10 Most Reliable & Best Backpack Brands in India (2024)

If you plan to buy a backpack, be it for travel, office, college, or school use, you might be looking for quality products with trendy designs. The best backpack brands in India offer a variety of backpacks that can serve different purposes, catering to the users’ requirements perfectly.

However, certain brands excel at manufacturing specific backpack types for men and women. If you are looking for value for your money, pick a reliable brand in 2024, trustworthy and does not compromise on quality.

Best Backpack Brands in India

A high-quality backpack from the right brand will be durable and long-lasting, implying that you do not have to worry about repairs or buying a new backpack soon. If you need a backpack for trekking, you would want to buy one that is tough enough for rigorous usage and the heavy loads it could carry. Checking out the following brands to find a perfect backpack for yourself would indeed be worth the effort.

1. Wildcraft Backpack

Wildcraft Backpacks

Wildcraft at a glance

  • Origin Country: India
  • Registered Office in India: Bangalore
  • Backpack Types: Daypack, laptop backpack, travel backpack, rucksack, school and college backpack.
  • Material: Polyester, nylon dobby, ripstop, safara camo, hypalon, robic, etc.
  • Price Range: ₹649 to ₹9600
  • Ideal For: The most preferred brand with a wide range of well-designed backpacks for casual, formal, and travel purposes. These bags are comfortable to wear for long periods, lightweight, durable, and spacious. Even the bags on the higher end of the price range are worth buying, especially due to their longevity.

Top 3 Wildcraft backpacks

What can you expect from Wildcraft backpacks?

In case you are a frequent traveller, Wildcraft is the best backpack brand for you. Wildcraft’s bags are sturdy, making them perfect for long journeys and treks. Bags from this brand are suitable for users with varying budgets, with the lowest price under ₹700. If you seek trekking or a hiking backpack, check out Wildcraft’s backpack collection to see what they can offer you.

Bags from this brand are also suitable for professionals who need to carry technical gear. A camera backpack from Wildcraft would help you keep your camera, laptop, mobile, and other electronics safe during travel. The high-quality padding, together with the design of these backpacks, make them reliable options for professionals.

Wildcraft has a good reputation when it comes to durability. For this reason, Wildcraft’s school and college backpacks are worth buying. Made with high-quality materials with additional reinforcement and support, these bags perform well in the long run.


  • All backpacks from Wildcraft come with plenty of padding.
  • Wildcraft maintains high standards in terms of product quality and longevity.
  • Wildcraft produces some of the best quality travel backpacks in India, thereby suitable for individuals with varying needs.
  • These bags are designed to be lightweight without compromising on the strength of the material.
  • Being originated in India, Wildcraft is well-aware of Indian requirements.


  • The design of Wildcraft backpacks is not as attractive as Skybags or Safari backpacks.
  • These backpacks are comparatively costly.

2. Skybags backpacks

Skybags backpacks

Skybags at a glance

  • Origin Country: India
  • Registered Office in India: Mumbai
  • Backpack Types: School backpack, college backpack, overnighter backpack, daypack, laptop backpack and rucksack.
  • Material: Tik Tak fabric, mini Gucci, HD polyester, premium dobby fabric with PU coating, thermoplastic elastomers.
  • Price Range: ₹529 to ₹3900
  • Ideal For: Skybags has a wide range of well-designed backpacks for casual, formal, and travel purposes. If you are looking for a stylish college backpack or school backpack, Skybags is your ideal choice. The brand has earned a good name over the years, with its wide range of quality products. A backpack from Skybags would serve you well, thanks to their thoughtful design principles and durable materials.

Top 3 Skybags backpacks

What can you expect from Skybags backpacks?

Skybags belongs to the luggage brand VIP industries along with VIP and Carlton in their portfolio. It is the most popular school backpack and college backpack brand among students in India. Hence, if you happen to be a student, this could potentially be the ideal backpack manufacturer for you.

Backpacks from this brand come in various designs, ranging from classic to stylish modern looks. In fact, you would have a fantastic range of options in terms of colours and designs when choosing a suitable backpack from Skybags.

Apart from it, the laptop backpack from Skybags would be a great choice, thanks to features like waterproofing, padding, and designated compartments. Besides students, these backpacks are also suitable for professionals travelling to and from their offices. Skybags offers laptop bags for laptops of 15.6″ and 17″. Depending on the size of your laptop, you can buy a suitable backpack.

Every component of these bags is sturdy and durable in design, including the straps and the water bottle holders. This is a common characteristic among most bags from this brand, which makes sense as this is the type of bag you would want to purchase for frequent usage.


  • Skybags backpacks are comparatively more affordable than Wildcraft backpacks.
  • It is one of the most stylish backpack manufacturers in India with a wide range of designs.
  • Backpacks from this brand are spacious, with an adequate number of compartments for students and professionals.
  • Made from sturdy and durable materials, these backpacks last quite a long despite heavy usage.
  • Some backpacks from Skybags also come with a rain cover, beneficial during monsoon.
  • This brand integrates its bags with air mesh cushions that ensure a relatively comfortable experience even when the bag is heavy.


  • The layers between the compartments might be a bit too thin in some bags.

3. American Tourister Backpacks

American Tourister Backpacks

American Tourister at a glance

  • Origin Country: United States
  • Registered Office in India: Mumbai
  • Backpack Types: School/college backpack, laptop backpack and daypack.
  • Material: Polyester
  • Price Range: ₹369 to ₹2500
  • Ideal For: American Tourister is one of the best brands for affordable backpacks, their products are indeed good value for money. If you are looking for a high-quality backpack for school, college or casual purposes, it is your ideal option. However, as the brand’s backpacks lag behind a bit in terms of durability, they might not be a good pick for frequent travelling. Instead, a daypack from American Tourister would be suitable for shorter trips.

Top 3 American Tourister backpacks

What can you expect from American Tourister backpacks?

American Tourister is yet another trendy name in the market for luggage bags and backpacks. The brand has been around for a while and has garnered many loyal customers. Besides the brand value, another key point behind American Tourister’s popularity is that these bags look incredibly classy. In case you are sensitive about the impression your outfit puts up in public, this is a good backpack brand to pick.

One of the biggest perks of purchasing a school or college backpack from American Tourister is the ample space. Depending on your requirements, you could pick a backpack with plenty of compartments and pockets. The spacious daypacks from American Tourister are great while going on short trips. Whether you need a casual backpack or an office backpack, you would likely find a suitable one from the brand.

An American Tourister laptop backpack is perfect for office goers and students. The laptop compartment in the middle is well-padded, ensuring that a laptop carried in it would always be safe from damage. If you are looking for the best backpack bag in India and care a lot about using products from a well-recognized brand, you might consider choosing American Tourister.


  • A laptop backpack from American Tourister offers all the necessary padding for your laptop.
  • Daypacks from this brand are spacious and practical in design.
  • If a trendy backpack is what you are looking for, American Tourister’s stylish designs can suit you perfectly.
  • These backpacks are pretty affordable, considering the quality of the product.
  • Internal organizers help to keep everything clutter-free and well-organized.


  • Backpacks from this brand aren’t the most durable ones out there.
  • If you are looking for a travel backpack or tech backpack, there are better options.
  • American Tourister does not have wide options for backpack materials like Wildcraft or Skybags.

4. Polestar Backpacks

Polestar backpacks

Polestar at a glance

  • Origin Country: India
  • Registered Office in India: Punjab
  • Backpack Types: Casual backpack, daypack, school bag, college bag, laptop backpack, trekking and hiking rucksack
  • Material: PU Coated Polyester, Faux leather, etc.
  • Price Range: ₹425 to ₹1500
  • Ideal For: If you are looking for a well-designed backpack for regular use or travelling at a low price, Polestar would be an excellent brand to choose from. The brand’s trendy collection of backpacks for women and men is worth checking out.

Top 3 Polestar backpacks

What can you expect from Polestar backpacks?

It is a reputed backpack brand, with a nice variety of bags that you could choose from. The company puts in special effort to add sufficient padding to their backpacks to ensure the users’ comfort.

In case you plan to go on a trip and need a fashionable travel backpack, check out Polestar’s range of products. Polestar also offers high-quality rucksacks with sturdy materials and strong stitching to ensure their durability. You can pick from various designs to find one that suits your tastes. Thanks to the spacious layout, a rucksack from Polestar would prove to be quite valuable. However, you might note that some Polestar backpacks lack padding underneath the handle at the top.

Thanks to the mix of reasonable pricing and excellent quality, Polestar is a reliable backpack brand from India. You can go through their collection of backpacks and find one that would serve your needs perfectly.


  • These backpacks are perfect for students of school and college who require ample space as well as a trendy design.
  • The durable nature of the backpacks would save you from unnecessary repair costs.
  • Polestar offers backpacks at relatively affordable prices.
  • Backpacks from this brand are lightweight in nature.


  • Some backpacks from Polestar might not be completely waterproof.
  • In terms of material quality and durability of some of the travel backpacks/rucksacks, Quechua is better than Polestar.

5. Fur Jaden Backpacks

Fur Jaden backpacks

Fur Jaden at a glance

  • Origin Country: Italy
  • Registered Office in India: Mumbai
  • Backpack Types: Anti-theft laptop backpack, rucksack, casual backpack, school and college backpack, camera backpack.
  • Material: Water-resistant polymer, velcro, artificial faux leather, etc.
  • Price Range: ₹249 to ₹1800
  • Ideal For: Fur Jaden stands out among the Indian backpack brands, with its range of sophisticated anti-theft backpacks. The quality materials they use, together with the stylish designs and modern features like smartphone charging, make these backpacks worth your money. The prices are surprisingly affordable compared to many other brands like Quechua.

Top 3 Fur Jaden backpacks

What can you expect from Fur Jaden backpacks?

Are you concerned about the security of your belongings during your everyday commute?

Consider getting an anti-theft backpack from Fur Jaden. This brand offers premium-quality bags with anti-theft features to keep your valuables protected. You could choose from several materials, including high-grade fabric and faux leather. The strong materials are cut-proof, and together with the design of the bags, it eliminates the chances of theft to a great extent.

One of the most notable aspects of the backpacks from this brand is their posh and classy looks. You could, for instance, purchase a trendy backpack made of stylish faux leather, with a soft lining on the interiors. If you are trying to get yourself the best quality backpack out there, Far Jaden would be an excellent choice.

You could also consider getting a laptop backpack from this brand. Besides the usual compartment for laptops, these backpacks also come with technically crafted details, such as a USB charging point for your phone and a special compartment for your iPad.

Fur Jaden’s rucksacks come with additional compartments to keep suitable shoes for trekking. Besides being spacious, these backpacks are pretty affordable and have attractive designs. If you are planning camping, these backpacks are also ideal to keep the camping essentials.


  • Fur Jaden offers some of the finest tech backpacks in India with sophisticated features.
  • The materials used in these backpacks are of exceptionally high quality compared to their affordable prices.
  • The backpacks are sleek and modern in design, without compromising on ergonomics, or security.
  • Fur Jaden’s rucksacks are spacious, with external clips for climbing equipment features.


  • Except for the rucksacks, Fur Jaden does not have a wide range of travel backpacks.
  • You can find better backpacks for school and college from Skybags, Wildcraft and American Tourister.

6. Safari Backpacks

Safari backpacks

Safari at a glance

  • Origin Country: India
  • Registered Office in India: Mumbai
  • Backpack Types: Casual backpack, daypack, laptop backpack, overnighter backpack and rucksack.
  • Material: Polyester, nylon
  • Price Range: ₹275 to ₹5799
  • Ideal For: Thanks to the wide variety of backpacks, Safari is a good choice for most Indian buyers. The lower cost and the wide price range increase the likelihood of finding a suitable backpack within your budget. If you seek a backpack in terms of style and longevity, Safari backpacks can be perfect for you.

Top 3 Safari backpacks

What can you expect from Safari backpacks?

If you are looking for a school backpack for your child, the ‘Back to School’ range of backpacks from Safari will present you with various options. The brand offers backpacks in a fantastic variety of designs and sizes to suit the requirements of different individuals. However, schoolbags aren’t the only type of backpacks that Safari manufacture. You can also choose a rucksack, travel backpack, or laptop backpack that you can carry to the office.

Safari’s wide range of backpacks gives buyers plenty of options to pick from. One might want to note that the bags manufactured by Safari are as stylish as American Tourister. However, Safari has some uniquely designed backpacks. If you prefer a pocket-friendly backpack, one from this brand might be suitable.

In case you are a frequent traveller, Safari backpacks can store all your travel essentials. The brand offers high-quality backpacks of various sizes, up to as large as 70 litres capacity. You could also consider choosing one of the concept backpacks if you are on the lookout for a casual backpack that would be stylish in design and help you stand out.


  • Safari offers an 18-month international warranty on their different backpacks, which is quite good.
  • The concept backpacks range consists of various stylish options, different from standard backpack designs.
  • You may choose from various bags of different sizes and styles to pick one that suits your needs perfectly.


  • Except for the daypacks, Safari backpacks are relatively costlier than Wildcraft, Skybags and American Tourister.

7. Trawoc Backpacks

Trawoc backpacks

Trawoc at a glance

  • Origin Country: India
  • Registered Office in India: Kerala
  • Backpack Types: Rucksack, daypack, laptop backpack, travel backpack, hiking backpack, trekking backpack.
  • Material: Polyester
  • Price Range: ₹816 to ₹3345
  • Ideal For: If you are looking for a backpack for travelling, camping, trekking or hiking purposes, Trawoc is your ideal choice. Remember that this brand focuses specifically on backpacks for travel requirements. If you only need a backpack for work, school or college, you might want to check out other brands like Skybags, American Tourister, or Safari instead.

Top 3 Trawoc backpacks

What can you expect from Trawoc backpacks?

While Trawoc isn’t really the brand to pick while shopping for a backpack for college or office, it is great for travel backpacks. In fact, if you are looking for the best rucksack for travelling, Trawoc is definitely a good choice for 2024.

Besides the trekking rucksacks, Trawoc also offers specialized backpacks suitable for mountaineering. Hence, if you are adventurous and would like a backpack for travelling and exploring the wild, Trawoc’s range of products could cater to your needs.

Trawoc offers large travel bags ranging from 50 litres to more than 80 litres to keep the trekking essentials. Needless to say, these backpacks are perfect for individuals going on relatively long-distance treks and trips as they need to carry more supplies.

If you do not go for such outings and only need a daypack, you would likely find something suitable from this brand. Not only are the day packs spacious, but the meticulous design also makes these backpacks easy to carry.

As Trawoc specializes particularly in hiking, mountaineering, and travel bags, they have excelled to make their backpacks sturdy and durable while offering maximum space and organization. Trawoc backpacks are pretty affordable compared to Quechua by Decathlon, and you would likely find something good under ₹3500.


  • Trawoc offers travel backpacks of different types, catering to the needs of adventurous individuals perfectly.
  • Backpacks offered by this brand are of exceptionally high quality and last long.
  • As Trawoc offers backpacks of different capacities, the chances are high that you would likely find precisely what you are looking for.
  • Despite the excellent quality and great designs, Trawoc’s backpacks are reasonably priced.
  • This brand designs backpacks ergonomically, ensuring comfort and ease while trekking.
  • Most Trawoc rucksacks come with a rain cover and a shoe compartment.


  • Trawoc does not manufacture regular college backpacks or laptop backpacks.

8. Gear Backpacks

Gear backpacks

Gear at a glance

  • Origin Country: India
  • Registered Office in India: Kolkata
  • Backpack Types: Laptop backpack, travel backpack, anti-theft backpack, casual backpack, rucksack.
  • Material: ‎Faux Leather, polyester
  • Price Range: ₹607 to ₹2999
  • Ideal For: Gear is a reputed backpack brand if pocket-friendliness is a significant concern for you. Despite the affordable pricing, all Gear backpacks are of exceptionally high quality. While you might find a better and larger travel backpack from Trawoc, Tripole or Quechua, Gear is still a great choice if you need a backpack for college or the office.

Top 3 Gear backpacks

NOTE: People often confuse between the two brands- Gear and F Gear as they sound similar. But they are entirely different with a similar range of products. Both of Gear and F Gear have a wide collection of backpacks for travelling, hiking, college, office and school use.

What can you expect from Gear backpacks?

Gear is your ideal backpack brand if you are looking for a stylish office or travel backpack. This brand offers high-quality laptop backpacks perfect for professionals who need to commute daily. Gear puts a great deal of effort into design and quality, creating backpacks that blend aesthetics and functionality at the same time. They are relatively cheaper compared to other leading brands.

Besides waterproofing, some of these backpacks also come with a rain cover. It is great to have on a travel backpack, as wet exteriors can make the backpack heavier. Preventing water from seeping in through the zippers would provide an additional level of protection for your laptop.

You might want to note that certain Gear backpacks also come with anti-theft features that would help protect your belongings during your travels. Stylish and classy, these bags are available in a variety of colours and designs. Products offered by Gear include regular backpacks, laptop backpacks, and travel backpacks.

However, you might want to remember that this brand offers relatively smaller backpacks. If you are looking for something bigger, such as a 50-litre travel backpack, you might want to pick another brand instead.


  • Anti-theft backpacks are unique from Gear.
  • The laptop backpacks provide superior protection against damage from rainwater and impact.
  • The backpacks from Gear are sturdy and aesthetically pleasing.
  • This brand offers backpacks at affordable prices.
  • The meticulous design of the backpacks ensures a great deal of convenience.


  • Gear has a relatively small range of products, implying that you may not get as many options as while shopping from Skybags, Wildcraft, or American Tourister.
  • If you are going for a long trek and require a big rucksack, Gear might not be able to provide you with anything suitable.

9. Quechua Backpacks

Quechua backpacks

Quechua at a glance

  • Origin Country: France
  • Registered Office in India: Bangalore
  • Backpack Types: Rucksack, travel backpack, hiking backpack, trekking backpack.
  • Material: ‎Polyester, polyurethane
  • Price Range: ₹199 to ₹4449
  • Ideal For: Quechua is a popular backpack brand in India for travelling, trekking, camping, hiking, and mountaineering purposes. Thanks to its quality material, durable structure, stitching and paddings, this brand have earned a great deal of reputation among frequent travellers. Durability wouldn’t be a cause for concern, and neither would ergonomics.

Top 3 Quechua backpacks

What can you expect from Quechua backpacks?

Quechua offers a fantastic range of products that hikers, trekkers and travellers need. Considering their specialization in this field of travelling, trekking and hiking, it is easy to see how Quechua is one of the top companies for such backpacks.

There are several reasons behind the worthiness of Quechua backpacks. They come with spacious compartments, enough pockets, and additional features like bottle holders. Such designs allow travellers to carry all the necessary items.

Backpacks from this brand are also ergonomically terrific, designed to make it easier for hikers to move around quickly. Ample padding and foam straps help make the weight more comfortable, which is extremely helpful when trekking for long distances and camping in India.

Thanks to the durable and abrasion-resistant components, a travel backpack from Quechua would also last long. Considering how much wear and tear your backpack might have to go through while hiking, it certainly makes sense to get yourself a sturdy backpack.


  • Side compression straps help spread out the load efficiently, while all the padding increases comfort levels while carrying these backpacks.
  • Quechua’s backpacks are highly sturdy and long-lasting, thanks to the durable materials and frames.
  • This brand also offers quality trekking bags designed specifically for women, with ergonomics adjusted to make them easier to carry.
  • Backpacks from Quechua come with various additional features, such as pole holders and blanket holders.


  • This brand offers only travelling, trekking, and hiking backpacks. Quechua isn’t the perfect choice if a casual backpack or office backpack is what you are looking for.

10. Lunar’s Backpacks

Lunar's backpacks

Lunar’s at a glance

  • Origin Country: India
  • Registered Office in India: Kerala
  • Backpack Types: Laptop backpack, travel backpack, casual backpack, school and college backpack
  • Material: Water-resistant polyester
  • Price Range: ₹399 to ₹1199
  • Ideal For: Backpacks from Lunar’s are worth buying primarily due to their affordable pricing despite the great design and quality. Although there are better brands for travel backpacks, you could definitely choose this brand if you need a backpack for college or the office. For individuals who need a backpack for such regular usage, Lunar’s is one of the best backpack brands originated in India.

Top 3 Lunar’s backpacks

What can you expect from Lunar’s backpacks?

Lunar’s backpacks are most suitable for office-goers, and students from school and college. This brand offers stylish backpacks in a variety of designs to choose from. While Lunar’s do not manufacture any rucksacks, they have large backpacks with up to 50 litres capacity. These bags are large enough, with meticulously designed compartments for maximum space efficiency. You could even go for a backpack with a rain cover to keep your things from getting wet.

A laptop backpack from Lunar’s could serve you quite well too. Made of good quality and water-resistant materials, these backpacks are durable and long-lasting. The factors that make Lunar’s one of the best brands for backpacks are their competitive pricing and unique designs that no other brands offer.


  • Lunar’s backpacks are distinct and stylish in design.
  • You may pick from a variety of sizes and colours.
  • All the backpacks from Lunar’s have affordable prices.
  • A college backpack or school bag from Lunar’s is spacious enough for all your needs.
  • Lunar’s manufactures backpacks for both men and women with trendy designs of different tastes.


  • Some of the backpacks come with less padding compared to other brands.
  • Lunar’s does not have a wide range of backpacks to choose from.
  • The brand does not manufacture trekking or hiking rucksacks.

Apart from these backpack brands, Coleman is a pretty renowned company to manufacture sleeping bags, travel backpacks, camping tents, and other camping gear.

Which of These Backpack Brands Should You Choose?

Choosing a backpack brand in India isn’t as straightforward. Different brands specialize in specific types of backpacks, as you may notice above. You will have to choose a brand based on what you are looking for and how much you can afford to spend.

For instance, while Quechua is one of the most reputed brands for travel backpacks, they do not even manufacture backpacks for school, college, or office purposes. On the other hand, Skybags and American Tourister offer a vast array of backpacks for students and professionals but aren’t the ideal brand for trekking or hiking backpacks.

Similarly, Fur Jaden and Gear manufacture high-quality anti-theft backpacks, unlike any other brands. So, you would have to consider which brands can serve your needs the most. Also, look for a specific feature in a backpack and whether a particular brand has an impressive reputation for it.

Apart from the listed brands above, you can also consider Tommy Hilfiger, F Gear, Nike, HRX, FastTrack, Harissons, Puma, Swiss Military, Under Armour, Cosmus, and Aoking to choose the best backpack bag for yourself in 2024. If you need higher-capacity luggage, you can also consider the trolley bags for your trip in India.

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