet another good choice for those seeking camping cooking utensil sets in India from a reliable brand. The corrosion-resistant material adds to the cookware’s durability, ensuring that it can survive harsh conditions. Like the other camping cooking utensil sets in this list, this one comes with foldable handles for enhanced portability too. The set will serve you perfectly for picnic and tent camping purposes.

Due to its slick design, this portable cookware set will also be an excellent gift item. It comprises a stockpot, a pot lid, a frying pan, two bowls, and a rice ladle. Additionally, it also comes with a cleaning sponge and a drawstring bag for convenient storage. Whether you go on a car camping or hiking trip, such a comprehensive cookware set proves to be useful.

You can use the camping utensils for various purposes, such as cooking rice, boiling eggs and milk, making tea or coffee, etc., on your camping stove or other sources of fire.


  • The utensils are easy to clean, with non-stick surfaces.
  • You’d find this camping cookware set to be very versatile.
  • The cookware set offers excellent portability, weighing only 500 grams.
  • Foldable handles make it even easier to fit the utensils within a small space.
  • Anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion properties will add to the product’s lifespan.


  • The overall quality could be better.

Why is Verilux camping cooking utensil set worthy?

Overall, this is an excellent product and offers good value for money. This cooking set is certainly a good choice for buyers looking for high-quality camping cookware in terms of versatility and portability. You can easily fit the whole set within the small mesh bag that comes with it. Thanks to its design, you can hang it securely outside your backpack if the space is full.

using the best camping cookware at campsite

How To Choose Travel Cooking Kit For Camping?

Before coming up with the above list, we thoroughly used and evaluated the camping cookware based on multiple aspects. With so many similar products in the market, picking the right one might be a confusing process. We choose the six best camping cookware in India after a detailed evaluation of the following factors-

Material of cookware and utensils

Like any other type of cookware, camping utensils are available in different materials too. You’ll have to choose the most suitable material based on your requirements in terms of performance and durability. The most popular camping cooking equipment materials are:

  • Aluminium: Due to its lightweight nature, aluminium is one of the most popular cookware materials. Considering that portability is a major factor to consider while backpacking, it makes sense to buy cookware made of aluminium. The metal also offers excellent heat conductivity, which will allow you to cook more quickly and save fuel.
  • Non-Stick Hard Anodized: If you decide to go for aluminium cookware, you might want to go for anodized aluminium in particular for added durability and scratch resistance. Buying lightweight non-stick anodized camping cookware ensures a hassle-free cooking experience. Such a non-stick coating makes utensils much easier to clean, particularly helpful during outdoor camping trips.
  • Stainless Steel: Known for its high durability, stainless steel is the perfect cookware material for frequent use and rough handling. Especially if you are hiking at a place where your gear is prone to damage, choosing a stainless-steel cookware set will be a good idea. However, do note that stainless steel is heavy compared to aluminium which makes it less preferable unless you are on a car camping trip.
  • Cast Iron: Cast iron cookware is known to be naturally non-stick and has the ability to preserve the flavour of your food. However, as it is heavier than stainless steel, cast iron cooking utensils are the least choice for backpacking and camping.

Size and compactness

Especially when backpacking rather than car camping, it is crucial to choose very compact utensils. The more space your cookware takes up, the lesser room it leaves for other necessary supplies inside the rucksack you carry. For instance, the Cluemart Camping Kitchen Accessories for Outdoor Mess Kit consists of compact and stackable utensils with foldable handles. Also, consider how much food you need to cook. If you are a solo traveller, a small camping cooking utensil set enough to cook one person’s meal should be perfect.

Weight and portability

Like compactness, you’d also want to buy lightweight and portable cookware for your travels. The material of the camping cookware set is a major factor in this regard. For instance, if you only need some camping tableware and don’t require any cookware, the Fainlist Picnic Dining Utensils Set should be enough. It is always wise to travel light when going on a trek, as it will ensure a far more comfortable experience.

Types of camping cookware

You will also have to choose the camping utensils kit depending on what type of cookware you need. For instance, if you seek a cookware set that includes a kettle, Zigly Campsor Portable Outdoor Cooking Set is your best choice. However, you should consider one of the other options listed above in case you need a cooking kit for complete meals and would need a pot, frying pan, soup bowl, kettle, etc.

Ease of cleaning

When you cook on a camping stove out in the wilderness, you may not have soap available and might have to manage with just water. Hence, it is logical to buy an easy outdoor camping cookware kit to clean. As you can notice, some of the cookware sets listed above include tools for quick cleaning. The non-stick properties of the cookware are relevant too, as food sticking to the base after use can be a real hassle to deal with.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to cook when camping?

When you are on an outdoor camping trip, you should always keep the cooking activities as simple as possible. Not only do you have limited ingredients, but preparing complex dishes can consume too much time and fuel. Boiled rice is a good staple in this regard, along with simple meat or vegetable dishes for your meals. You can also boil eggs, noodles, fry omelettes, or make tea and coffee. Just try to keep it as hassle-free as you can.Preparing noodles with cooking utensil on camping stove

Where should you cook when camping?

When you are camping outdoors, especially in a tent, you won’t have the luxury of being able to cook in a kitchen with all the regular appliances and utensils available. It is generally a good idea to carry a camping stove with you. These small gas stoves are lightweight and compact in design, making them easy to fit inside a backpack and carry. However, if you do not have a stove or don’t want to carry one, you can instead light a campfire. Cooking on a campfire using a camping cooking set enhances the experience and gives the food a smoky taste. However, you’ll have to gather wood for the fuel, and the flame can be hard to control. In comparison, a camping stove is smaller, and much more convenient to use and you can pack it together with the camping cookware inside your backpack.

How to clean camping cookware?

Of course, you will have to clean all the cookware manually as you cannot carry a dishwasher with you and use it in the wild. If you aren’t carrying any soap, simply wash the utensils thoroughly in clean water and wipe them with a sponge. As long as the food isn’t sticking hard to the surface, scrubbing it away with a cleaning sponge should be enough.

Best Camping Utensils and Cookware

Best Camping Cookware and Utensils – The Verdict

Now that you have a better idea of what to look for, you should be able to buy the best camping cooking utensil set in India for your upcoming trips. It should be relatively easy with six of the top quality cooking utensils for camping shortlisted-

  • Zigly Campsor Portable Outdoor Cooking Set
  • Cluemart Camping Cooking Utensil Set
  • Zorbes Outdoor Camping Picnic Cookware Set
  • Rehtrad Camping Cooking Set With Utensils
  • Fainlist Portable Outdoor Camping Picnic Dining Utensils Set
  • Verilux Camping Cooking Set With Pot, Pan And Bowls

However, all cookware sets are suitable for every camper. Different products consist of different types of utensils, and you will have to choose based on your requirements. List your priorities based on portability, durability, versatility, material, size, etc. This should help you decide and buy the most suitable camping utensils for yourself. Apart from the listed products, Titanium Camping Cookware Set is also a good model.

For instance, solo campers will find the cookware set from Zorbes to be perfect for them, while the plastic tableware set from Rehtrad is suitable for couples and large groups of picnic goers. Also, consider what type of food you are planning to cook while camping.

Any portable cookware sets listed above prove to be a good value for money, as long as it suits your requirements. Just evaluate them carefully and choose a cooking utensil set that you can always take on your camping trips.

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