7 Best Camping Stoves in India (2022) – Portable & Eco-Friendly

Spending a night with friends or family in a 5-star hotel is cool but, do you know about the fun and adventure that camping packs? The new Generation-Z loves traveling and exploring the world. Camping just comes as an addition to traveling to make it an even more fun activity.

Camping is basically spending some amazing time based on a Tent or in a Recreational Vehicle(RV). It involves being outdoors for days, and thus you have to cook your own food. Yes, you can purchase food from a local restaurant or hotel but cooking your own food packs its own fun.

You can’t use induction cooktops outside while camping because obviously, there is no electricity to power them. You can’t carry traditional stoves as they require an LPG gas cylinder to keep them burning.

Camping stoves are specially built for this purpose. These stoves are very lightweight, portable, and eco-friendly. The best camping stoves in India run on charcoal, propane, or butane. The top seven camping stoves we are going to talk about, have a wonderful build quality and reputation among the Indian users.

best camping stove in India

The Best Camping Stoves in India (2022)

1. Ohuhu Stainless Steel Camping Stove

Ohuhu Stainless Steel Camping Stove

Product Highlights:

  • It is made of Stainless Steel body.
  • This camping stove uses wood as fuel.
  • The dimensions are 5.74 x 5.35 x 3.54 inches.
  • The weight of this product is 400 grams.

This camping stove by Ohuhu comes with a stainless steel body. Say no to the flammable gases with a chance of leakage, it uses natural things like wood and coal as fuel.

The product is highly portable, it has a collapsible structure which makes it easy to carry around. It weighs just around 400 grams which is ideal for camping use, it is not bulky and heavy. The build quality is also decent if not the best. Expect it to provide you years of reliable service before it breaks down.

It also can function as a grill, which means you can cook barbeque during camping, just how good is that. It has holes at the bottom to keep up the oxygen supply. However, you do need a little bit of kerosene to start the fire initially. Also, the wood must be cut into smaller pieces to produce the best fire to cook your food quickly.


  • It comes with a grill grid.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Highly portable.
  • Holes keep the airflow flawless.
  • Collapsible structure.


  • Unstable in windy conditions.
  • Small size.

What Is Best About This Camping Stove?

You can get your hands on this camping stove if you want a lightweight and highly portable stove with a collapsible structure. It comes with a grill which makes it a perfect choice to cook barbeque while camping. It weighs just 400 grams, making it easier to carry.

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2. Kriva Portable Windproof Gas Butane Burner

Kriva Portable Windproof Gas Butane Burner

Product Highlights:

  • This stove is made of stainless steel alloy.
  • It weighs 397 grams.
  • The dimensions are 15.5 x 15.5 x 9 cm.
  • It uses butane as fuel.
  • Made of waterproof materials.

What is the one main thing that a camping stove must have? For it to be portable, right?

This camping stove by Kriva has it. It weighs just 397 grams. It’s also worth mentioning that the build quality is not much compromised due to its low weight.

It’s made of waterproof materials which make this stove ideal for outdoor use. Even if you leave it outside and it rains, you don’t have to worry about it. The burner also has baffles which reduce the effect of wind on the flame and make it wind-proof.

It uses butane as fuel which, on burning, doesn’t produce harmful greenhouse gases as charcoal does. A built-in ignition system is provided in this stove, making it easier to ignite without the use of matches or a lighter. Last but not least, it also has a flame controller that can accurately adjust the flame intensity.

Despite being a stove this lightweight, it’s pretty stable in windy conditions and doesn’t tip-off. Long story short, this is an outdoor stove, especially for camping purposes.


  • Comes with fold-out pot supporters.
  • It’s eco-friendly.
  • Highly portable.
  • Built-in flame adjuster.
  • Strong firepower.


  • Butane canisters need to be purchased separately.
  • Small in size.

What Is Best About This Camping Stove?

It’s a lightweight camping stove by the brand Kriva, weighing just 397 grams, this is one of the most portable outdoor stoves in the market. The size of this stove is compact, making it even easier to carry around. If you’re looking for an affordable camping stove in 2022 with decent functionalities, this one is meant for you.

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3. Divinext Ultra-light Camping Gas Stove Burner

Divinext Ultra-light Camping Gas Stove Burner

Product Highlights:

  • This camping stove is made of iron.
  • It weighs 570 grams.
  • Made of waterproof materials.
  • Uses butane as fuel.
  • The dimensions are 145 x 145 x 120 mm.


This waterproof camping stove is lightweight and of decent build quality if not the best. It weighs just about 570 grams which is a huge plus point for this stove. The foldable design adds a little extra to its portability.

Considering the price of this camping stove, it has some great features to offer. Baffles are present on the burner which makes the flame retain its effectiveness even in windy conditions.

Always wanted the best camping stove with little to no smoke emissions?

This stove uses butane as fuel which is a completely combustible gas. It leaves no residues nor does it produce any smoke or cause pollution. So, cooking on this stove will be a pleasure for you and your friends.

As the company claims, it can boil 1L of water in just 3.5 minutes at full power which is above average and is pretty good for a stove of this price range.

Talking about the build of this stove, its body is made of iron which is known for its durability. So, what more do you expect in a camping stove below the price tag of 1000Rs? This one has it all.


  • Adequate size.
  • Efficient burning.
  • Environment-Friendly.
  • Lightweight.
  • Made of waterproof materials.


  • Butane canisters need to be separately bought.

What Is Best About This Camping Stove?

This high-powered stove comes as a rescue to the cooking-time problem. The company claims that it can boil 1L of water in just 3.5 minutes and that’s why camping stoves are mostly used for. So, if you want a powerful stove of decent build quality, this one is meant for you.

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4. Vittamix Classic High-End Charcoal Camping Stove

Vittamix Classic High-End Charcoal Camping Stove

Product Highlights:

  • This stove uses charcoal as fuel.
  • Rubber coated ergonomic handles.
  • Burns charcoal efficiently.
  • The dimensions are 28 x 22 x 22 cm.
  • It has high-temperature ceramic insulation.

Probably one of the best on our list, despite being a charcoal stove, this stove produces little to no smoke. This is mainly because of its somewhat extraordinary design. This is a high-end charcoal stove, supplying enough air to the fuel resulting in smoke-free burning.

The high-temperature ceramic insulation prevents the stove from overheating. And the rubber handles provide an easy grip to handle this stove when it’s super hot.

The clever ashtray system serves for easy and hassle-free cleaning of this stove after use. No need to clean it with water and wait a day for it to dry. Just remove the ashtray, wipe it off with a dry cloth and you’re good to go.

Apart from that, the design of this stove and efficient burning allows it to cook food 50% faster than other charcoal stoves. The burner is completely wind-proof, allowing it to stay efficient even in windy conditions.


  • No smoke emission.
  • Temperature control.
  • Easy cleaning for reuse.
  • It doesn’t overheat.
  • Wind-proof cooking.


  • Charcoal is not as efficient as butane.
  • Slightly heavy.

What Is Best About This Camping Stove?

This outdoor stove is one of the most efficient stoves available in the market. Its low carbon footprint makes it environment-friendly. It’s easy to clean this stove for re-use, thanks to the ashtray system. It also has a temperature regulator which most camping stoves of similar price range miss out on.

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5. PEPL Biomass Camping Stove

PEPL Biomass Camping Stove

Product Highlights:

  • It has a stainless steel body.
  • It weighs 3.5 kg.
  • The dimensions are  20.3 x 20.3 x 33 cm.
  • It has a wind-proof design.
  • It uses wood as fuel.

This revolutionized biomass cooking stove is one of the best stoves for camping purposes. It stands on a cross-stand making it stable even in windy conditions. It is double-walled so the durability of this stove won’t be an issue for you.

The design part is the most unique of all. It has a fan at the bottom which keeps the airflow maintained inside the burning chamber and comes with a 9V adapter to power that fan. This keeps the carbon burning inside continuously, resulting in a very efficient burning process.

This efficient burning of fuel makes it an environment-friendly product as it produces less smoke and other harmful gases due to proper air supply. It has an open-mouth design which makes adding fuel to the chamber, a pretty hassle-free task to do.

So, if you love to cook while camping but smoke ruins your experience, this camping stove is just for you. Its highly efficient design reduces the smoke to 90%.


  • Double-walled structure.
  • Efficient burning.
  • Stable in windy conditions.
  • Produces 90% less smoke.
  • Fast cooking.
  • Has a fan to maintain continuous airflow.


  • Slightly heavy to carry around.
  • Non-collapsible design.

What Is Best About This Camping Stove?

The fan that this camping stove includes has a major role in keeping the cooking almost completely smoke-free. The double walls and cross-stands make it stable in windy conditions. So, if you want the best camping stove in India with a unique and innovative design, this one is meant for you.

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6. NEAR STOP Ultra-Light Small Volume Camping Stove

NEAR STOP Ultra-Light Small Volume Camping Stove

Product Highlights:

  • It uses butane gas as fuel.
  • Made from various waterproof materials.
  • The dimensions are 15*15*12 cm.
  • It has a lightweight design.
  • Built-in spark ignition system.

Say no to smoke while cooking on a camping stove. Unlike traditional camping stoves which use wood as fuel, this one uses butane as fuel. Butane is a highly flammable gas that mixes with air to form a flammable mixture.

This mixture undergoes complete combustion, resulting in little to no smoke emissions. This makes this camping stove environment-friendly and you’ll have a good time cooking on this stove. The stove is made of high-quality water-resistant materials, so durability is not an issue either.

Lightweight materials are used in this camping stove, making it easier to carry around which ultimately increases its portability. It comes feature-packed, having a built-in spark ignition system, no need to carry lighters anymore.

It measures 15 centimeters in length, an ideal size for any portable outdoor stove. So, it does come feature-packed and if you’re looking for the same, you cannot skip this one.


  • Smoke-free functioning.
  • Compact size.
  • Good stability.
  • Environment-friendly.
  • Modern look.


  • Butane canisters need to be bought separately.
  • You must be cautious about the leakage of butane gas.
  • Build quality could have been better.

What Is Best About This Camping Stove?

This camping stove comes with great benefits like smoke-free functioning, a built-in spark ignition system, water-resistant, and many more. However, if you’re okay with spending some extra bucks on a butane canister, this is a go-to product for you.

7. KPS Outdoor Portable Windproof Camping Stove

KPS Outdoor Portable Windproof Camping Stove

Product Highlights:

  • Its body is made of stainless steel and iron.
  • The dimensions are 15*15*12cm.
  • Has retractable metal feet.
  • It weighs 140g.
  • Uses butane as fuel.

This outdoor stove by KPS is made solely for camping purposes. It is lightweight and weighs just 140 g. The stove is compact which increases its portability. It uses butane as fuel which is less harmful than coal and wood as it doesn’t produce smoke.

The fuel undergoes complete combustion, resulting in no smoke emission while cooking. This makes camping more fun. However, butane canisters need to be bought separately.

The retractable metal feet of this stove make it easy to carry around and stable even in windy conditions. The burner is of good quality and is not open from every direction. This makes the flame effective even in slightly windy conditions.

Although this camping stove is lightweight, the build quality is not compromised in any way. The material is stainless steel and it is known for its durability. So, no issues in the durability part either.


  • Environment-friendly function.
  • Highly portable.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Compact size.
  • Stable in windy conditions.


  • Butane canisters need to be purchased separately.
  • Unsafe than coal-burning camping stoves.

What Is Best About This Camping Stove?

Like this one, camping stoves that use butane as fuel produce less smoke and are environment-friendly. The weight of this camping stove is its USP, it’s just 140 grams which makes it ideal to carry around effortlessly. The compact design adds extra to its portability and despite being lightweight, it is stable in windy conditions.

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Benefits Of Good Portable Camping Stoves

As mentioned earlier, you need a camping stove to enjoy your trip to the fullest. Investing your money in a good camping stove can be really beneficial for your trip. So, here are the benefits that the best camping stove provides-

benefits of camping stoves

Cook along the way

Portable camping stoves are outdoor stoves that allow you to cook your food out in the field. No need to pack your food from a hotel or restaurant or something. You can cook your own with a camping stove and enjoy your night better with friends. Having a hot cup of coffee in the snowy mountains and having a barbeque party beside a beautiful lake. One can only imagine these mesmerizing experiences if he chooses not to invest in camping stoves.

Carry them where you want

Good camping stoves have a collapsible structure and if not, they’re so lightweight than traditional stoves. This makes you comfortable to carry them on your trip and basically, that’s what they’re made for. Good camping stoves can be easily carried in a bag or take up a little bit of space in your car’s trunk.

Cooks food evenly

The flame produced by a good camping stove is not much affected by the wind. This makes it cook the food evenly and fast. The flame should hit the boiler or your pan, evenly on its bottom to ultimately cook the food. Good camping stoves have it. They are the same if not better than traditional stoves in terms of cooking.

They have a built-in ignition system

Although not necessarily a must-have, this is one important feature of a good camping stove. Sometimes carrying a lighter with you all the time feels annoying. Here’s where the built-in ignition system comes into play, all you have to do is just press that button that’s it. Obviously, this is only helpful for butane or propane-powered stoves and not for charcoal stoves.

Buying Guide for Camping Stove in India

It’s a difficult task to choose the best camping stove for you when there are so many options available to choose from. Options from different brands keep popping into your mind and you just can’t finalize any of them. If you too are experiencing such issues while selecting a good camping stove, we have a perfect buying guide for you.

Gas stoves are extremely convenient to use. Brands upgraded their products with recent innovations like auto-ignition gas stoves. But these stoves are huge in size. On the other hand, camping stoves are smaller and easily portable.

You have to look for these features in a camping stove:

Portability of Camping Stove

As mentioned, this is one feature without which a camping stove is of no use no matter the high-end features it packs. You should be looking for it in every camping stove you set your eyes on.

You can carry a portable stove easily in your car’s trunk or even in your backpack if it has a collapsible structure. It’s also worth mentioning that the fuel canisters are not included in this context.

Stoves that have a collapsible structure are a good buy but they are not easy to find at all. And if you do find one, that stove will most likely miss out on other must-have features.

So, you should be looking at other aspects like its weight and size which brings us to the second point.

Camping Stove buying guide

Weight and Size Capacity

Look for a stove that weighs less than 1kg. Lightweight stoves are easy to carry and move around while being used. Know that a good camping stove packs most of the required features in a very compact size.

Compact stoves are easier to store while not being used. Having a compact stove means you can fill up that space with more useful things. Also, a compact-sized stove is less likely to get unstable by wind due to its small surface area.

When both these features are combined, you can carry this lightweight and compact-sized stove even in your travel backpack which is great.

High Build Quality

We always want to get the best out of every penny we spend on something. Considering this, build quality becomes a major aspect while purchasing a camping stove. Going with a stove made of stainless steel might help with this. Stainless steel is an alloy of iron and carbon, which increases its durability many folds.

While traveling, a stove might undergo rough handling which decreases its lifespan and might even break it. That’s why you should always buy a camping stove of good build quality and made of tough materials like stainless steel or iron.

You also have to check the thickness of the material while checking the build quality. The material stainless steel or iron won’t matter much if it’s used in such a low quantity. Thin walls tend to bend in rough conditions or even break in the worst case.

Waterproof and Windproof Quality

While camping, you can’t keep the hot stove inside your waterproof camping tent. The stove will be left outside and may get damaged by water if it rains. That’s why you have to get yourself a stove made of waterproof materials or at least have a waterproof coating.

Waterproofing can save your stove from catching rust, thus increasing the lifespan of the stove. It can also help keep your stove dry and ready to function.

As waterproofing does come at a cost, these camping stoves are slightly more expensive than usual ones. But, if we talk about ROI, spending a little extra to get a waterproof and windproof stove is beneficial in the long term.

Fuel to be Used

Camping stoves are mainly of 2 types if we differentiate them based on fuel type- Charcoal stoves and liquified gas stoves (Butane/Propane).

While charcoal stoves are easier to carry as they don’t require a fuel canister to function, they also release harmful gases into the environment. Most gas-powered camping stoves require a fuel canister to be bought separately but they’re also environment-friendly.

However, there are some fuel-powered camping stoves with the canisters attached but they’re way expensive. So, you should get a gas-powered stove as they’re not harmful to the environment and also provide smoke-free cooking. In the end, you don’t want toxic smoke around your tent, don’t you?


Cooking food outdoors is fun and camping stoves can help you with that. They come as a rescue to all the camping problems related to cooking outdoors. They’re portable, easy to use, and reliable for 2022. Camping stoves can make your trip to camping places more enjoyable and memorable.

When on a trip, you’ll be visiting some remote areas with no water filtration or purification system. Yes, you can purchase bottled water but what’s the fun in that? Camping stoves are mainly used just for making drinking water by boiling.

In the end, it all boils down to you, what do you want is all that matters. Get yourself the best portable camping stove if you don’t want to release greenhouse gases into the environment. They also don’t release smoke while cooking. Otherwise, you always have the choice to go for a charcoal or wood-burning stove if you’re a little short on budget.

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