India International Mega Trade Fair Kolkata

Kolkata is the city of joy, and the residents enjoy several fairs and festivals throughout the year. The India international mega trade fair Kolkata is one such attraction that everyone awaits each winter.

As a child, visiting the Trade Fair with my parents was an annual ritual. The buzz and excitement of witnessing and shopping some fantastic art and treating the tastebuds to some awesome food would always make me look forward to this event. Even now, the city continues to host the Mega Trade Fair with flair and pride every year!

India International Mega Trade Fair Kolkata

Who Organizes The International Mega trade Fair?

The India International Mega Trade Fair in Kolkata is made possible every year with the successful collaboration of The Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry and G.S. Marketing Associates.

The oldest and most prestigious organization of its kind in India is the Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry, established in 1833. It has been a trailblazing navigator, guiding the development of trade and industry in India for more than 186 years.

On the other hand, G. S. Marketing Associates was founded 28 years ago and is a well-respected trade show and exhibition organizer in India. The G. S. Marketing Associates’ signature fair is the India International Mega Trade Fair.

The trade fair has developed into a highly anticipated event in the yearly fair itinerary of many businesses and governmental organizations in India and overseas over the past several years.

Trade Fair Kolkata (IIMTF)

Who Participates In The Trade Fair, Kolkata?

One of the biggest consumer fairs in India is the India International Mega Trade Fair. It is a venue for all varieties of exhibitors from India and outside, showcasing distinctive goods.

Nearly all Indian states and more than 20 other nations participate in the fair. Countries like Egypt, Myanmar, Bhutan, China, Taiwan, Dubai, the Netherlands, and the United States have pavilions at the show with their unique items.

You can find everything under one roof, including clothing, jewellery, accessories, shoes, electronics, home & decor, real estate, and even everyday household things only at the Mega Trade Fair in Kolkata.

There are 13 halls in the trade fair for the participants from India and other countries:

  1. Brands and Cosmetics
  2. Lifestyle and Handicrafts
  3. Interior and Furniture
  4. Furniture
  5. International and NSIC
  6. International 1: Iran, Dubai, Egypt, etc.
  7. Afganistan
  8. Bangladesh
  9. Appliance and Lifestyle
  10. Processed Food and Lifestyle
  11. Processed Food and Lifestyle 1
  12. Processed Food and Lifestyle 2
  13. Consumer and Lifestyle
Halls at mega trade fair Kolkata

India International Mega Trade Fair, Kolkata: Date, Time, Entry Fee

The trade fair is usually held between the months of December to March, which varies every year. For the year 2022, the 21st India International Mega Trade Fair, Kolkata, was scheduled from 6th December 2022 to 2nd January 2023 at Science City grounds. The time is from 11 AM to 8 PM. The 22nd trade fair was scheduled from 27th Oct to 6th Nov in 2023.

Here is a list of past, present and upcoming dates and the timing of the trade fair in Kolkata. 

19th Mega Trade Fair23rd Dec 2020 to 03rd Jan 202110 AM to 8 PM
20th Mega Trade Fair17th Dec 2021 to 02nd Jan 202211 AM to 8 PM
21st Mega Trade Fair16th Dec 2022 to 02nd Jan 202311 AM to 8 PM
22th Mega Trade Fair27th Oct 2023 to 6th Nov 202311 AM to 8 PM

You can buy tickets to trade fair at the venue for ₹60 per person, which is preferred by most visitors.

Ticket counter at trade fair

You can also visit IIMTF’s website to book tickets online. The reason being they have explained in detail the steps to download their mobile application BookMyFair. It is convenient and efficient as well. The best part about booking the stalls from the application is that it offers you an additional discount.

How To Reach Trade Fair?

Science City Grounds is one of the prime locations in the city that is not only well-known but also very well-connected to every part of the city. Some of the ways to reach the venue are:

  • By Bus: Numerous locations throughout the city offer buses that will take you to Science City and drop you off close to the ground.
  • By Rail: Kamardanga Halt Railway Station, located 3 kilometres from Science City, is the closest rail hub. From here, one can easily travel to Science City by rickshaw. You can also get off at Howrah or Sealdah if you’re coming from the suburbs and then take a bus or a taxi to your destination.
  • By Metro: Rabindra Sadan Metro Station, which is approximately 6.6 km from Science City, is the closest. From here, you can hail a taxi.
  • By Air: The Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport is located just 17 Km away. If you are visiting from outside of India, you can stay at the hotels near airport and reach the fair by taxi.
Attraction in Kolkata mega trade fair

Attractions Of Trade Fair Kolkata

Numerous businesses come to display their products at the Mega Trade Fair, Kolkata. Plan an entire day if you want to visit each stall and check out all the items on display. However, for your convenience, I am going to list down a few things that you can’t miss at the fair.

Imported Dry Fruits

The fair exhibits multiple dry fruit stalls from different countries like Afghanistan, Iran and Dubai. You will get some great quality dates, walnuts, apricots, pistachios, cashews, figs, almonds, various types of berries, etc., which are great for the winter season.

Dry fruits in the fair

These dry fruits can feel a little heavy on the pocket. We bought 2 packets of dates (550 grams each) for ₹500 from an Iranian stall, and these are very tasty and juicy. They are of premium quality and are loved by all. Use them in your desserts or have them as snacks- they are in any form great for your health.

Imported dry fruits from middle-east

Designer Bags, Carpets, And Mats

You will also find a lot of vendors from across the world displaying their collection of designer bags and wallets. They can range from leather, jute, cloth, resin, and any other materials. In addition to that, you will also see a lot of home décor items like floor mats, table mats, and even carpets.

Carpets in trade fair

You can pick some authentic Afghani and Kashmiri carpets to uplift the mood of your home interiors or even get some accessories for your dining table. The Iran, Iraq, and Dubai stalls will also have a good collection of carpets.

Apparels Of Your Choose

There are plenty of options available at the Kolkata Trade Fair if you are in the mood for some cloth shopping. From Kashmiri pashminas and wool work, Bangladeshi Dhakal Jamdani, Assamese Mekhla Chador, Bridal and traditional wear from the middle east, you name it, and a stall will be present at this humongous trade fair.

Different types of apparels in trade fair Kolkata

So, if you have a wedding to attend this winter season or if you are planning to have a wardrobe makeover, then a visit to the trade fair is a must for you.

Colourful Handicrafts

Art and crafts from different regions of India and even many other countries’ local art is on display at the India International Mega Trade Fair Kolkata. You can choose décor pieces for your own home or office space or even for gifting a loved one.

Colourful handicrafts in mega trade fair

Handicrafts are loved by most people and are one of the safest gifting options. There are different materials to choose from. You can find clay items, bone china, porcelain crafts, wooden artefacts, etc. If you love handicrafts, visiting Kolkata Handicraft Fair is a must for you as you will get a wider collection there.

Handmade colourful flowers for decoration

Idols And Statues

For people who like to collect statues and idols, the fair has a lot to offer. Status from various parts of the country and even from countries like Egypt are available for sale here. They are available in various sizes and different types of materials as well. This gives you the flexibility to choose from. So, visiting the Kolkata International Trade Fair will allow you to add some new idols to your collection.

Attractive idols and statues

Decorative Light Fixtures

You can also stop some beautiful varieties of light fixtures for home décor at this fair. From hanging lamps to table lamps, you will have an immense variety to choose from. The materials of the holders and shades can vary from wood, metal, glass, and plastic. These can add a lot of brightness and aesthetics to your home and surroundings.

Decorative light fixtures in trade fair

Fancy Jewellery

The trade fair also consists of multiple stalls from exhibitors across the country and the world showcasing various types of costume jewellery. You will have numerous options to choose from terracotta, metals, and stones.

Fancy jewellery in trade fair Kolkata

If you like to experiment with your looks and match your outfits with accessories, then you will love the fancy jewellery stalls at the trade fair. You have options like earrings, neckpieces, rings, anklets, bangles, bracelets, etc., to choose from. You can also stop by some fashionable Korean hair accessories at this fair.

Clay And Stone Works

You can also find a variety of clay and stone artefacts at this trade fair. These can range from small ones to huge ones as well. Things like designer ashtrays, flower vases, colourful paperweights, show pieces, stone tables, etc., can be found here. This type of artwork can elevate the look and feel of any place easily.

Attractive stoneworks in a stall

Designer Shoes And Slippers

This fair is a paradise for footwear lovers! There are multiple options available- from juttis, sandals, slippers, shoes, and stilettos– you name it and find it here. Too many varieties to choose from can be confusing. However, I assure you it will be truly satisfying. Try them on before you buy so that you are sure of the size and the fit, as most are non-returnable.

Designer shoes and slippers in trade fair

Premium Furniture

Pieces of furniture from around the world and various parts of India are available on display here at the Kolkata Trade Fair. Ranging from dining sets, sofas, tea tables, beds, and almirahs are available for sale. The vendors also provide the facility of home delivering the furniture of your choice. If you are planning to redecorate your home or office space, then you can find some fantastic options at this fair.

Premium furniture at India international mega trade fair Kolkata

Food At Trade Fair

All food lovers will have a great time at the trade fair because many vendors have put up multiple stalls of snacks and food items. From snacks and pickles to an entire food court, you will have plenty of options.

Various pickles available in Kolkata trade fair

The food courts offer various types of cuisines from different parts of the country. So you can choose an ala carte or combos from Amritsar, Maharastra, Bengal, Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, and Kerela, or even opt for a Chinese platter. The choice is all yours! Also, after your meal, don’t forget to try some delicious desserts that are being served at the fair.

Panipuri (fuchka) and namkeen at trade fair

We have tried some unique food items in the trade fair, which I highly recommend you to taste. Among sweets, Baked Mihidana and Daab Malaikari from Sundarini are must-try items with price tags of ₹30 and ₹35 respectively.

Baked Mihidana and Daab Malaikari sweets from Sundarini

Also try Potato Tornado available in the Processed Food and Lifestyle hall. This is a very unique food item in Kolkata which costs from ₹120 to ₹150, depending on the size and toppings.

Potato tornado in trade fair

Attars And Perfumes

In case you are a fragrance lover, then you are surely not going to be disappointed at this trade fair. Numerous fragrance vendors from middle-eastern countries and even various parts of the nation are present at the trade fair. The best part is they give you the option of trying and buying. Therefore, you have the opportunity to find some rare scents at this fair this year.

How Can You Participate In Mega Trade Fair, Kolkata?

The IIMTF has made it easy for exhibitors from around the world to book a stall and participate in the fair. Their website has all the important links and contact information to connect with the organizers. Here is how you can book a stall at trade fair:

  • Go to IIMTF’s BOOK STALL page.
  • Fill up the form with your name, company name, city, email ID, contact number, industry and product.
  • Submit the form and their representative will contact you.

After the continuous e-commerce shopping that we are used to doing, the prices of the items here at the fair may seem a little steep. However, remember, it’s the experience of touching, feeling, trying, and then buying goods from all over the country and world for what it is worth.

A visit to the India International Mega Trade Fair, Kolkata, will be a great experience for you and your loved ones. Visit other weekend destinations from Kolkata, if you are looking for a way out from your busy schedule.

You can also try your negotiation skills here and buy some fantastic stuffs. Therefore, visit the trade fair with your loved ones and spend a day full of fun, food, and frolic!

If you like visiting fairs and enjoying the festive mood, Kolkata Book Fair is also a good destination for you.

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