Tajpur, West Bengal – Travel Guide

Do you love visiting the seas but want to avoid the crowd like in Digha?

Or do you have a very short time in hand but want to make it worth it with your loved one?

Then Tajpur in West Bengal is the one offbeat travel destination that may fulfil all your desires. It is located in Purba Medinipur, West Bengal that can be easily reached from Kolkata or Digha. It lies between Mandarmani and Shankarpur.

tajpur travel guide

Main attractions of Tajpur, West Bengal

The main thing that attracts visitors to Tajpur is its incredible virgin sea beach. You will notice lush green Tamarisk and Casuarina trees have covered the beachside. The green forest beside a calm sea increases the beauty of the place and offers great visual pleasure. It is one of the best sea beaches near Kolkata that can be visited easily.

You may be lucky enough to see the cast of red crabs that looks like a red carpet and it will surely amaze you. As you move forward, you might notice the crabs play hide and seek in the sand with you.

Birdwatching can also be an interesting activity at the place. You may notice about 34 species of birds that can be seen near Tajpur Beach. The presence of beautiful birds also makes the beach more alive. If you like birdwatching, you should carry the essential birding gear including a long-distance binocular to have a look at them in a better way.

In the early morning, a dazzling sunrise over the sea might fascinate you. The best place to witness the sunrise is near the estuary/ mohona which is located within 10-15 minutes’ walking distance towards the east by the beach.

During the sunset, the sun hides behind the trees by the beachside gradually. This time the reflection of the reddish sky on the wet beach surface creates a magical effect on the eyes.

There are a few shops on the beach where some food items such as pakodas and fish fries like pomfret, bhetki, prawn, and crab are available. While enjoying the beauty of the sea, these snacks can be perfect for an evening.

From Tajpur you might like to visit Digha, Mandarmani, and Shankarpur which lies a few kilometres away.

Mandarmani beach is also very popular to hang out with friends and family. At the end of the beach, towards the west direction, there is a Mohana/ Estuary which looks spectacular during sunset. On the other side of the estuary, Tajpur sea beach is located. This beach is perfect for relaxing and relishing. There are many hotels located just by the beach. You can spend the day simply relaxing by the sea and witnessing the magnificent view around.

Shankarpur is actually a fishing harbour, located just 7 Km away to the west side of Tajpur. It is the place where fishing boats gather and fishermen can be seen fishing. The beach is also exquisite with casuarinas and eucalyptus trees around. It was an underrated sea beach earlier. But recently, the West Bengal State Tourism department has revolutionized the area by setting up a Biswa Bangla Park.

Digha is a little further from Shankarpur. You can easily visit Digha from Tajpur and stay there for a day to explore it. The well-known mesmerizing beaches with many attractive viewpoints like the Science Centre, and Marine Aquarium, make it more attractive.

sunrise at Tajpur, West Bengal

How to reach Tajpur?

Tajpur is very well-connected from all parts of India. The bus and train routes are the best options to reach there.

Nearest Railway Station to Tajpur

The closest railway station to Tajpur is Ramnagar which is just one station away from the Digha Railway Station. 2 trains regularly run between Howrah and Ramnagar- Tamralipta Express and Kandari Express.

Once you have reached Ramnagar, there is a variety of options available to reach Tajpur. Toto, Trekkers, and Cabs are easily available nearby Ramnagar railway station.

Kolkata to Tajpur by Bus

If you like to visit Tajpur by bus, then you can avail yourself of the AC Bus service available from different parts of Kolkata. The best starting point for such a bus journey is from Esplanade Bus Stand. It takes almost four to five hours to reach Tajpur from Kolkata.

Digha to Tajpur Distance

If your itinerary is to reach Tajpur from Digha, then you have many options to avail of a bus service. Situated just 18 Km away from Digha, Tajpur can be reached within 40-50 minutes by bus or car. As this is a short distance journey, I recommend getting the bus service. So, pack your clothes and essential goods in the bag and catch up on a ride to Tajpur.

sea beach at tajpur in west bengal

Budget Hotels near Tajpur Sea Beach

There are many hotels to stay at Tajpur in West Bengal. In this article, I have selected some of the budget hotels located near the sea beach. These hotels have better facilities, hospitality, room quality, security, and food menus.

1. Abasar Resort

The greatest advantage of this hotel is its amazing location. From the accommodation facility, you can reach the sea beach by 2 minute’s walk on a path that passes through the cashew plantation within its area. It is very close to the beach.

This resort is surrounded by many trees with greenery and the chirping of birds all around. It has a very well-decorated garden with a beautiful seating arrangement. The rooms of the hotel are neat and clean. The hotel has its own restaurant, and it offers fresh and delicious food items for lunch, dinner, and snacks. Fish fry is a must-try item.

2. Tajpur Nature Camp

The sea beach is just 1 min walking distance from Tajpur Nature Camp. The small cottages with greenery all around make this place very attractive. The rooms of the hotel are clean and furnished. Staffs are well-behaved and cooperative. The food that is served tastes too good. This hotel can be a good choice for you if you love to stay close to nature.

These two hotels provide the closest accommodation nearby the sea beach with the best service. Apart from these, there are also a few other excellent hotels in Tajpur from which the sea beach is 5-10 minutes away. But these hotels are luxurious and some of them have swimming pools too.

sunrise at Tajpur, West Bengal

3. Lake View Village Resort

Though the hotel is some distance away from Tajpur beach, the ambience of the resort is impressive. The resort covers a vast area that is maintained well.

The hotel has special bamboo cottages are located facing a beautiful water body/ Lake. Here, one can enjoy boating in the lake too. Birdwatchers may like this place as ducks, pigeons, and many other species of bird roams around.

One very important advantage of this resort is it is pet-friendly. If you have a dog in your home, you can stay here together with prior permission from the hotel management.

4. Krishti Resort

For those who want to stay with luxury at Tajpur, then Krishti Resort can be the best choice. The well-furnished rooms are spacious, with good interior decoration.

It has a private swimming pool and a nicely decorated garden that increases its value. The hotel is just 5 minutes’ walking distance from Tajpur sea beach. The whole property is very well maintained.

5. La Macaw Resort

If you are looking for a luxury resort, then La Macaw Resort can be another excellent option. The resort is good with all the facilities for accommodation and food they provide. The quality of the food here is very impressive.

A fascinating swimming pool and lush green lawn are available within the compound. The hospitality of the staff and management is great.

Apart from the above hotels and resorts, there are some other good options like Tajpur Retreat, Sabuj Saikat Resort, and Tajpur Beach Resort.

sunset at Tajpur, West Bengal

Best time to visit Tajpur

Throughout the year, you can visit Tajpur. But, during summer high temperature is high and it is hard to roam around the beach. The month of March to July should be avoidable. In the rainy season, you can get the beauty of the sea but it can be difficult in case of heavy rainfall. The Winter season is the best time to visit Tajpur. A lot of time can be spent on the beach in pleasant weather during Oct-Feb.

sea view of Tajpur, West Bengal

Frequently Asked Questions about Tajpur

How can I go to Tajpur?

Tajpur is well connected by road and train routes as well. There are several buses available from Esplanade Bus Stand that go to Digha via Balisai. From Balisai, you need to hire a Toto or Trekker. In the case of the train, reach Ramnagar railway station from Howrah. There are many modes of transport available to reach Tajpur from there.

Which is better Tajpur or Mandarmani?

Both places are fascinating. However, in Mandarmani, the hotels are exactly by the sea beach where you can spend some quality time even during the night. On the other hand, all the hotels at Tajpur are located at least 2 minutes of walking distance from the beach. But if you are looking for a better view of the sea beach, Tajpur is far better.

How far is Tajpur from Digha?

Tajpur is located just 18 Km away from Digha. To reach there by bus, it will take around 40 to 50 minutes.

How can I go to Ramnagar from Tajpur?

To reach Ramnagar railway station, you need to book a Toto or Trekker from Tajpur. We advise booking it in advance, as the availability of such transport is not widely available.

A Few Tips

Tajpur is worth visiting if you love sea beaches. It is a great weekend destination from Kolkata at a distance of 170 Km.

After the sunset, the beach becomes silent and lonely. So it is best to leave the beach before it gets dark. There is no security guard on the beach, so be careful about your own security. Apart from it, auto rickshaws and Totos are not regularly available. So it is better to book the cab in advance.

Tajpur is a wonderful place where you can spend some memorable moments with your loved one. This sea beach in West Bengal will never disappoint you. As an alternative to Tajpur, you can also visit Henry Island near Bakkhali to spend a couple of days.

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