Ekante Cottage- A Romantic Weekend Gateway for Couples at Eco Park, Kolkata

After a full week of workload, it’s time for spending some quality time away from the crowd, noise and daily routine with your loved one. If you are based in Kolkata, you might have heard of the Ekante Cottage, situated at the heart of Eco Park. It is a small island, surrounded by the pristine lake of Eco Park. Whether you are a couple or have a bigger family, Ekante Cottage can be your perfect weekend destination in Kolkata.

ekante cottage weekend trip

Attractions of Ekante Cottage

The Ekante Cottage itself is the biggest attraction in the location. If you visit Eco Park, the Ekante Cottage can be seen from any bank of the lake. The marvellous sight of the cottages over the blue water of the lake can blow your mind. The Hotel Authority has maintained the garden very well. During the flowering season, the sight of the garden really looks beautiful.

There are a total of 16 cottages and one suite* built on the eco island. Each of the cottages is named after a famous river in India. The rooms and washroom are well maintained by the authority and look fantastic.

Every cottage has a backside stair that leads to the bank of the lake. This place is great to spend the evening with your loved one. Depending on the position of the cottage, you can enjoy the majestic beauty of sunset and sunrise over the lake.

ekante cottage room
Interior of Ekante Cottage
Ekante cottage lake side door
The backside of Ekante Cottage
ekante cottage sunset
Sunset from Ekante Cottage

After the evening you can witness the beautiful lighting around the whole facility. I suggest sitting on the wooden stairs by the bank of the lake where you can reach through the backside door of the cottage. With a mild breeze over the lake and surrounding magnificent lighting, you can enjoy spending some quality time here with your partner.

Ekante cottage at night
Ekante Cottage at Night
Ekante cottage bridge at night
Nightview of the Bridge over Lake.
Ekante cottage nightview
Over the Lake at Night

Apart from the above attractions, you can visit the famous Eco Park garden and the Seven Wonders which is the biggest attraction of Eco Park. During the flowering season, the garden looks really amazing and very well-maintained too. To visit there you will get the facility of their own passenger ferry for free if you stay at the cottage/ suite or take a meal at Cafe Ekante. Otherwise, you need to move around other gates of Eco Park.

Eco park garden flower
Flowers at Eco Park
eco park seven wonders tajmahal
The Tajmahal, Seven Wonders at Eco Park
Eco park seven wonders easter island
A Glimpse of the Easter Island at Eco Park

Fooding at Ekante Cottage

The food items of Ekante cottage are very famous because of the quality, variety, ambience, and service. There are two restaurants inside Eco Island- the in-house restaurant and the famous Cafe Ekante by the bank of the lake.

Cafe Ekante in eco park
Cafe Ekante

While food items in the in-house restaurant are mainly Bengali cuisines, Cafe Ekante serves Chinese food too. You can have a meal at Cafe Ekante even if you have not stayed in the cottage. You can visit, have your dinner/ lunch and enjoy the blissful moments.

boat in lake of eco park
From the Bank of the Island

Both of the restaurants maintain their high standards and never compromise on the quality of food and service. Having dinner at Cafe Ekante can be absolutely magical. But you should note that none of these restaurants serves any kind of alcohol*.

How to reach Ekante Cottage?

Ekante cottage is located at the famous Eco Island of Eco Park, Kolkata. The location is very well connected by all means as you can see on the map.

Ekante Cottage Booking Procedure

Being a very popular weekend destination, you must book your Cottage well advanced. If you want to avoid hassle and reserve your cottage with a few clicks, you can BOOK EKANTE COTTAGE HERE.

You can also book Ekante Cottage online from their official website. To book a cottage, follow the steps below.

Booking Procedures of Ekante Cottage on Official Website*

1. Visit the official website of Ekante Cottage

Open the link for the official website. There you have to check the availability of the cottage on your desired dates and fill up some forms to confirm the booking.

2. Select the dates for check-in and out

At present, you can book a cottage in 3 months’ advance from the date of booking. For example, if you are booking on 1st January, booking is allowed up to 1st May.

3. Select the type of room

There are 16 cottages and 1 suite available for visitors. The suit is costlier than the cottages but it is great too.

4. Select the type of meal

You can see there are 3 types of meals available for selection- EP, CP, and MAP. EP stands for European Plan which is basically Room Only fare. The full form of CP is the Continental Plan which includes the fare of a room along with breakfast. The MAP is known as the Modified American Plan which means the fare of room along with breakfast and one major meal. Depending on your requirements, select the suitable plan you prefer the most.

5. Select the number of cottages you need

In the next step, select the number of cottages you need to book and hit the “availability” button.

6. Proceed with booking

If any cottage/suite is available on the selected date, you can view it on the next screen. If it is available, click the “Click Here to Book” button.

7. Enter the booking information

If any cottage/suite is available on the selected date, you can view it on the next screen. If it is available, click the “Click Here to Book” button.

8. Pay the Booking Amount

In the previous step, when you click the “submit” button, it will lead you to a page where you can recheck the booking details you have submitted. After reviewing, click on the “Pay Now” button to pay your booking amount and confirm it. After your booking is confirmed, you will receive an email that you have registered.

Note: All the details marked with * are as of the date the blog was written and updated later.

Final Advice

Spending a weekend at the Ekante Cottage can be very good if you are looking to spend some romantic times with your closest person. It is one of the best places in Kolkata to celebrate the weekend overnight.

As mentioned earlier, the quality of the food and service is uncompromised. So, why wait? Book a cottage and pack the necessary goods to ride out for Ekante Cottage.

If you can travel a little further, you can also check the top 10 sea beaches near Kolkata. Share your thoughts or ask any questions in the comment section below.

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    Is drinking and smoking allowed in the cottages???

      • 3 years ago

      Yes you can at your own cost. The cottage authority does not serve alcohol as per latest information.

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