Darjeeling Mail Service Extended To Haldibari – How Will It Help Tourism?

Darjeeling Hills is one of the most popular tourist spots in West Bengal, eastern India. While tourists visit Darjeeling all over the year, the peak time is during the summer and puja vacations. Travelling by train, especially on Darjeeling mail, is preferable among all transport. It is the most popular train for travelling to various parts of North Bengal and Sikkim.

Darjeeling Mail

What Has Changed To The Route Of Darjeeling Mail?

Darjeeling Mail used to run between Sealdah Railway Station (SDAH) and New Jalpaiguri Railway Station (NJP), covering 573 Km in 9 hours and 55 minutes. Previously, its departure time from Sealdah was 10.05 PM and you could reach New Jalpaiguri at 8 AM the following day.

The Indian railway has recently announced that Darjeeling mail will extend its journey to Haldibari in the Cooch Behar district via New Jalpaiguri from August 15, 2022. The new route connects Haldibari and New Jalpaiguri through Jalpaiguri, Kadabari Halt, Mandal Ghat, Nandanpur Kerarpara Halt, and Kashia Bari Halt.

While the departure time from Sealdah has not changed, after passing NJP at 8 AM (as in the old route), Darjeeling Mail will cross Jalpaiguri at 9:22 AM and finally reach Haldibari at 10 AM.

The train will depart Haldibari station at 6 PM on the return journey. It will consecutively reach Jalpaiguri station at 6.20 PM and New Jalpaiguri station at 8 PM. At the journey’s end, it will reach Sealdah station at 6 AM the following morning.

Here is the timetable of Darjeeling Mail from Sealdah to Haldibari as per the new service extension.

Railway StationArrival TimeDeparture TimeDistance Covered
Sealdah10:05 PM
Barddhaman Jn11:32 PM11:35 PM102 Km
Bolpur Shantiniketan12:22 AM12:25 AM154 Km
Malda Town04:15 AM04:25 AM338 Km
KishanGanj06:15 AM06:17 AM486 Km
New Jalpaiguri Jn08:00 AM08:25 AM573 Km
Jalpaiguri09:20 AM09:22 AM608 Km
Haldibari10 AM630 Km

How Will The Extended Route To Haldibari Help Travel And Tourism?

Haldibari is located 4.5 Km inside West Bengal from the India-Bangladesh International border and just 12 Km away from Chilahati in Bangladesh. Before 1965, the Haldibari-Chilahati rail link between India and Bangladesh was operational. But the line was abandoned in 1965 following the Indo-Pak war.

After almost 56 years, the two countries, India and Bangladesh, resumed regular operations of freight trains along the Haldibari-Chilahati rail route. The passenger train services are expected to start shortly between Chilahati and Haldibari. Then the extension of the Darjeeling train route will smooth the connectivity between India and Bangladesh. This will help to develop the travel and tourism industries of West Bengal (India) and Bangladesh.

As Haldibari is included in the route of Darjeeling mail, it will also be convenient for the travellers to go not only to North Bengal but also explore the states of North East India. After the new transport agreement between Sikkim and West Bengal, this latest service extension of Darjeeling Mail will surely help to boost tourism.

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