Handicraft Fair in Kolkata 2022 – Venue, Date & Attractions

It you live near Kolkata or travel to the city in between November to February, make sure to visit the Handicraft Fair, also known as Hasta Shilpa Mela locally. For handmade craftwork collectors and souvenirs, nothing can be matched up to the collection of handmade apparels, jewlery, decorative fixtures, paintings, vases, statues. So, if you are a passionate traveler who takes pleasure in collecting crafts items from fairs at reasonable rates, think no beyond the handicraft fair of Kolkata.

handicraft fair in Kolkata

Who organizes the handicraft fair?

The Directorate of MSME organizes the handicraft fair at Kolkata. The authority routinely organizes handicrafts competitions in each district and Kolkata during the celebration of Handicraft Week to encourage handicraft workers to create more high-quality craftwork. 

Who participates in the fair?

Around 5000 artisans from many districts of West Bengal participate in the fair. At times, people from Bangladesh and Bihar also arrange stalls in the handicraft fair with their own artistry and talents. Artists from Burdwan come with jute, dokra, and woodcarving, while those from Darjeeling come with white metal jewelry, woolen items, cane and bamboo, brass works, etc. 

Craftspeople benefit from the government’s support and are encouraged to develop skills for creative craftworks in the industry. The Directorate aids and promotes the growth of the handicrafts industry as a facility provider. 

Venue and how to reach?

MSME arranges the fair in different parts of the city like Milan Mela and Gate No. 1 and Eco Park, New Town which is close to Ekante Cottage. You can get convenient buses from railway station to reach such locations, and also, you can take private cabs from the airport to arrive here. If you want to get familiar with the city, you can even take metro trains, trams, autos to reach such fair locations. The entry to the fair is free to all the visitors.

Handicraft fair, Kolkata date and time

The fair is usually held within the months from November to April. The exact dates vary every year. Here is a list of the past events with date and timing. For the year of 2022, the 1st handicraft fair has started from 16.07.2022 and continued till 31.07.2022 at Purbanchal Sanskriti Kendra, Aikatan, I. A. 290, Sector 3, Saltlake, Kolkata- 700097. The timing was from 2 PM to 8:30 PM with no entry fee.

Handicraft Fair 201617th Nov to 11th Dec1 PM to 8:30 PM
Handicraft Fair 201718th Nov to 10th Dec1 PM to 8 PM
Handicraft Fair 201811th Dec’18 to 9th Jan’191 PM to 8:30 PM
Handicraft Fair 201923rd Nov to 16th Dec1:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Handicraft Fair 202127th Nov to 20th Dec1 PM to 8:30 PM
Handicraft Fair 202216th Jul to 31st Jul2 PM to 8.30 PM

Attractions in Handicraft Fair, Kolkata

1. Handloom, baluchari, khadi, taant saree, and other apparels

Handlooms in Bengal, known as “taant”, are used to weave sarees, dhotis, and other apparel. Handloom sari weaving may be dated back to the 15th century in Shantipur, Bengal (in the Nadia district of West Bengal). A shuttle-pit loom is often used to weave a handloom sari, constructed of ropes, wooden beams, and poles. The weaver uses Tarsbhullar to toss the shuttle in a circular motion. However, fly-shuttle weaving may generate an array of diverse designs for those who utilize it. Silk or cotton threads are used to weave the handloom saris.

Handloom, baluchari, khadi, taant saree, and other apparels

So, when you are at Hasta Shilpa mela in Kolkata, make sure to buy gorgeous taant saree, khadi dresses, baluchari saree, and other embroidered apparel for your near and dear ones. Travelers like you should arrive in this city to try out some fabulous, premium-quality garments and sarees known worldwide.

2. Handmade jewelry

handcrafted paddy rice jewlry

With a wide range of styles and designs to choose from, handmade jewelry makers in Hasta Shilpa mela may create one-of-a-kind items that can be a discussion starter in any outfit. So, if you are a handmade jewelry lover, think no beyond the handicraft fair. Many different materials, like paddy rice, bamboo, wood, and terracotta, are used by jewelry manufacturers who produce their creative works. You will be amazed to see the variety of handmade jewelry available at Handicraft fairs in Kolkata.

handmade jewlry in handicraft fair

Buying one such piece of handcrafted jewelry ensures that there is no other piece of jewelry just like it in existence. If you want to develop your style or pick colors that perfectly complement an outfit, many jewelry artisans are happy to work with you to make custom items like pendants, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, and hair clips.

3. Decorative light fixtures and clocks

decorative clocks in handicraft fair kolkata

Think again if you believe that chandeliers are only suitable for a high-end house because of their flashy appearance. Since they initially debuted, these works of art have undergone significant changes. So, if you’ve been thinking about getting an impressive light fixture or clock but was worried about sky-high price, you can put your fears to rest.

decorative light fixture in fair

Consider visiting Kolkata handicraft fair to find unique decorative lightings for your house. Adding a decorative clock from Hasta Shilpa mela to your living room will provide you with positive vibes and life. Exquisite and attractive light fixtures of different types are aesthetically pleasing and elegant options to beautify your interiors. 

handmade wall clock

4. Paintings and posters

Art may arouse strong emotions by evoking memories or feelings in the viewers’ minds. Art has the power to lift our spirits, remind us of the past, or motivate us to do better in the future. It’s reassuring to know we’re not alone in our emotions. You can get unique handmade posters and beautiful paintings by the most skillful artists in Hasto Shilpo mela.

Paintings and posters

Travel to the fair to pick one to adorn your walls. You may request the painters to sketch a painting of your choice at the fair.

5. Colorful flowers and beautiful floral decoration

floral decoration

Because it’s where we relax and gather with loved ones, a person’s house is one of the most significant places in their life. We owe it to ourselves and our families to treat our houses with the care and respect they deserve. So, how can you create your house a place that’s both cozy and energizing?

While you travel to the handicraft fair, pick vibrant flowers made of sola and wood at Indian handicrafts fairs to decorate your house. Nothing can spread such vibrancy and radiance in your home more than multiple hued flowers.

6. Terracotta and Wooden vases, statues, idols, artifacts

Artist painting a terracotta vase

When it comes to the health of your plants, clay pots are an obvious choice. Artistic terracotta items are popular choices for visitors in Hasta Shilpa mela. The porous nature of clay and terracotta pots allows moisture and air to pass through to the roots at the pot’s outer borders. Additionally, the muscular walls of these pots keep off rots, making them ideal for outdoor usage. You can also find wooden artifacts like in the following image.

wooden artifacts in handicraft fair

Terracotta and wooden pots have a natural aspect because of their brown tint, which fits well with almost any kind of plant. To make a chevron design on the pot, you may ask the artisan to color it and then use a spray can. While you tour this city, consider buying color-blocked pots for a clean and contemporary effect. 

terracotta and jute work

7. Designer clay pot, cups, and glasses

Because oil and moisture are retained in earthen pots, you may reduce the amount of fat you use to enhance the flavor of your dish. In addition to calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, and sulfur, it is stated that clay pots enhance the nutritional value of our meals. Firing transforms water and clay into finished pottery.

designer clay pots, cups and glasses

Indian handicrafts fair, especially in Kolkata, can offer you fascinating designer clay pots, glasses, and cups. These can bring in enough décor and warmth to your house as you pick a few of such items while returning from your travel to Kolkata handicraft fair.

8. Folk Musical instruments

Folk Musical instruments

According to Vaastu specialists, musical instruments transmit positive vibes into the home and are thoughtful present. Do you know they revered for their ability to maintain harmony in all areas of one’s life?

If you want to bring good vibes into your home or are an enthusiastic music lover, consider arriving at Kolkata and buying handmade folk musical instruments from Handicrafts fair in Kolkata like ektara, flute, dhol, and drums. West Bengal is the epitome of music, and no other place can be your best choice to bring home excellent musical instruments.

9. Attractive bamboo and scrap metal works

bamboo works in handicraft fair

Reducing waste is an excellent motivation to use scrap metal in mixed media art. Scrap metal is an inexpensive source of supplies and ideas for future artworks. You can collect attractive designer bamboo and scrap metal works from hasta silpa mela in Kolkata to decorate your house. If you have been looking ardently for such decorative pieces, then Kolkata is your destination. Bamboo items of different shapes and sizes crafted by artisans of West Bengal evoke a classy and elegant feel.

10. Food in handicraft fair

In Bengal, a filled kachori with peas is considered a delicacy, especially in winter. Also, you can try “khasta kachori”, “peas-filled kachori”, “Dal-kachori”, “Radhaballavi,” or “luchi cholar daal” available in different food stalls in fairs.

Be in Kolkata and not try Rasogolla?

This is definitely not possible, especially if you are a traveler or a sweet lover. Also, try rassomalai, Rosso Madhuri, jolbhora Sandesh, and Kesar raj blog. Handicrafts fair in Kolkata, especially in winters, come with the added advantage of offering you several variations on “pithe” (type of rice cake), each with its own unique set of ingredients and preparation methods.

While some are steamed (bhapa pithe), others are cooked in syrup (Rosh bora) and kheer (kheer puli) (kheer puli). You will also find pithe that are deep-fried (bhaja puli) and baked (chitoi pitha) (chitoi pithe). Sounds fascinating, right?! You may either try steaming puli as is or dip it in thickened sweet milk and consume it in the form of Dudh puli. 

Kalimpong or Darjeeling momo (dumplings) are not-to-be-missed snacks in the handicraft fair. When you are trying our different artisan craft items in the fair in chilled winter evenings, sneak out some time to check out hot piping delicious chicken/veg/mutton momos with Darjeeling special soups.

Besides collecting memoirs for your house, do not forget to relish your stomach as well with such mouth-watering scrumptious fish fry, fish chop, egg devil, fish kabiraji, mutton/chicken cutlet. 

If you like visiting fairs, also visit Kolkata Book Fair and unleash your reading habit.

Kolkata Handicraft Fair – Bottom Line

Kolkata’s Handcraft fair is one of the best attractions for everyone. We hope this article gave you some essential guide to it. You have enough reasons to travel to this city for a host of beautiful collections. You can try out handcrafted items of different sources like brass, wood, clay, bamboo, leather, cotton, wool, cane, stone, ceramic, shells, and natural fiber in Kolkata.

The state’s diversity is best reflected through a myriad of items available at such handicraft fairs in Kolkata. Starting from vases, pots, cups to jewelry, light fixtures, apparel, designer items, you can get a range of home-décor items in Hasta Silpa Mela while you visit this city. Added to such a fantastic collection of handcrafted items, food is an added attraction of “City of Joy”. If you love taking creative photos, carry your photography camera to the fair. Vlogging with an action camera is also a good option here.

Do not forget to try out delicious dishes of sweets and savories at such fairs. Handicraft fair is a fabulous destination to relish such delicious items in Kolkata. Especially in winter evenings, you will find such delectable hot evening snacks luring you from different stalls in the crafts fair in Kolkata.

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