Kheerganga Trek From Kasol – Complete Travel Guide

Nestled at an altitude of 2956 meters (9678 ft.) and surrounded by the Himalayan mountain range, Kheerganga or Khirganga is a scenic trekking destination from Kasol at Parvati valley in Himachal Pradesh, India. As per locals, Kheerganga has spiritual significance and is known as the ‘abode of Lord Shiva’.

Kheerganga Trek Overview

About Kheerganga

Kasol to Kheerganga trek involves Barshaini (also known as Barsheni), Kalga, and Tosh as starting points. The distance covered is around 12 Km which usually takes 4-6 hours to complete, depending on the capability of the trekkers. Most part of the trek is pretty straightforward. Still, some can be a little difficult and risky for beginners due to steep stairs, slippery paths, and precipices.

The best things about Kheerganga are the surrounding scenic view, forest trek, and a hot water spring. Its beauty is incomparable in different seasons. While the temperature reaches 26 degrees Celsius in the summer (May-June), the winters (December-February) are colder, and there is often snowfall. However, you can trek to Kheerganga from Kasol at any time of the year according to your preference.

Way to Kheerganga

The Mythology About Kheerganga

Kheerganga is an ancient pilgrimage site. The name “Kheerganga” comes from two words- “kheer”, which means a slurry sweet dish made of milk, and “Ganga” means a river of great importance.

It is said that from Satya-yuga till now, Shiva Parvati and Kartika have been living here. By the grace of Shiva and Parvati, Kheer (usually made by boiling milk) flowed here. That is why the place is called “Kheerganga”.

In order not to quarrel over the kheer, it was turned into hot water by the grace of Parasurama in Kaliyuga. Bathing in this water is virtuous. Also, the Kartikswamy cave is located 60 meters away from the hot spring. Now it is forbidden to enter the cave, but pilgrims can still visit there.

Highlights Of Kheerganga Trek

  • Altitude: 9678 ft.
  • Trekking Difficulty: Easy to moderate
  • Starting Point: Barshaini/ Kalga/ Tosh
  • End Point: Kheerganga
  • Distance Covered: 12-14 Km
  • Duration Of Trek: 4-6 hours
  • Temperature: 16°C to 20°C (Summer), -11°C to 12°C (Winter)
  • Rainfall: 128-500 mm (monsoon), 29-130 mm (Other Seasons)
  • Best Time To Visit: April, May, June, October, November
  • Nearest ATM: Kasol
  • Mobile Network: BSNL
  • Cost of Trek: ₹2760 to ₹11100 for two persons* (Kasol to Kasol via Kheerganga)

*Includes the cost of accommodation, food (breakfast, lunch, dinner), and charge for the guide.

Kasol Kheerganga Trek Map

Map of Kheerganga Trek from Kasol, Tosh and Kalga

This map explains the Kheerganga trek routes from Kasol, Barshaini, Tosh and Kalga. Check more details.

How To Reach Kheerganga From Kasol?

The best option to reach Kasol is availing of the AC Volvo Bus service from New Delhi or Chandigarh. The distance is roughly 520 Km which needs an overnight journey. The nearest airport to Kasol is Kullu–Manali Airport, Bhuntar, just 23 Km away. You can get both public transport and private cars to reach Kasol.

Once you have arrived in Kasol, you can book a cab or ride on a bus to reach Barshaini in 40 minutes. The distance between Kasol and Barshaini bus stand is 17 Km, and the trek to Kheerganga starts from this point.

Parvati River at Barshaini

Kheerganga Trek Routes

There are three different trekking routes from Barshaini to Kheerganga, covering a 9 to 14 Km distance. Every route is best for their unique experience and adventure. So, let’s explore!

Route 1: Barishaini to Kheerganga via Nakthan

Nakthan is known for its 460 MW hydropower project and its surrounding scenic village. After passing the bridge on the Parvati river, take a left turn to reach the Nakthan village. Follow the Barsheni road to reach Rudranag which meets another trail from Kalga. The path is well-marked and easy to follow.

This route is easier to descend from Kheerganga than other ones. The distance from Kheerganga is the shortest on this route, usually taking 3-4 hours to complete. If you are an experienced trekker, it will be the best option. The famous Pin Parvati trek starts at Kheerganga, and most trekkers prefer this route to save time.

View of Rudranag village on Kheerganga trek

Route 2: Barishaini to Kheerganga via Tosh

This trek route connects Barshaini to Kheerganga via Tosh. This small village is surrounded by mountains and the Tosh river (nallah), which meets the Parvati river near Pulga village. This picturesque village is a perfect place to visit for trekkers and hikers. The only disadvantage is that this trek route adds an additional 2.5 Km to the course mentioned above.

If you plan to trek to Kheerganga from Tosh, you must follow a different trail that meets the previous route 1 near Nakthan village. You can stay overnight at Tosh and begin your adventure the following day to trek to Kheerganga from Kasol.

Way to Kalga village

Route 3: Barishaini to Kheerganga via Kalga

Trekking to Kheerganga via Kalga village is most scenic in dense forests, waterfalls, and eye-soothing greeneries. Watching the dance of light through the shadow of giant trees is mesmerizing. You won’t get such a beautiful form of nature in any of the previous trek routes. If you love photography, trekking to Kheerganga via Kalga won’t disappoint you. This is the best trek route to Kheerganga.

Kheerganga waterfall

Previously, this 10 Km long route was lesser known to trekkers, and there are reports of people missing in the dense forest. Presently, it is getting popular, and you can follow the trail easily. However, hiring a guide from Kalga is highly recommended as there are some difficult bridges on waterfalls and steep areas where beginners might need an expert hand.

Kheerganga Trek Itinerary

The Kheerganga trek can be covered in two days with one night stay at the camping site. However, if you are travelling from Manali or Delhi to Kasol, it can be exhausting to trek on the same day. For this reason, staying at Kalga or Tosh for the night and starting trekking the next morning is advisable. In this way, you will be refreshed and able to enjoy the adventure more. So, it will be best to plan a 3-day-2-night itinerary unless you plan to complete it in 2 days.

Itinerary 1 (Kheerganga Trek Direct From Barshaini)

  • Starting Point: Barshaini Bus Stop
  • Endpoint: Kheerganga Camping
  • No. Of Days: 2
  • Distance: 12 Km
  • Completion Time: 4-6 hours
Trekking to Kheerganga

Day 1 (Trek To Kheerganga And Camp Overnight)

  • The Beginning: The adventurous trek from Kasol to Kheerganga begins at Barshaini, located on the bank of the Parvati river. Just after the hydel power project, follow the Barshaini road or cross the Nakthan bridge to reach the Nakthan village. Continue trekking on the road to reach Rudranag. Then cross the scenic Rudranag bridge and start trekking in the forest. Another Kheerganga trekking trail from Kalga meets this route near the bridge.
  • Adventurous Experience: Hike towards the forest through the apple orchards and meadows. As the journey advances, you will see sky-piercing pine forests surrounded by mountains. You will cross several waterfalls on wooden bridges on the way, which is a thrilling experience. You can rest for a few minutes by the falls and enjoy the beautiful surrounding with lush green forest.
Crossing waterfall on wooden bridge near Kheerganga
  • Food and Drinks: There are some stalls on the trail where you can get refreshing drinks like mango shakes, watermelon juice, tea, coffee, cold drinks, etc. You can also buy namkeen, chips, and biscuits from these stalls and proceed.
  • The Excitement: Once reaching Kheerganga, immerse yourself in the hot spring, relax and enjoy the beautiful sunset over the snow-capped Himalayan mountains. After checking in at your camp, keep the rucksack and other trekking essentials well-packed and enjoy the evening.
  • Evening Enjoyment: Most camp operators serve dinners from 8 PM to 10 PM. You can get roti, chana masala, mixed veg, and sometimes paneer. The food is delicious, but please do not expect restaurant-like non-veg food here. Most camping operators arrange music systems, bonfires, and barbecues on request.
Kheerganga trail landscape

Day 2 (Return To Barshaini From Kheerganga)

  • Do Not Miss The Sunrise: The beauty of sunrise from Kheerganga is incomparable. In the early morning, the sun plays hide and seek behind the Himalayan mountain range, colouring the sky red. At around 7 AM, the sun rises above the mountains with its magical rays spread across Kheerganga camps.
  • Have Breakfast And Pack Your Bags: After witnessing the spectacular sunrise, return to your camp and pack your bags for return. Most camping operators provide breakfast from 8 AM. So, have breakfast, refill your water bottles, contact your guide, and prepare to check out the camp.
  • Bid Goodbye: After everything is arranged, bid goodbye to Kheerganga and descend down. Some alternative shortcuts take less time but can be risky. You should not attempt them without the help of a guide. The surrounding forest and trekking trails are the same as you crossed when trekking to Kheerganga from Kasol.
Lush green forest in Kheerganga trek

Itinerary 2 (Trek To Kheerganga Via Kalga)

  • Starting Point: Kalga village
  • Endpoint: Kheerganga
  • No. Of Days: 3
  • Distance: 10 Km
  • Completion Time: 4-6 hours

Day 1 (Arrive at Kalga and Stay Overnight)

  • Arrive And Explore Kalga Village: Unlike the previous itinerary of the Kheerganga trek, arrive at the Kalga village from Kasol via the Barshaini bus stand. After crossing the hydropower project, turn right and hike uphill to reach Kalga. It is a small scenic village located in the lap of Parvati valley, surrounded by pine forests and misty mountains. You can relax for the day, roaming around the apple orchards and organic farms of Kalga. If you have sufficient time, hike to Pulga and Tulga- two small villages with beautiful sights.
Kheerganga trail from Kalga village
  • Stay Overnight In Kalga: You can stay at Holy Cow Cafe, Evening Star Homestay, Gypsy House Cafe, The Forest Park Homestay, Hilltop Homestay, or Tafreegram to have the best experience. All these homestays offer all basic amenities, including a clean bedroom, hygienic toilet, hot water, bonfire facility, and delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A double-bed bedroom at Kalga costs ₹800-₹3000 depending on the facilities and meal packages. The rooms with an attached bath are priced higher.

Day 2 (Trek To Kheerganga From Kalga)

  • Start Trekking In the Early Morning: After having delicious food and a night of peaceful sleep, it is always the best option to start trekking to Kheerganga from Kalga in the early morning. The whole trail lies inside the forest, so the journey would be much more comfortable and enjoyable than any other route. Like the previous itinerary, you can refresh yourself with juices, shakes, and foods available in the small shops open en route.
Shops on Kheerganga trek to buy fruit juice, shakes, cold drinks , tea, coffee and food
  • Reach Kheerganga And Camp: Depending on your capability, you will reach Kheerganga after 4-6 hours of trekking. On the way, enjoy the beauty of the waterfalls, Parvati river, and green forest to make the Kheerganga trek worthy of your precious time. On reaching Kheerganga, do not forget to immerse yourself in the hot spring to drain the tiredness and rejuvenate your body. It is a fantastic experience to see the sunset from this place. Next, check into your camp and keep your luggage in a proper place.
  • Relax, Enjoy And Stay Overnight: Enjoy music and snacks at Kheerganga camping in the evening. You will get dinner from 8 PM to 10 PM with a drinking water facility for 24 hours. After completing dinner, stargazing can be an exciting activity as you can clearly see the Milky Way and surrounding thousands of stars with bare eyes. Use your camera, and adjust the ISO, aperture, shutter speed, and metering to capture mind-blowing night sky photos. After that, sleep well in the tent and prepare for return the following morning.
View of Himalayan Mountain Range in the morning

Day 3 (Return Trek From Kheerganga To Barshaini)

  • Enjoy The Morning Glory: In the next morning, do not forget to witness the beautiful sunrise at Kheerganga. You can also get back to the hot spring for another bath or explore the surroundings.
  • Have Breakfast And Pack Your Things: After enjoying the morning glory of the heavenly place, get down to your camp and grab breakfast. Then pack your bag properly and check out. Climbing down from Kheerganga is more manageable and should take less time than you needed upon arrival.
  • Return To Kasol: Instead of returning to Kalga, go to the Barshaini bus stand directly and avail of the bus or car service to return to Kasol. The distance between Kasol and Barshaini is 16 Km, so it should not take more than 40 minutes. Once reaching Kasol, always prefer the Volvo bus service to go to Delhi or Chandigarh.
Kheerganga trekking

Itinerary 3 (Trek To Kheerganga Via Tosh)

  • Starting Point: Tosh village
  • Endpoint: Kheerganga
  • No. Of Days: 3
  • Distance: 14 Km
  • Completion Time: 4-6 hours

Day 1 (Arrive at Tosh and Stay Overnight)

  • Arrive Tosh From Kasol: Just like Kalga, Tosh is an offbeat tourist destination in the Parvati valley of Himachal Pradesh. Instead of dropping you off at the Barshaini bus stand, ask your cab driver to get you to Tosh, just 3.5 Km away.
  • Book A Homestay And Explore: Once reaching the village, book a homestay for the day, relax and adjust your body to avoid high altitude sickness. Romani House, Nomads Hostel, Shiva Mountain View Cafe, Pink Floyd Cafe, Old Brahma Cafe And Restaurant are some of our favourite places to stay at Tosh. You can also explore the wooden temple and a waterfall, located at a 15-minute hiking distance.
  • Stay Overnight At Tosh: After exploring the surrounding of Tosh, return to your homestay in the evening. Most homestays in Tosh provide dinner around 8 PM. Grab your dinner and rest for the night. Then wake up in the early morning to watch the magical beauty of Parvati valley.
The magical forest of Parvati valley

Day 2 (Trek To Kheerganga From Tosh)

  • Leave Tosh For Kheerganga: The morning at Tosh is very pleasant with comfortable weather and temperature. Start your day with the chirping of birds and burbling of the Parvati river that call you for a wild adventure. You can get your breakfast by 8 AM and start trekking to Kheerganga by 9 AM, or you can leave by 6 AM and get your breakfast on the way.
  • Enjoy Your Trekking Adventure: As the distance of Tosh from Kheerganga is roughly 14 Km, it will take approximately 4-6 hours, depending on the ability and experience of the trekkers. First, you need to reach Barsheni, then follow any routes via Kalga or Nakthan villages. Both trails are adventurous and enjoyable.
Adventure trek to Kheerganga
  • Reach Kheerganga Camping: The last few kilometres of this trekking route can be difficult for some trekkers as the trail is steep. After following the path and crossing several waterfalls and bridges, you will get a glimpse of Kheerganga camping. Check-in your camp, keep your backpack inside the tent and take a bath in the famous hot water spring. There are separate areas for males and females, so everyone can immerse themselves in draining out the stress and pain.
  • Evening Entertainment And Overnight Stay: After bathing in the hot water spring, return to your tent and chill out in the magnificent sunset across the mountains. After dark, you can enjoy yourself with music and eat dinner in the dining area. Watching the starry sky is also an enjoyable activity there. After dinner, sleep well to prepare for the return trek.
Kheerganga trekking trail through forest

Day 3 (Return From Kheerganga To Barshaini)

  • The Picturesque View Of Kheerganga: In the morning, watch the sunrise and enjoy the magnificent landscape of Kheerganga. Go a slight uphill from your camp to get the best view of the campsite surrounded by mountains. After photography, return to your camp and pack your backpack. In the meantime, your breakfast will be ready. After filling your stomach, start trekking downhill- inside the forest.
  • The Return Trek: The return journey from Kheerganga is comparatively easier and would take less time to complete. You will view the beauty of the same forest and mountains from a different angle. If you have trekked via Nakthan, try the Kalga route and vice versa. Take your time, avoid shortcuts and stay safe when returning to Kasol from Kheerganga.

Best Time For Kheerganga Trekking

Anyone can trek to Kheerganga throughout the year, as Parvati valley offers unique beauty in different seasons. Summer (March to June) is the most preferable time for Kheerganga trekking as the trekkers will get sunny yet comfortable weather (Avg. Temperature: 16°C 20°C) with minimum possibility of rainfall. However, accommodation, food, and transport rates are the highest at this time.

On the other hand, the trekking trail and Kheerganga get covered with thick snow during the winter (October to February). The temperature drops (Temperature: -11°C to 12°C), and the path becomes slippery and unpredictable. Unless you are an experienced trekker, winter is less preferable than summer to trek to Kheerganga from Kasol.

Monsoon (July to September) is an adventurous season to trek to Kheerganga. At this time, nature gets soaked with raindrops (Avg. rainfall in monsoon: 1000 mm) and becomes greener and more soothing. However, the path becomes slippery, and many waterfalls start flowing over the trail, making the trekking difficult.

Trekkers trekking to Kheerganga in monsoon wearing raincoats

Considering all the seasons, summer, especially the months of April, May, and June, is the best time to visit Kheerganga. During these months, you will get clear weather and comfortable temperature with the least rainfall. The trail is relatively dry, and you can enjoy the spectacular view during your trek. After reaching Kheerganga, the breathtaking view of the Himalayas would surely stun you.

Kheerganga trekking in summer is highly recommended for beginner trekkers as the journey would be easier for them. However, if you are a reasonably experienced trekker and have not got the fun of trekking in rain or snow previously, winter and monsoon will be ideal for you.

Where To Stay At Kheerganga?

There are plenty of options to stay in Kheerganga. However, do not expect hotel-like facilities as all the accommodations are inside camping tents. There is a common dormitory stay option; however, if you have family or friends, you may like to book private accommodation inside a tent for 2, 4, or 6 persons. Depending on the size of the tents, all the accommodations are priced in the range of ₹500-₹1500 in different seasons. There is also a Dharamshala or ashram where you can get cheaper stay options.

Kheerganga camping

Sunshine Himalayan Camp, Kheerganga Hike Camps, Woodland Camp, and Om Shanti Camps are some of the famous campsites of Kheerganga. All these camping sites have the basic facilities of a warm blanket, waterproof tent, shared toilets, drinking water, etc. They also serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the designated dining area. The tents are comfortable for a cold night but do not expect much cleanliness in the common toilet facilities as we have experienced.

What To Eat At Kheerganga?

Every food item is overpriced in Kheerganga. This is because the sellers have to carry them on the entire high-altitude trekking route. For the same reasons, you will not get rich food items like fried rice, biryani, or any non-veg food items. Every camp provides rice, roti/paratha, dal, mixed veg, rajma, and occasionally paneer.

You will also get namkeen, biscuits, Maggi noodles, tea, coffee, cold drinks, and juice from the stalls and campsites nearby. There are a few cafés around with limited facilities. So, it is wise to carry some food for Kheerganga.

Snow-capped mountain at Kheerganga

Activities In Kheerganga

  • Adventure Camping

Camping under the starry sky is an exciting activity for all trekkers. The camping site of Kheerganga is picturesque and worth visiting for a lifetime. If you are a trekker, camping at Kheerganga would definitely be an adventure. The glimpse of the snow-covered Himalayas from the tent under a full moon is a memorable experience.

  • Bathing In The Hot Spring

The main activity in Kheerganga is bathing in the hot water spring. After completing the trekking journey, it is incredibly refreshing when you immerse yourself in the pool. The gents’ section is open, while the ladies’ section is covered all around. So, anyone can get fun and relaxation while bathing in the hot spring. There is a shaded cloth/luggage storing area where you can keep your bags and come down.

  • Visit The Kartikswamy Temple

Just 60 meters away from the hot spring, visit the Kartikswamy temple. As per local mythology, the god Kartika meditated here. So, if your religious soul is calling, visit the temple in Kheerganga.

  • Watching Sunset And Sunrise

The magical beauty of Kheerganga, surrounded by the sky-piercing Himalayas, is most enjoyable in the evening, especially before the sunset. During this time, nature paints itself with a mystic dance of colourful light and shadow. This is the most mesmerizing time of the whole trekking to Kheerganga from Kasol. The sunrise also looks beautiful from Kheerganga.

Photography in sunny weather at Kheerganga
  • Photography And Videography

Kheerganga is a very photogenic place. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains and dense forests, it is a perfect trekking destination for beginners. Located at an altitude of 2956 meters, Kheerganga is also free from air pollution and dust.

For this reason, the visibility of the night sky of Kheerganga is high. You can easily watch the stars, planets, and galaxies with your bare eyes. Using a good quality camera with suitable lenses would be very beneficial in capturing the starry night sky like it did to us during our trip.

If you like the Kheerganga trek for its short duration and easy difficulty, you will also like trekking to Triund and Thachi Valley in Himachal Pradesh, Sandakphu near Singalila National Park, West Bengal, and the double-decker living root bridge in Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya.

You can also check other trekking destinations with easy to challenging difficulties.

Waterfall in Kheerganga trek

Things To Carry In Kheerganga Trek

  • Waterproof Trekking Shoe: A waterproof trekking shoe is an essential item for Kheerganga trekking. As there are many waterfalls, streams, and muddy trails, ordinary shoes will get wet and make your journey uncomfortable. Choose the best trekking shoe with high comfortability, breathability, and water resistance for a trouble-free trek.
  • Umbrella/ Raincoat: Carrying an umbrella and/or raincoat is a must for Kheerganga trekking because rainfall is very uncertain throughout the year. If you get wet, you may catch a cold as the temperature is much lower at Kheerganga.
  • Backpack With Rain Cover: For the same reason as abrupt rainfall, you must carry a trekking backpack with rain cover. You can use a small backpack (daypack) with minimum essential items or a rucksack with a higher capacity. But do not load the backpack heavily. Use the best quality rucksack with water-resistant materials and a rain cover for Kheerganga trekking.
  • LED Torch With Extra Batteries: Carrying an LED torch or flashlight with additional batteries would be very beneficial for the Kheerganga trek. Electricity is available only at the starting points (Kasol/ Barshaini/ Kalga /Tosh) and endpoints (Kheerganga). So, an LED torch can be your saviour if it gets dark. You can use the torchlight from your mobile phone, but carrying a torch would be safer and more helpful.
  • Toiletries: This is another essential item for trekking to Kheerganga. You should carry soap paper, toilet seat sanitiser, and wipes as the toilet facilities are not impressive.
  • Warm Clothes: While you can comfortably trek wearing a simple T-shirt and trousers, you will need warm apparel like a trekking jacket and woollen shocks once reaching Kheerganga. The temperature is quite cold up there, so it is always better to carry warm clothes.
  • Miscellaneous Items: Apart from the above items, you should also carry mosquito and insect repellants, binoculars, a walking stick/ trekking pole, a cap, sunglass, a towel, extra clothes for bathing, a first aid kit, medicines, photo ID proof, a water bottle and reusable plastic bag. Check the essential trekking list for more items.
Crossing a log fell on the path

Kheerganga Trek Cost

The cost of trekking to Kheerganga includes charges for accommodation, food, transport, and a guide. If you want to complete the trek within 2 days without staying at Kalga or Tosh, the expense would be lesser. It also depends on the number of trekkers.

If you are a solo trekker, you can accommodate in a single-occupancy tent. A 2-person tent would be ideal for a couple but will cost more. The cost of trekking is cheaper if you are travelling with a group and prefer a dormitory. Here is a typical package of trekking from Kasol to Kheerganga for 2 persons

ExpenseItinerary 1 (Direct From Barshaini)Itinerary 2 (Via Kalga)Itinerary 3 (Via Tosh)
Transport (Round Trip)Car: ₹2400 to ₹3000
Bus: ₹160
Car: ₹2400 to ₹3000
Bus: ₹160
Car: ₹3000 to ₹3600
Bus+Car: ₹460
Accommodation₹600 to ₹1500₹1400 to ₹4500₹1400 to ₹4500
Food (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)₹500₹1000₹1000
Guide₹1500 to ₹2000₹1500 to ₹2000₹1500 to ₹2000
Total₹2760 to ₹7000₹4060 to ₹10500₹4360 to ₹11100

As you can see in the above table, the total cost mainly varies on transport and accommodations at Kalga and Tosh. You can hire a car from Kasol to Barshaini at the expense of ₹1200 to ₹1500, which becomes ₹2400 to ₹3000 for a return journey (Itinerary-1). On the other hand, you can also avail of the bus service at the cost of ₹40 per head.

The accommodation cost at Kheerganga greatly varies from ₹600 to ₹1500 in different seasons. For example, if you plan to trek in the month of May-June, the price will be the highest as it is peak season. Other times, you can book a tent at Kheerganga at a significantly lower cost.

Kalga and Tosh have different homestays with unique amenities and facilities. For this reason, the cost of stay and food at these two places vary a lot. However, the food quality is excellent as the vegetables are grown on local organic farms.

Tips For Kheerganga Trekking

  • Always stay prepared for rainfall during Kheerganga trekking as the weather is often unpredictable. For this reason, carry an umbrella, raincoat, waterproof shoes, and a cover for your backpack.
  • However, never overload your backpacks. Carry only the essential items and trek lightweight.
  • Though you can get food and drinks on the way, it is wise to pack some dry fruits, chocolate, and enough water if you are uncomfortable with water from the streams.
  • Start trekking as early as possible to enjoy the beauty of the Kheerganga trail to the fullest. Starting early in the morning, you will reach Kheerganga by noon and relax there.
  • You should always follow the trail and stay safe from getting lost in the forest. Abide by the suggestions/commands of your guide/trek leader and avoid shortcuts.
  • Mobile network and internet connectivity in Kheerganga are very poor. However, if you have a BSNL sim card, it can be a saviour.
  • Pack enough toiletries and stay hygienic as we did not find the toilet facilities up to mark.
  • As the nights are pretty cold at Kheerganga, carry a warm jacket in your rucksack. Besides blankets in the tent, it will help you warm up.
We are trekking to Kheerganga

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Kheerganga trek difficult?

While most parts of the Kheerganga trek are pretty easy for trekkers, some are difficult due to the narrow trail and risky landslide zone, especially if it rains. The last 3 kilometres of the journey involve a steep uphill trek which can be exhausting for beginners.

How long is the Kheerganga trek?

The Kheerganga trek is 10 to 14 Km long on different routes through apple orchards, pine forests, and meadows. You will cross several waterfalls, bridges, and stairs to reach there via Kasol, Barsheni, Kalga, and Tosh.

Do we require a permit to trek Kheerganga?

Presently, you do not need a permit to trek to Kheerganga. On 25th May 2018, commercial activities, including camping, were banned in Kheerganga following the mandate from the High Court. At that time, a permit from the forest department was mandatory. But, since many tourists and trekkers were visiting the place, the ban was lifted soon. Now, you do not need any permit to stay in a camp at Kheerganga.

How to trek kheerganga alone?

If you are planning for a solo trek to Kheerganga, select a popular season like summer (April-May). At this time, lots of trekkers across India visit the place, and you will clearly see the trail and follow the crowd to reach Kheerganga. The route via Nakthan and Rudranag is preferable for solo travellers as it is easy to follow with no chance of getting lost in the forest. But if you plan to trek to Kheerganga from Kalga alone, it is recommended to hire a guide or join other groups of trekkers.

Is it safe to trek to Kheerganga with family?

Yes, the Kheerganga trek is perfectly safe for the family, including women and kids. However, the age of the children should be at least 7. Also, the trek should be avoided if any of your family members have asthma or other breathing problems. But, in general, it is perfect for a family vacation.

How to plan the Kheerganga trek?

To plan the Kheerganga trek, first, book your train/flight/bus tickets to Delhi or Chandigarh. Then, use any of the itineraries mentioned above and book your homestay/camp and bus to Kasol for at least 3 months before commencing the trek. Before leaving for Kheerganga, pack all your trekking essentials in the rucksack. When you reach Kasol, hire a cab and go to Barshaini, where you will start the Kheerganga trek.

Can we keep luggage in Barsheni for the Kheerganga trek?

Barsheni does not have a cloakroom to store the luggage before trekking to Kheerganga. However, if you plan your trekking via Kalga or Tosh and stay there according to the above itineraries 1 and 2, you can request the homestay owner to keep your luggage in the store room until you return from Kheerganga. When we trekked to Kheerganga, we kept our luggage in the homestay at Kalga and collected it after we returned.

How to do the Kheerganga trek for under ₹3500?

The largest expenditure on the Kheerganga trek is the transport from and to Kasol and the guide charges. To trek to Kheerganga under ₹3500, avoid hiring a cab and avail of the bus service and travel with a group. In such a condition, you should also avoid staying at Kalga or Tosh, further reducing expenses. Follow the itinerary-1 mentioned above for trekking to Kheerganga with minimum outlay.

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Soumya is an avid traveller, founder, photographer and chief editor of NatureDiary. A nature lover by heart, he writes and edits articles on various travel destinations, attractions, and gear on NatureDiary from his vast experience of travelling, trekking, and camping across India.

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