16 Best Trekking Places in India for Adventure Lovers (2022)

best trekking places in India

When the mountain calls and the rusty roads wait for you, it becomes difficult to sit back at home. Get your backpack ready and set on a journey to the best trekking places India we have listed. Several wonderful trekking destinations are quite popular among the trekkers, while you may find some offbeat places waiting for you with all their outstanding natural beauty.

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Kashmir Great Lakes (KGL) Trek

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

When you think of Kashmir, your eyes visualize a canvas of endless meadows and alpine lakes with cobalt-blue waters nested amidst high-altitude mountains. Rightfully, Kashmir cherishes the title, ‘Paradise on Earth’. Well, it’s really a paradise with manicured carpets handcrafted by the Creator. Trekking to the Kashmir Great Lakes (KGL) is an adrenaline rushing activity for all adventure lovers.

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Double-Decker Living Root Bridge Trek in Meghalaya

Double decker living root bridge, Meghalaya

Meghalaya- the wettest state of India, is enriched with green mountains, rivers, valleys, varieties of flora, fauna, and the famous living root bridges. Meghalaya’s most attractive living root bridge is the double-decker root bridge that can be seen at Umshiang near Nongriat village at Cherrapunjee.

The 150-years old human-made natural wonder is not unique but astounding. While there are many single root bridges in the area, this is the only one with two levels. It is more than 50 meters long with 1.5-meter width.

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Srikhola Travel Guide – Homestays And Attractions

Srikhola village travel guide

Do you want to stay away from the noise, crowd, and pollution and live amongst the mesmerizing nature with absolute peace for a few days?

If you love the green forest, the splashing sound of a beautiful river with the chirping of colorful birds around, Srikhola can be your perfect choice to visit. The name “Srikhola” is abbreviated from “Sirikhola”, a combination of two words- “Siri”, the name of the river, and “khola”, which means river in the Nepalese language.

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