Travel Essentials List To Pack For Your Next Trip

Living in India, one has no dearth of places to travel to. If you love traveling, you shouldn’t have any problem visiting numerous tourist spots that you’d love. However, before you set out on a trip, make sure to pack all the travel essentials in your next trip.

This is crucial if you want to avoid unnecessary hitches during your travels or to end up having to buy those essentials during the trip for higher prices. It makes sense to prepare a travel essentials list beforehand and acquire all the items accordingly.

To help you get your travel packing on track, here’s a guide regarding the essential items you will need. Of course, you might have preferences and want to pack your bag with specific items, such as your favorite clothes. However, make sure not to forget about the travel kit essentials when you pack. A travel essential list in India includes the following items.

Travel essentials kits for packing

1. Luggage

First and foremost, luggage bags are the most important travel essentials to pack all your belongings. While this might sound a bit too obvious, choosing the right luggage often poses a challenge. You need to figure out your requirements and pick the luggage accordingly, as there are plenty of options in the market. Options to consider include-

luggage for travel

Carry-on luggage: If you are planning to travel by air, buying a carry-on luggage bag is better. These bags are within the size and weight limits allowed by airlines to carry with you in the cabin.

Larger luggage would require you to transport it to the cargo compartment. You may also have to shell out additional fees for the cargo space. Of course, a carry-on bag may not be an option if you need to carry too many belongings and require a bigger bag.

Duffle bags and trolley bags: Using the best trolley bag is a good idea in case your luggage is going to be heavy, and you need to move around on foot with it in between your flights or rides. However, if it’s going to be light enough for you to carry, you may opt for a trendy duffle bag instead.

Trekking/Hiking/Camping bags: These large luggage bags are essential for treks and hiking trips, instead of general travel. Good quality trekking bags and the best rucksacks not only offer a lot of space but also have plenty of pockets to organize enough belongings for long trips. Check trekking essentials and camping essentials specifically, if you are planning for a trek or camping trip.

These bags are available in varying capacities, ranging up to over 100 liters. You need to choose the right size depending on the length of your trip. Choosing a travel backpack would be wise to work out your requirements carefully.

2. Travel Organizer

travel organizer

This is an extremely valuable travel essential kit many travelers do not use or know about. Travel organizers, pouches, and zip bags will allow you to store small items within your reach at all times.

This way, you’ll also be able to access them while on a flight without having to haul down your luggage in the cabin.

Items to store in a travel organizer may include snacks, books, medicines, lip balms, or pretty much anything that you might need. Using a travel pouch will also help you lighten your backpack.

3. Apparel

packing clothes for travel

Of course, you need to carry clothes and other apparel when traveling. Take multiple sets of clothes as needed, depending on the duration of your trip and how likely they are to get dirty.

While choosing your essential apparel, you need to plan wisely and decide based on the place you are visiting.

Are you heading to a hill station or any other cold place in winter? Pack the best cold-weather jacket, sweater, comfortable sleeping bag, cardigans, or other winterwear. If you are visiting a beach, you should carry lighter casual clothes.

Failing to pick apparel perfect for the weather of the place you visit can lead to severe problems and force you to buy clothes later after reaching your destination.

Also, try to match your fashion style with that of the place you are visiting. You might want to keep at least one set of apparel in your cabin luggage. This way, in case the airline somehow loses or misplaces your cargo luggage, you won’t be left with just the clothes you’re already wearing.

4. Camera

packing travel camera

If you have a camera, you’ll definitely want to take it with you to snap amazing pictures of the places you will see.

Of course, smartphones these days have great built-in cameras, but a good camera for photography will yield far better results and help you preserve the best memories of your travels.

For those who have a knack for photography, a camera is one of the most important items among travel essentials.

You may also want to use the best action camera for videography if you’re going to vlog your journeys or simply take videos of beautiful or unique events.

Another type of camera you may consider carrying with you is a drone camera for aerial photography. Of course, few travelers own a drone camera, and it’s no big deal if you don’t have one. A drone camera will allow you to take pictures from a whole different angle and even reach places that are otherwise hard to reach.

Apart from a costly camera, a budget-friendly binocular can be a good travel companion if you are hiking for a long distance or birdwatching is your favorite activity.

5. Chargers And Power Banks

Charging phone during travel

Do not forget to pack chargers for your phone, camera and laptop. You wouldn’t want your devices to run out of power while you’re traveling. It would also be a good idea to carry portable chargers, power banks, and charging cords.

You may not always find a place to plug in a charger or may have to charge your phone while on the move.

Getting stuck with your phone shut down can prove to be a major problem, especially if all your travel information is stored in it. Hence, chargers and power banks should be among your top priorities for essential travel items.

Apart from the electrical chargers, some brands have come up with solar chargers that can charge your phone, camera or other USB electrical gadgets without any conventional electricity connection. Simply connect your phone to the cable and put the solar charger under the sun to charge your travel gear.

6. Medicines

First aid and medicine kit for travel

Before starting a trip, you should also stock up on medicines. A first-aid kit is always a must-have in case of accidents.

Also, carry generic medicines for common illnesses like fever, upset stomach, headaches, etc. This is especially important in case your travel destinations include places away from urban areas with enough pharmacies.

However, even if you visit a metropolitan area, it’s still wise to consult the doctor and include medications among the essential things to pack for traveling. Here is a list of medical supplies needed for traveling.

7. Toiletries

Toiletries for travel

Toiletries are definitely among travel kit essentials too. These include toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, facewash, soap paper, toilet seat sanitizer, etc.

Even though most hotels provide some toiletries, it’s better to carry your own just to be safe. Keep the set of toiletries in your carry-on bag, if possible, so you won’t have to fish them out of your suitcase when you are in a hurry.

You cannot use bar soap during travel in a train or airplane, so paper soap comes to the rescue. Paper soaps are affordable and encourages hygiene.

Use a toilet seat sanitizer spray like Peesafe, a disinfectant that ensures a safe and germ-free toilet experience.

8. Personal Care And Hygiene Kits

Personal Care And Hygiene Kits

Travelers often forget to pack hygiene kits and personal care products, which can lead to a great deal of hassle.

Travel essentials for women include sanitary pads, body lotions, makeup, makeup remover, etc., while items like hair/beard oil and gel and shaving kits Are among the personal care travel essentials for men.

Other personal care products to carry include body lotions, face cream, face scrub, etc.

If you visit a sunny place, such as a beach, you might also want to take some sunscreen with you.

9. Neck Pillow

Using neck pillow during travel

This one might sound more like a luxury than one of the travel essentials. However, if your travels include long flights or train rides, you’ll really appreciate your decision to bring along a neck pillow.

After all, it’s natural to feel sleepy during long flights and rides, and falling asleep while sitting can result in plenty of discomfort and neck pain. You can remedy all of it simply by tucking in a neck pillow.

Neck pillows allow you to sleep comfortably while seated by supporting your head. They are really compact in design and won’t take up a lot of space.

These pillows are also pretty lightweight, so it’s perfectly fine to pack one in your luggage. This is definitely an air and train travel essential.

10. Entertainment Kits

This is another travel essential that may seem like a luxury to some. However, unless you arrange for something to keep you entertained, you’ll find your flights or train rides to be quite boring after a while. After all, one can enjoy staring out of the window only for so long, especially on flights.

Child is being entertained during a boring flight

Of course, you’ll likely always have your smartphone with you. You may also want to pack a laptop, a tablet, or a book as your air travel essentials. Watching a movie, reading, or playing games are fun ways to pass the time while traveling.

If you have children with you, make sure to arrange for their entertainment. This is crucial, especially for infants, as they are often likely to throw a tantrum if they are bored or uncomfortable.

When traveling with infants, it’s wise to carry toys, rattles, teethers, etc. Depending on the baby’s age and whether it is convenient, you may also consider taking a baby carrier and a stroller with you.

11. Sanitizers And Face Masks

Sanitizer and face mask

In view of the global pandemic, face masks and sanitizers are very essential when preparing for travels.

Even if it is mostly safe in the place you’re visiting, it’s best to be cautious. Moreover, airports receive thousands of people from around the world on a daily basis, and it’s easy to contract the illness.

Keeping in mind that you’ll have to wear a mask for long periods of time, make sure to purchase masks that are comfortable to wear.

Also, store your sanitizer in a handbag or travel pouch so you can quickly pull it out whenever needed.

12. Food And Snacks

Food and snacks for travel

Packing some dry food or snacks in your bag is always a good idea. If something goes wrong and you are stuck without access to restaurants and eateries for long periods, the snacks will keep you going until you find other food.

This is especially important when traveling with children, as they would have a more challenging time coping with hunger.

If you have an infant with you, make sure your travel essential list in India covers Cerelac, milk formula, feeding bottle, etc.

13. Essential Travel Documents

  • Passport: if you are traveling abroad then you will require a passport. Traveling within India, you won’t be asked to produce this international document.
  • Driver’s license: if you are planning to travel in your vehicle, you are most welcome. But with an essential driver’s license. Being eligible enough to drive, will require you to showcase a driver’s license in police checkpoints.
  • Visa: international traveling might require you to apply for a visa. It depends upon the countries and the current situation within the country if you need a visa or not.
  • Proofs: Proofs of the hotel room reservation would be necessary. If you have done advanced payments, you must have a receipt to portray. Any documents related to hotel bookings are necessary to generate credibility.
  • Tickets: you cannot board any public transport be it a train, bus, airplane, a ship without a ticket. Make sure to check the tickets before getting on any ride.
  • Insurance: if you have accidental insurance or travel insurance, then make sure to carry them. The desperate times make everything uncertain and you never know when you might need them.
  • Photograph: a passport size photograph of yourself is a good precaution. In case of any theft or any other problems, the photograph can be very useful.

*Note: you should keep one/ two photocopies of all the above-mentioned documents wherever you go. If any of the documents get lost, then you will have extras to fall back on.

Here’s a travel essentials checklist to make sure you don’t miss out on anything. You may refer to this checklist when shopping for travel supplies or packing for your trip. Remember that all travelers do not need all these items, and you may always add other necessary items. We have prepared separate checklists for men, women, and infants.

Travel essential checklist

Download This Checklist

In Conclusion

You now know about all the essential things to pack for traveling, and hopefully, you won’t miss out on anything important. If you have time, get your travel essentials assembled in advance so you don’t have to make a last-minute rush. Our checklist covers almost all the essential items.

Experienced travelers always plan and ready the essential things to pack for traveling beforehand to enjoy a seamless trip. Whether you are traveling for leisure or business purposes, it’s highly recommended to find out about any extra items you might need, such as winterwear for visiting cold places and neck pillows for long flights. Planning in advance will also help you avoid the hassle of last-minute shopping.

The travel essential checklist for men and women would also apply to children, boys and girls. For infants, however, you have to take special care and pack additional items as listed. Regardless of whether you were looking for a travel essential list for air or train journeys, you now have all the information you need.


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