Dawki -Complete Travel Guide with Attractions, How and When to Visit

dawki travel guide

Meghalaya is rich with lush green mountains, pine-covered hills, crystal clear rivers, spectacular waterfalls, and biodiversity-rich flora and fauna. It is also the wettest state of India.

While each place in the state is beautiful, some incredible places attract tourists the most. One such town is Dawki, a small hamlet nestled in the Jaintia Hills near the border of India and Bangladesh. It is famous for its crystal clear water of the Umngot river (also known as the Dawki river).

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Darjeeling Mail Service Extended To Haldibari – How Will It Help Tourism?

Darjeeling Mail

Darjeeling Hills is one of the most popular tourist spots in West Bengal, eastern India. While tourists visit Darjeeling all over the year, the peak time is during the summer and puja vacations. Traveling by train, especially on Darjeeling mail, is preferable among all transports. It is the most popular train for traveling to various parts of North Bengal and Sikkim.

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10 Sea Beaches Near Kolkata – Popular, Offbeat and Untouched

Top 10 Sea Beaches Near Kolkata

Imagine yourself seating by a sea beach and watching a magnificent sunset not far away from your home.

Yes it is possible.

Kolkata is located in such a geographical position, we can easily travel by means of train, car or airplane. West Bengal has 210 Km of coastline that includes Bakkhali, Tajpur, Mandarmani, Digha and a few more sea beaches.

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Handicraft Fair in Kolkata 2022 – Venue, Date & Attractions

handicraft fair in Kolkata

It you live near Kolkata or travel to the city in between November to February, make sure to visit the Handicraft Fair, also known as Hasta Shilpa Mela locally. For handmade craftwork collectors and souvenirs, nothing can be matched up to the collection of handmade apparels, jewlery, decorative fixtures, paintings, vases, statues. So, if you are a passionate traveler who takes pleasure in collecting crafts items from fairs at reasonable rates, think no beyond the handicraft fair of Kolkata.

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Tajpur, West Bengal – Travel Guide

tajpur travel guide

Do you love visiting the seas but want to avoid the crowd like in Digha?

Or do you have a very short time in hand but want to make it worth it with your loved one?

Then Tajpur in West Bengal is the one offbeat travel destination that may fulfill all your desires. It is located in Purba Medinipur, West Bengal that can be easily reached from Kolkata or Digha. It lies between Mandarmani and Shankarpur.

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Impact Of Reciprocal Transport Agreement (2022) Between Sikkim-West Bengal On Travel

Impact Of Reciprocal Transport Agreement (2022) between West Bengal-Sikkim On Travel

Around 10 lakh domestic and 40000 foreign tourists visit Sikkim and North Bengal every year. From New Jalpaiguri Station or Bagdogra Airport in North Bengal, the tourists need to hire a car to reach Sikkim. But due to some complications, the transporters and the tourists faced many problems, as there was no revision in the transport agreement between West Bengal and Sikkim.

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Tinchuley Homestays With Sightseeing Attractions

Tinchuley travel guide

Tinchuley is a small eco-village at an altitude of 5800 ft. in North Bengal, just 32 km away from Darjeeling town. The name “Tinchuley” means three ovens (or chullahs) that resemble the three hill tops in a formation of an oven or chullah that faces the direction of Kalimpong.

If you love mystic green pine forests amongst the clouds and want to spend the weekend peacefully with excellent quality food, Tinchuley should be your next destination. The weather is comparatively cooler and very comfortable in this region of the Darjeeling district. In this article, I will guide you on how to reach, what are the sightseeing locations and where to stay in Tinchuley.

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Srikhola Travel Guide – Homestays And Attractions

Srikhola village travel guide

Do you want to stay away from the noise, crowd, and pollution and live amongst the mesmerizing nature with absolute peace for a few days?

If you love the green forest, the splashing sound of a beautiful river with the chirping of colorful birds around, Srikhola can be your perfect choice to visit. The name “Srikhola” is abbreviated from “Sirikhola”, a combination of two words- “Siri”, the name of the river, and “khola”, which means river in the Nepalese language.

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Chota Mangwa Travel Guide – Homestays And Attractions

Chota Mangwa Travel Guide with homestays and sightseeing

Darjeeling, the glorious hill station, is now overrun by tourists, and too much chaos has weakened its natural beauty. If you want to spend two or three days in a quiet hilly place surrounded by nature, then Chota Mangwa, an offbeat ecotourism destination at an altitude of 6000 ft., can be your next choice for traveling. It is an eco-village situated at the top of the Mangwa hill in the Darjeeling district, away from the crowd noise. 

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Pawna Lake Camping – Attractions, Visiting Time, How To Reach And Activities

Pawna lake water

You may like mountains, but what about a lake where the mountain seems to touch the water on the horizon?

Yes, it exists.

Pawna Lake near Lonavala is one of the most popular weekend destinations for couples and families in Mumbai and Pune. There are several camping sites around Pawna lake where you can camp in the best tent with good facilities such as a toilet, food, sports and of course security. Camping at the bank of Pawna Lake is a thrilling adventure and totally worth the moments.

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