Best Offbeat Weekend Destinations Near Kolkata (Within 150 Km)

Who does not love getting away from the monotonous busy daily routine at the weekends?

Kolkata is such a place where you can visit hundreds of short-travel locations by driving a car or riding a train. In this article, I am going to talk about the 12 best offbeat weekend destinations near Kolkata which are mostly within 100 kilometres. Some of the locations within 150 kilometres are so amazing, I cannot leave them out. All of these places can be visited by family, couples or friends.

best weekend destinations near kolkata

12 Best Weekend Destinations Near Kolkata

I have listed the top 10 travel gateways from Kolkata which are within 150 kilometres of Kolkata and can be visited on the weekends for a short trip away from the busy life.

1. Taki

  • Location: Hasnabad, Bashirhat, North 24 Parganas
  • Distance from Kolkata: 67 Km by road
  • Best Time to Visit: September to February

How to Reach Taki?

By train, you have to ride the Hasnabad Local Train from Sealdah Station which takes almost 2 hours to reach Taki Road Station. From Taki Road to arrive at the hotels on the banks of River Icchamati in 10 minutes, you have to take a cycle van. From Esplanade, you can also reach Taki by car or ride a bus which will take almost 3.5 hours to get to the place.


Main Attractions of Taki

Taki is an extremely peaceful place where you can take a rest on the banks of Ichamati. A boat ride on the waters of the Ichamoti will take you close to our neighbouring country Bangladesh. The Durga immersion ceremony on the Ichamati river is a popular event of Taki. To watch the immersion ceremony every year lots of people from India and Bangladesh gather on both sides of the river. For the immersion of the Durga idol, boats from both sides sail to Ichamati which is a mind-blowing scene.

Another boat ride to the uninhabited Machranga Island island near the confluence of the Ichamati and Vasa Rivers is also a nice thing to be done here. It is an excellent spot for roaming, swimming and watching birds.

Golpatar jungle is another amusing place for Taki to visit. By hiring a van rickshaw you can go there. The jungle path walk under the canopy of Golpata trees inside the jungle gives you a unique and thrilling experience. Don’t forget to carry a photo identity proof with you as BSF will only let you enter the region.

There are a few old temples like Ramakrishna mandir, Kuleswari Kalimandir, 300 years old Jora Shib Mandir, Natmandir at Roychowdhury Zamindar house, etc increase the interest in the town.

Where to Stay at Taki?

Hotel Sonar Bangla is the best hotel in Taki. With all modern amenities and facilities, it offers a peaceful and luxurious stay with a great view of the Ichamati River. Utsab Baganbari, Suhasini guest house, etc are the other staying options.

2. Henry Island

  • Location: South 24 Parganas (Near Bakkhali)
  • Distance from Kolkata: 126 Km by road
  • Best Time to Visit: September to February

How to Reach Henry Island?

From Esplanade, some buses are scheduled for Bakkhali. If you are planning to drive your car then take Diamond Harbour Road and come to the Jelighat stop. From there turn left and cross 1.5 kilometres to reach Henry island. By train, you have to come to Namkhana railway station. From there, book a Toto or ride a public bus to reach Henry Island.

Main Attractions of Henry Island

If you want to go away from the monotony of daily life and want to spend some quality time on a beautiful beach then you have to visit Henry’s Island. The calm sea, the rocks, the white sand, and the dazzling beauty of the Mangrove forest make the place unique. Nearly 100-hectare land is being used here for pisciculture along with forest conservation by the Fisheries Department of West Bengal.

There is a watchtower over which you can get a complete panoramic view of the entire island. Because of being less crowded, it is heaven for tourists who prefer to visit offbeat places. Bakkhali and Fraserganj, two beautiful places situated within 15 km of Henry island, can be easily visited.

Where to Stay at Henry’s Island?

Sundari tourist complex maintained by the fisheries department is the best-staying option here. It is surrounded by a lot of water bodies which is perfect for nature lovers. The mouth-watering delicious seafood like prawn, crab, and pomfret can make your trip special.

3. Chupir Chor, Purbasthali

  • Location: Kalna, Purba Bardhaman
  • Distance from Kolkata: 140 Km by road
  • Best Time to Visit: November to February

How to Reach Purbasthali?

From Sealdah station there are many local or passenger trains that come to Purbasthali station. Then reach pakhiralay which is just 4 km away from the railway station. You can also ride a car and reach via Kalyani Expressway.

Main Attractions of Purbasthali

The main attraction of Purbasthali is Chupi Char where the Ox-Bow Lake formed from the mighty Ganges which becomes home to thousands of migratory birds. The Ox-Bow lake covers an area of almost 3.5 sq. km. Bird watching is done here in boats and the boatmen help the travellers to spot the birds. If you are looking for an offbeat weekend destination near Kolkata, Purbasthali can be a great choice.

Chupir chor is known as the birdwatcher’s paradise. Winter is the best time to come here when more than 70 species of local and migratory birds are seen. So, make sure to pack your birding essentials, including a binocular and a camera. Apart from this, the whole of the Purbasthali region is replete with history and religion. Religious places like Nabadwip and Mayapur are situated within a 15 km distance. Temples and landmarks of historical events are scattered throughout the region. If anyone is coming from Kolkata by road he or she will pass through the temple towns of Kalna, Hansheswari, Guptipara and Sukharia.

Where to Stay at Purbasthali?

Chupi Kasthashali Pakhiralay is the best place to stay here. It has a beautifully landscaped park with lodging options for tourists besides the lake.

4. Mousuni island

  • Location: South 24 Parganas
  • Distance from Kolkata: 120 Km by road
  • Best Time to Visit: September to February

Mousuni Island has not yet been explored by a mass amount of tourists. The virgin island is located in Namkhana of West Bengal and adjacent to the Sunderban Delta.

How to Reach Mousuni Island?

To visit Mousuni island, first, you need to reach Namkhana. From there hire a Toto and reach Bagdanga Kheya ghat, Hujjaiter Ferry Ghat or Patibunia Ghat, which will take approximately 30 minutes. It takes only 3 mins to cross the river and to reach Mousuni island. From there, the motor van will drop you to the tourist spot of Mousuni island in 20 minutes.

Main Attractions of Mousuni Island

You can just relax on Baliara Beach and can enjoy the landscape, the sound of waves and the surrounding natural beauty. The mesmerizing sunset makes the beach more beautiful. Mud walk through mangrove forest relish one’s mood.

Different types of birds can be seen here. Kakramarir chor on Mousuni island is the ideal place for bird watchers. There are plenty of fishermen’s colonies all over the beach. By interacting with them you can explore the fishermen’s life and their brave journey in the sea. Local seafood makes you more integrated with its environment.

Where to Stay at Mousuni Island?

Tents and cottages are built just beside the sea. There are many staying options like Sand Castles Beach Camp, Neel Nirjone Camp, Jhinuk Camp, Bonfire Natures Camp, Mousuni Dreamland Beach Camp, Moonlit Canvas, Sonar Tori Resort, Sandcastle Beach Camp, Backpacker’s Camp, Mousuni Waves, etc.

5. Vedic Village

  • Location: Sikharpur, Newtown, North 24 Parganas
  • Distance from Kolkata: 15 Km by road
  • Best Time to Visit: Anytime

How to Reach Vedic Village?

As it is located just 20 km away from the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, you can easily reach there simply by hiring a cab.

Main Attractions of Vedic Village

It is the place where you can connect with nature and enjoy outdoor fun with incredible indoor luxury to make your day special in the resort. Boating, ATV Riding, Bowling Alley. Zorbing, Segways, and Kayaking all are included in the outdoor activities. Hours after hours can be spent in the swimming pool.

The resort’s surrounding place within the property is full of greenery, crystal clear lakes, coconut trees and a variety of colourful flowers. Migratory birds, butterflies, squirrels and exotic species of plants make the place beautiful. Sanjeeva Ayurvedic Spa is one of the best attractions in Vedic village. I must mention the restaurant in the resort. Mouth-watering organic meals are served at the all-hours restaurant. Poolside dinner can also be arranged on request. This is the perfect destination for rejuvenating weekends.

6. Floatel

  • Location: Kolkata (by the bank of the Hooghly river)
  • Distance from Kolkata: Situated in Kolkata
  • Best Time to Visit: Anytime

How to Reach Floatel?

Floatel is must visit place if you are looking for authentic Kolkata vibes and a cosy ambience. The ship-themed hotel on river Ganga is India’s only floating hotel. It is located at B.B.D. Bagh, Kolkata where you can easily reach by car or bus.

Main Attractions of Floatel

Floatel offers world-class facilities that keep your stay at ease and comfort. The rooms come with incredible interiors and are crafted to perfection where you wake up to the view of Howrah Bridge and the river Ganges. The rooms are perfect for relaxing and unwinding. The room service and housekeeping of Floatel are appreciated.

The rooftop restaurant called “The Bridge” is a great place to hang out. There is also a bar attached to the restaurant. One has the option of either dining inside the restaurant or in the open air. On the open deck, a panoramic view of the river Ganga and the beautiful city will mesmerize you. The quality of the food is also very good. This place is ideal for candlelight dinners for couples.

7. Mangalgunj Backpackers’ Villa

  • Location: Nataberia – Benimadhabtala Rd, North 24 Parganas
  • Distance from Kolkata: 90 Km by road
  • Best Time to Visit: September to February

How to reach Mangalgunj Backpackers’ Villa?

The train ride is the best available option to reach here. Take a local train from Sealdah railway station and get off at Bangaon or Chakdah station. Then hire an auto and reach Nataberia. From there, hiring another local transport ( Toto) you can reach Mangalgunj Backpackers’ Villa.

mangalgunj backpackers villa
Photo by Antara Sinha

Main Attractions of Mangalgunj

If you want to spend an enchanting night with your friends in a village then go to Mangalgunj which is located around 100 km from Kolkata. At present, backpackers’ villa offers some adventure tents with three bamboo cottages. You can enjoy a campfire with a delicious bamboo chicken barbeque.

In the daylight, you can visit the Parmaden forest which is reached in bio-diversity where you can see the chirping birds and the greenery all around. Boating in the river Ichamati makes one mind calm. But once the night falls and darkness takes over, the place becomes haunted. It is famous for the old Rajbari known as ‘Kata Saheber Kuthi‘.

During British rule, it was a ‘Nilkuthi’ which is known for brutal torturing locals for farming only ‘nil’ or blue dye. This place is intimately associated with our freedom fighters. At night, the dense bamboo forest, the bats and the owls will make you feel the presence of beings that will send a chill down your spine. You will surely enjoy the creepy environment.

8. Kaikhali

  • Location: Sundarban, South 24 Parganas
  • Distance from Kolkata: 82 Km by road
  • Best Time to Visit: October to February

How to Reach Kaikhali?

Kaikhali is a small land near the estuary where the Matla and Nimania rivers flow into the Bay of Bengal. It takes nearly 3 hours to reach here from Kolkata by car. After Baruipur, take the Joynagar road to Kaikhali. If you prefer traveling by train, then take the Sealdah-Lakhikantapur-Namkhana local from Sealah station and get off at Joynagar station. From there, hire a trekker and reach Jamtala Haat and then by autorickshaw arrive at Kaikhali.

Main Attractions of Kaikhali

This place is practically situated within the Sunderban’s ecotourism area. The river banks are full of mangroves like Garan, Geona, Hogla, Sundari, etc. You can be refreshed by the boat ride on the Matla river with a cool breeze around. On a moonlit night or twilight, the bank of the Matla river becomes more beautiful. Some travellers hire boats deep into the jungle where tigers can be seen. Jharkhali Tiger rescue Center, the gateway to Sundarban, is located very close to Kaikhali. If you have more time, you should also visit Sagar island which is famous for Ganga Sagar Mela.

Where to Stay at Kaikhali?

Kaikhali farm stay is the best place to spend the weekend. It is just 100 meters away from the Matla river. You can take a fresh breath in nature with greenery all around. With the warm hospitality of the farm officials, you may feel like you are at home. You can enjoy your breakfast and tea on the lawn outside of the cottage. Delicious organic food harvested from nearby farms and fresh fish from the river are served here.

9. Joypur Forest

  • Location: Joypur, Bankura
  • Distance from Kolkata: 125 Kms by road
  • Best Time to Visit: December during the snake festival
Joypur Forest

How to Reach Joypur Forest?

It takes around 3.5 hours from Kolkata by car via NH19 to reach the Joypur forest. Also, Arambagh and Bishnupur are the nearest railway stations to the forest. The nearby resorts arrange car on request and it takes around 1hr 15 min from Arambagh station and 40 mins from Bishnupur station.

Main Attractions of Joypur Forest

If you like the solitude of the dense forest, lush greenery and glimpse of wild animals like deer, and elephants, then Joypur forest can be the best weekend destination near Kolkata. This solitary dense forest is residing in the Bankura district which is 10 km away from Bishnupur and around 130 km from Kolkata.

The forest is covered with skyscraping Sal, Palash, Mahua, Neem and Teak trees, which does not allow the sunlight to touch the soil in some places. Thousands of wildlife survive in the forest. The herd of spotted deer is the most attractive part of the forest. Besides elephants, wild foxes, and wolves are also seen in the dense greenery. Other nearby popular tourist spots are Mukutmonipur, Susunia mountain, Kamarpukur, Jayrambati, etc.

Where to stay at Joypur Forest?

Joypur forest resort is just at the heart of the lush green jungle. The jungle and the darkness around the resort at night are life-altering feelings for a while. Banalata resort, Banabitan lodge, and Banphool are the other staying options from where you can enjoy the beauty of the jungle.

The Jor Bangla temple is only half an hour’s distance from Joypur forest resort. Another religious place called the Gokulchand temple, built by Malla king Raghunath is just 15 mins away from the resort. This temple was constructed in the seventeenth century and it looks like a fort surrounded by high walls. Dalmadal gun, 3.84 meters long cannon that represents the glory of Malla kings, is an interesting sight to be seen.

10. G Plot, Patharpratima

  • Location: Near Sundarban, South 24 Parganas
  • Distance from Kolkata: 116 Km by road
  • Best Time to Visit: September to February

How to reach G Plot?

From the Esplanade bus stop buses are available to come to Ramganga Ferry Ghat. If you are taking your own car, then come from Dharmatala via Diamond Harbor Road straight to Ramganga Ferry Ghat. You can also ride a train from Sealdah to Laxmikantpur Station and take the bus to Ramganga Ferry Ghat.

After reaching the Ramganga ferry terminal, take the ferry from there to Chandmari Jetty for 1 hour and 15 minutes by water.
From there you have to travel 14 km by Toto or motor van to reach your destination.

Main Attractions of G Plot

To get rid of the hustle and bustle of the city, you can freshen up with the taste of unadulterated fresh air at G-Plot, a small island located in Pathar Pratima Block in South 24 Paraganas at the confluence of the sea with the river. G Plot is a new virgin island, an offbeat and relaxing destination.

If you want to be in harmony with nature and get heavenly bliss on this earth, you have to come to this wonderful place.
The place is surrounded by sea, rivers on one side and mangrove jungles on the other. From the beach, you can witness the amazing beauty of sunrise and sunset. This place is a paradise for birdwatchers and you can have a productive photoshoot here. The life of the simple rural people of this island will be a memory for you.

Where to Stay at G Plot?

You can stay at Jhaumon homestay which was actually a clubhouse. It was renovated into a cottage in order to boost tourism. The cottage has 3 bedrooms that can accommodate 2 people each. It is nestled in a quiet village with simple amenities. All the people here are cordial and the ambience is soothing. The property is very clean, well-maintained and it is completely safe.

11. Itachuna Rajbari

  • Location: Itachuna, Hooghly
  • Distance from Kolkata: 70 Km by road
  • Best Time to Visit: October to February

How to Reach Itachuna Rajbari?

It takes about an hour of drive from Kolkata to reach Itachuna Rajbari which is located in Hoogly district. It is also a perfect heritage resort to spend the weekend in.

Main Attractions of the Place

It is a unique experience to stay in a century-old rajbari surrounded by antiques and the company of hosts who have plenty of interesting stories about their rich past belonged to the place. The place offers a perfect blend of nature and a royal ambience. History resides here and you can feel its presence.

The Rajbari is divided into five portions– a village courthouse, a ballet dancing hall, a kitchen house, a guest house and an andar mahal for ladies. The spacious royal rooms make the stay very special. The rooms of the palace are named after the chief of the common Bengali joint family- Boro Baudi, Chhoto Baudi, Thakurmar Ghar, Boro Pishi, Ginny Ma, Baro Ma, Mejo Ma, Bilas, Manjari (room for 6 people to stay together), Kakababu, Pisemashai, Chhoto Pishi, Jyathamashai and Boroda. These names bring you back to the era of ‘joint family’ in Bengal. The beauty of such a relationship has been revealed in Bengali literature and in many of Saratchandra’s novels.

There is a large temple in the rajbari where prayers four times a day are offered for the family deity. In the backyard of the Rajbari, there is a lush green area with a fountain. Sometimes outdoor shooting is conducted here. From the adjoining pond, splendid sunset can be seen. One who visits the rajbari can not forget the taste of the delicious authentic Bengali cuisine served here.

12. Aqua Retreat, Falta

  • Location: South 24 Parganas (Near Diamond Harbour)
  • Distance from Kolkata: 53 Kms by road
  • Best Time to Visit: Anytime

How to reach Aqua Retreat?

From any place in Kolkata, you can come here by hiring a cab. The nearest railway station is Diamond harbour which is nearly 20 km away from the Aqua Retreat. The auto service is also available here.

Main Attractions of Aqua Retreat

If you want to spend some time by the river to free yourself from confinement then Aqua retreat at Shyamsundarpur, Falta an idyllic weekend destination near Kolkata on the banks of Hoogly river might be your best choice. All the rooms of the resort are river-facing. It has a well-maintained lawn where kids can do a variety of activities.

There are many seating areas where you can rest for hours and simply enjoy the beauty of the river with floating boats and ships. From this place, you will be able to see a lot of cargo ships coming to Khidirpur Dock or going towards it. Spending some time in the clean swimming pool right next to the river will relax your mind. The hospitality and quality of food are impressive to get for the weekend.

Apart from the twelve places we have mentioned, you can also visit Tajpur if you are ready for a seaside adventure. If you like to stay in Kolkata, Ekante Cottage at Eco Park can also be a perfect choice.


Every one of us needs a break from the routine busy life to find peace and get energized. Because of this reason, many of us look for an offbeat place that very few people have explored. We love the adventure, thrill, romance and also taste of new food at a new location. This is why you need to cut off the conventional schedule and pump up yourself for a tour to the best weekend destination near Kolkata. So, pack your travel essentials and start your journey!

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