Travel Essentials During Covid-19 for Men and Women

Imagine you are amidst the lush green vegetation, soaking in the beaches of Goa! The cool breeze just touched your face and you are jumping along with the waves. Aren’t you thrilled by the sheer imagination, just think how much excited will you be if it were real?

Everyone loves to explore the unknown and traveling is the key to unravel the unknown lands. We love traveling to both weekend destinations as well as long trips to get rid of the monotonous lifestyle. It does not matter if you are an adventure lover or despiser, you will crave fresh air.

As everything has two sides, so is the case with travel. With enjoyment comes problems related to touring. You seriously would never want to miss out on the glorious moments because of several traveling difficulties. Such as-

  • Traveling has become difficult in the time of the pandemic. Because of the risk of getting infected, we are often in doubt whether it is the right time to travel. Without knowing the travel essentials during Covid, it can get tougher.
  • You can get stranded in unwanted places, that lack proper hygiene. This can create havoc of problems for both your body and mind.
  • Legal difficulties can show up such as the absence of required documents and others.
  • You can get lost, one of the most dreaded fears.
  • Scamming and theft are real-life problems faced by tourists, so it can happen to you as well.
  • Other problems like monetary crunch, language barriers, taboo cultures can loom around you.

Without pre-planned travel essentials, the above problems can act as a kill-joy. You must be well-prepared with your travel gears much more because of the present COVID environment. Good care and precautions accordingly act as life-savior for travelers.

travel essentials during covid 19

Most Essential Items for Traveling During Covid 19

The post COVID world was no less than a haunted place. With all the treacherous situations, the travel industry shut down completely. Travelers feared the re-opening of their favorite tourist destinations. The COVID fatigue is real and everyone is gradually affected by this sedentary lifestyle. If you are one of them, then you need not worry.

The travel essentials during a pandemic is a ticket of assurance to travel safely.


Mask is the most vital among the essentials. The medical professionals supervise the protection of the facial triangle zone while traveling. By triangle zone, they refer to eyes, nose, and mouth; these areas act as gateways to the deadly coronavirus.

So you must cover the facial red zone/triangle zone using a protective sheath. You can rely upon N-95 masks or any ordinary tight mask to safeguard yourself from the corona.


You cannot skip using your limbs while traveling, isn’t it? This usage of hands during covid can turn out to be fatal. Hand gloves are essential apparel in this dire situation.

You must wear gloves irrespective of the external temperatures. By following this simple protocol, you can stay ahead of the virus. Traveling safely during COVID can be achieved by wearing gloves.


Be it long or short journeys, one needs to stay hydrated and well-nourished. Eating and drinking should never be avoided while touring. The question is how will you do so in the COVID stricken world?

By implementing wipes, you can take get rid of the problem. The wipes have essential disinfectant qualities. Thus, you need not worry about getting infected while indulging in the food.


Sanitizer usage comes under the travel guidelines during the COVID world. constituted with alcohols, sanitizers are credible sources of precaution. You can disinfect yourself instantly by applying sanitizers. After onboarding any ride, you must use a sanitizer.

Then after touching anything, you can pour drops of sanitizer. You should check the percentage of alcohol content in the sanitizer pack. You should prefer to buy a sanitizer with a high amount of alcohol.

Must-have Medical and First Aid Kits

medical and first aid travel essentials

Whether you are a pro traveler, it would be foolish to leave out medical kits at home. The pandemic has surged the vitality of having a first-aid kit. It is no more a “just in case” optional carriage, for traveling safely during COVID, you ought to have a medical kit.

It is also very significant if you are planning to trek to places like Sandakphu. Trekking involves risks that we must overcome to enjoy the trip. For this reason, you must include medical and first aid kits in the list of trekking essentials.

Why carry First Aid?

  • You must have a pack of first aid, regardless of COVID or no COVID situation. Many people suffer from travel sicknesses like nausea, vomiting, headache or jet lag. This is because of newer climates.
  • Your immunity would have to face hardships in post COVID environment. Diseases can attack anytime and from anywhere. Thus getting a hold of essential first aid commodities is a prior need.
  • It is unlikely for you to track down a drugstore in case of any emergency. Every minute beholds minute importance when danger befalls. To save your extra time during any accidental mishap, the medical kits will act as a boon.

Basic pharmaceutical essentials incorporate thermometers, bandages, band-aid, anti-bacterial drugs, anti-infections, cough syrups and other anti-biotics. You should tally your list of medical aids based on the ailments that you are already suffering.

Carrying other ointments, lotions, syrups and tablets can be based on personal preference. You can even consult a professional for specific obligations.

Personal Care and Hygiene Kits for Men and Women

Under the travel guidelines during COVID, personal hygiene should be your priority while traveling.  Hygiene always had a huge role to play in personal care. The pandemic situation has created a panic-stricken aura. You can avoid this by taking proper personal care and by carrying hygiene kits.

What are the hygiene kits that you should carry?


you must carry a pack of tissues while traveling. Tissues are great for personal care as well as to care for the life of your neighbors. When you sneeze, cough or feel irritation in your nasal passage, tissues would come in handy.

A tissue once used should never be re-used. Remember to throw away the tissue in the dustbin at once. You will prevent any germ entry by using tissues. People next to you in transport would be prevented from the germ-transfer.

Eye Drops and Nose Drops

You can use nasal and eye drops while traveling as they prevent dryness. With the corona germs flying in the air, cough and cold have become common.

If you have nasal congestion, you can try eye and nose drops. Few drops of these ointments can relieve you from the constant itching and soaring of the nasal cavity. As a traveling essential during COVID, you can switch to nasal and eye sprays. Through this method, you can prevent unnecessary contamination.

Paper Soap

After using tissues and wipes, you must wash your hands with soap. But how will you proceed to do so while travelling?

You cannot use bar soap in transport, so paper soap comes to the rescue. Paper soaps are affordable and encourages hygiene. Single sheets of paper soaps can be thrown in the bin after usage. Thus there is zero probability of spread in infection.  

Bathing Soap

After paper soaps, you must have a reliable bar soap to use for the period of stay. While bathing, you must cleanse your body thoroughly with skin-suitable soaps. All the pollutants, dust from the outside environment will be washed away through a bathing soap.

Skin Lotions

Moisturizers and sunscreen behold grave importance for skin health. You must carry the lotions by your skin type and the weather condition of the destination. If you have dry, itchy skin then a creamy hydrating moisturizer will serve you well.

With a sensitive skin type, you should apply lotions to prevent any sudden breakout. Hand lotions creams to prevent foot cracks, waxing tools should always be carried along. Sunscreens can protect your skin from harmful UV rays. It is one of the main anti-aging ingredients that you must apply while traveling.


Toiletry is an important product that everyone needs. A lot of hygiene depends upon the toiletry sets. You can carry jet air sprays just incase. Soaps, shampoos, brushes, sanitary napkins, razors, shaving kits are all necessary tools to carry while traveling during covid.

Travel essentials during pandemic

Essential Travel Documents

Travel documents have it’s own priority, they are discussed in the following:

  • Passport– if you are traveling abroad then you will require a passport. Traveling within India, you won’t be asked to produce this international document.
  • Driver’s license—if you are planning to travel in your vehicle, you are most welcome. But with an essential driver’s license. Being eligible enough to drive, will require you to showcase a driver’s license in police checkpoints.
  • Visa—international traveling might require you to apply for a visa. It depends upon the countries and the current situation within the country if you need a visa or not.
  • Proofs—Proofs of the hotel room reservation would be necessary. If you have done advanced payments, you must have a receipt to portray. Any documents related to hotel bookings are necessary to generate credibility.
  • Tickets—you cannot board any public transport be it a train, bus, airplane, a ship without a ticket. Make sure to check the tickets before getting on any ride.
  • Insurance-if you have accidental insurance or travel insurance, then make sure to carry them. The desperate times make everything uncertain and you never know when you might need them.
  • Photo-keeping a passport size photograph of yourself is a good precaution. In case of any theft or any other problems, the photograph can be very useful.

*Note: you should keep one/ two photocopies of all the above-mentioned documents wherever you go. If any of the documents get lost, then you will have extras to fall back on.

Electronics Items and Personal Gadgets

Apart from the above items, electronic gadgets are also crucial for various purposes. It is more important if you plan for an offbeat trip to places like Pawna Lake Camping where the availability of mobile networks and electricity is limited. The following gadgets are the most essential electronics items.

Phone Chargers

Phone chargers are an important travel item that everyone must carry. You will never want your phone to be dead in the middle of a hiking trip. Then make sure to pack chargers before including other electronic gadgets.

Your phone is a storehouse of all the vital information with the google maps, contact details, a photo-filled gallery, other notes. Charging can save your precious device from running out of energy.


want to carry back a bundle of memories? A picture is an answer. Although there are alternatives, cell phones cannot compete with the megapixel of a camera.

If you want to have a high-quality, discreet image of your tour, then carry a camera. There are different types of cameras like action cameras, professional DSLR, Go pro for vloggers. Suit yourself with whatever type you like.

If you like birdwatching, we highly recommend to get a good binocular along with a camera.

Internet Providers

Internet providers such as portable hotspots can be included in a journey. Even if you want to enjoy a zen mode, e-mails are always knocking on your phone.

Save yourself from getting disconnected from urgent emails, social media posts, internet friends through internet providers.   


Headphones have become our closest friends. It is indeed a traveling essential during COVID. You cannot speak much so to rid your boredom, headphones can help. Just switch on your favorite podcast, music or watch a video while traveling using the headphones.

Laptop/ Tabloid

You can carry a laptop/ tabloid for work or entertainment purposes while traveling. Whatever we plan, there can be an emergency work. Suppose you can receive an urgent call from your boss regarding a project, what will you do?

This is where portable devices like laptops and tabloids can help you. It is always better to take precautions rather than being complacent.

Extra Plugs/ Wires

Extra plugs and wires can be used when there are no suitable charge points available. you can charge your electronic gadgets anywhere using these extra wires.

For traveling safely during COVID, you can decide to carry other travel essentials as per your requirements. Customized PPEs or special lotions and medications can be taken. It depends upon your hygiene maintenance as well.

If you love trekking, take out your best trekking shoes along with a comfortable jacket to prepare in advance. After the lockdown, nature has been restored to some extent. People who love camping tents, do not forget to bring up a sleeping bag in the winter. If you do not love processed food, cooking can be done with a camping stove.

Everyone can give you different advice but you must always put your priorities first. Consult your health by visiting a doctor. Then take precautions respectively.

Travel Guidelines during covid 19

Travel Guidelines During Covid-19

The travel essentials during/post COVID is very important to carry along with us. Everyone must wear proper PPE. It is advised to cover all your visible body parts, from legs, hands, face, hair.

  • You can wear a face shield along with a mask in public places. Another alternative to this is the headcover to protect the hair from germs. Disposable or normal washable gloves can protect your hands from unnecessary exposure.
  • Sanitizers are a travel essential during COVID. You can carry other hygiene maintenance stuffs like tissues, napkins, wipes to cleanse yourself while eating.
  • Wear easily washable garments/clothes. This will save you energy and time. You can enjoy your vacation without wasting time on washing.  
  • You must avoid the crowd as much as possible. It is difficult to maintain a 6-feet in-between distance but you must take personal precautions.
  • You must go through the COVID test before traveling. If the test is negative, then you can aboard any ride. If the result is positive, then you cannot travel. The thermal screenings will detect your temperature and bar you from a further journey.
  • You should avoid places with high mortality rates. Although lockdowns have been lifted it is best to select the destinations wittily.

Air Travel Essentials During Pandemic

All the air travel essentials during coronavirus are:

  • According to the travel guidelines during COVID, maintain a safe 6 feet distance all the time. Many airlines are following this protocol already.
  • You should never touch your face at any cost other than while eating. This simple precaution can prevent you from the deadly virus.
  • Wear advised PPE like masks, headcovers, gloves while traveling. Make sure that your protection gears are tight enough. These fall under the air travel essentials during COVID.
  • You can wear double-masks. Always keep the mask above your nose level, never let it slide down.
  • It is better to wash the hands with handwash but if it is unavailable, sanitizers can be of great help.
  • Apply sanitizers often. You should wash your hands regularly like before and after eating. After visiting the washroom, apply the sanitizer.
  • Your safety is in your own hands so do not touch every object. other than unavoidable circumstances, you should stay away from anything.
  • The congested air travel experience can sicken many people. People who suffer from traveling sickness are more prone to fall prey to such conditions. So wear a mask made of cloth. This would prevent any unnecessary strap marks and you will get enough air to breathe.
  • Cover up your face while coughing and sneezing, this prevents the germs from spreading further.
Air Travel Essentials During Pandemic

Frequently Asked Questions

What every traveller needs during covid?

While traveling during COVID, you must carry sanitizers, napkins, wipes, disinfectant sprays. You must use these frequently to avoid the germs. These are the travel essentials during the pandemic. Following the protocols in addition to sanitizer usage is recommended. You must buy a sanitizer comprising 60% alcohol.

What should you not pack while travelling?

You should never carry a heavy load. You must suit yourself with a light trolley bag, that can carry all the traveling goods. If you are traveling alone, then you must have a suitable backpack. You must also prevent carrying disposable items. In the corona environment, they can be a storehouse of infections.

Should you avoid traveling internationally?

As per the current reports, you must avoid traveling to western countries. The second wave has set in with the winter. Countries like the U.K. have imposed new lockdowns in certain states. So, it is better to avoid traveling to western international countries. you can, however, travel to the safe nations following protocols. If you have to travel to western nations, check out the safer states priorly.

What PPEs should you use while travelling?

PPEs are generally worn by doctors and nurses while treating a patient. It is better to avoid wearing a full-blown PPE kit as it can cause suffocation due to excessive perspiration. Instead, you should wear masks, gloves, socks, head covers, sunglasses or goggles. It is recommended to wear them as per the travel guidelines during COVID.

Should you have to go quarantine after air travel?

Thermal checking is done in airports regularly. If you clear the thermal test, you will be allowed to travel to your destination further. You will be admitted to the hospital if you test positive. A 14-day mandatory quarantine is needed to be spent by every international traveler. As per the Indian guidelines, you will need to spend a fortnight in the state allocated hospitals or other residents. You can approach the management for a home quarantine request.


We have mentioned all the essentials to travel safely during COVID in this article. From travel essentials like masks, wipes, sanitizers; we need other things like documents and electronic items while traveling.

All personal care and hygiene maintenance kits hold high importance. Other than personal care, there are medical and first aid kits are the vital things that can save you from any tough situation.

There are different travel essentials for men as well as there are different travel needs for women. For women, their hygiene for intimate areas is an important one. They should carry sanitary napkins as a travel essential.

While for men, their shaving kits play a part in personal care and hygiene. All other lotions, creams, medical tablets play their part as a travel essential even during visiting sea beaches.

After you have taken care of your nitty-gritty, you must settle your documents in the rucksack. Make sure to carry all the important documents as discussed above.

Electronic gadgets like portable devices, chargers, extra plugs must be carried as a travel necessity.

While traveling during COVID, it becomes important to take special preventive measures. By following the travel protocols, you can save yourself from the clutches of the corona.

Never throw away your used mask, napkin or wipes in the open places. Disposing them at undesignated places will worsen the pollution and ruin the environment. We all love mother nature who gives us inspiration for traveling. Isn’t it?

We also have discussed air travel essentials during coronavirus in this article. There is a lot of panic around the necessary travel essentials that must be carried in this dreadful environment. By following the guidelines in this article, you will be able to spend your holidays in a tension-free manner.

Rather than having a sunken mood, enjoy your vacation by sipping hot-chocolate or mango juice, with the aid of the above-mentioned travel essentials during COVID.

Soumya is the Editor-in-chief at Naturediary. He is a nature enthusiast traveler who is always passionate about exploring the wilderness. Being an engineer by profession and a blogger by passion, Soumya writes about various travel destinations and gears that travelers need most from his wide experience.

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