Tinchuley Best Homestays With Complete Travel Guide

Tinchuley is a small village in North Bengal just 32 km away from the Darjeeling town. If you love mystic green pine forest amongst the clouds and want to spend the weekend in peacefully with great quality food, Tinchuley should be your next destination. The weather is comparatively cooler and very comfortable in this region of Darjeeling district. In this article, I will guide you on how to reach, what to see and where to stay at Tinchuley, Lamahatta and Takdah.

Way to Tinchuley

How to reach Tinchuley?

Tinchuley is very well connected by road to the New Jalpaiguri Railway Station and Bagdogra airport. Although you can hire a car from the railway station or airport, it is advised to make arrangements early.

You should book a room at a homestay at least a month prior to the trip and ask the owner to make an arrangement for the car that can pick you up from your desired location.

You can see the distance is 70.4 Km that will take around 3 hours from New Jalpaiguri station in the following map. So pack your trolley bag or rucksack and ride out!

Best Homestays and Hotels at Tinchuley

With the help of World Wide Fund or WWF (The organization changed its name from “World Wildlife Fund” in 1987), Tinchuley has adopted various new-age farming procedures like organic farming, floriculture, vermiculture (source: www.tinchuley.com).

The village is self-sustainable over its own healthy organic food. All of the homestays provide delicious food recipes with organic vegetables and ingredients. The most famous homestay for the best quality food is Gurung Guest House. Apart from food, comfort and service are also very important when selecting a homestay.

Gurung Guest House

The Gurung Guest House is run by Mr. Dipendra Gurung, a polite and caring host who always looks upon the comfort and satisfaction of the visitors. The guest house is beautifully organized and systematically maintained. There are Double Bedded, Deluxe, Super Deluxe, Four-Bedded rooms, and a Cottage.

Out of these, you may get a beautiful view of cloudy green mountains from the topmost room in Gurung Guest House. The cottage is also great. Though there is no view of the mountains from the cottage directly, but the calm surrounding and wonderful wooden design can blow your mind!

Gurung Guest House is incomplete without the mention of the delicious homely food. The mouth-watering special Ghee, Dalle chili, organic vegetable recipes, and fish curry are absolutely amazing. There is a monastery nearby Gurung Guest House, a few minutes walk towards the forest.

Rai Resort

The Rai Resort is another great Guest House in Tinchuley. In terms of quality and hospitality, both the Rai Resort and Gurung Guest House are good. But, the Rai Resort has an advantage over the Gurung Guest House. Rai Resort has a nice viewpoint to watch around the mountains and forests.

The owner Ajit Rai and his team are very polite and caring. The quality of the food is also very good. They never compromise on customer satisfaction. Moreover, most of the well-known attractions are convenient from the location of Rai Resort.

Other Homestays

Abhiraj Homestay is another popular homestay with nice guest service and fooding. The front view of the homestay is also open. Apart from it, I would like to mention these two hnomestays- Humro Homestay and Gurung Homestay.

There is a common confusion among people between the Gurung Homestay and Guest House. These two are totally separate and owned by different people. Gurung Homestay is located 15 to 20 minutes of walking distance from Gurung Guest House towards Gumbadara View Point.

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Top attractions and activities at Tinchuley

Tinchuley itself is very attractive with beautiful pine forest, clean village and amazing views of the surrounding. I have also selected a few best attractions to see nearby Tinchuley. Check it out below!

1. Takdah Orchid House

It is located just 5 kilometers away from Tinchuley. The orchid house is surrounded by a beautiful well-maintained garden. In the right season, you can witness beautiful flowering of hundreds of colorful orchids in the orchid house.

Tinchuley orchid house
Tinchuley orchid house
Tinchuley orchid house
Tinchuley orchid house

2. Gumbadara View Point

The Gumbradara viewpoint is another great attraction of Tinchuley located just 1.3 Km away from Gurung’s Guest House. From this location, you can get a mindblowing view of the mountains, tea gardens, forest in the lap of clouds.

3. Monastary

A monastery is located inside the forest at 15 minutes distance from the Gurung Guest House. The forest trail is very easy and you can witness beautiful Himalayan birds on the way. The view from the monastery is also very good and worth spending some time there.

4. Local Village

You can take a walk through the local village to see their organic farming, village life and how they care for nature and relate in their life. The way around the village is through the green forest. The forest is completely safe. However, I recommend arranging a guide from the hotel.

Tinchuley way to village
Tinchuley forest

5. Lamahatta

Located just 6 Km away from Tinchuley, Lamahatta is one of the biggest attractions near Tinchuley in Darjeeling district. The place is popular mostly for the Lamahatta Eco Park. The park is well decorated and maintained. It is a perfect place for enjoyment suitable for families. From the park, a walk of 20 minutes uphill, you can witness the sacred lake of Lamahatta. On the way to the lake, you will be fortunate enough to view the grand beauty of the sky-touching pine forest. This is truly majestic and one of the best views of nature near Tinchuley. You can also get several hotels and homestays near Lamahatta.

Lamahatta eco park
Lamahatta eco park

6. Chota Mangwa and Bara Mangwa

The Chota Mangwa and Bara Mangwa are located on two separate hills and great in their own way. In my opinion, Chota Mangwa is more beautiful than Bara Mangwa. The town of Kalimpong can be seen on just the opposite hill of Chota Mangwa. Both of these two places are perfect to spend a couple of days watching the forests, mountains, and birds.

7. Triveni

Triveni is located 15 Km away from Tinchuley. It is known after the confluence of the two rivers- Teesta and Rangit. The beautiful scenic view of the place can surely amaze you. It is a very popular destination for the locals during festive time and weekends. There are a few hotels available nearby in case you are planning to stay. However, I would recommend to stay at Tinchuley and cover Triveni as sightseeing for utilizing your precious time more effectively.

Triveni viewpoint
Triveni viewpoint

8. Takdah

Takdah is known for its beautiful pine forest. Taking a walk through the forest trails is absolute bliss and peaceful. However, the rainy season should be avoided as leeches spread out everywhere in the forest. The best time to visit Takdah is during spring (Feb-Apr) and autumn (Oct-Nov) season.

Takdah forest
Takdah forest
Takdah forest

9. Other Attractions

Apart from the above places, I must mention two viewpoints- Hanging Bridge and Lover’s Viewpoint. The path to the famous hanging bridge is through a mystic forest trail that is well maintained. It’s a remarkable experience when you are crossing it. The Lover’s point is actually a viewpoint of Triveni situated uphill. The place is nice for spending some quality time while going to Triveni.

Lover's Point Triveni
Hanging Bridge, Tinchuley

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