The Ultimate List For Trekking Essentials and Equipment

trekking essential list

Trekking is an exciting and fun activity. But without packing a proper bag, such a fun day can turn into a hard day. You have to make a list and then pack a wide range of accessories to make your trekking day worth memorable.

Making a list of trekking essentials is a time-consuming and hard job that you may not be well aware of. In case you miss the necessary accessories, maybe it would turn into a tedious day. So, here’s, in this article, you will get to know all the essentials and equipment you would require for your long adventure day. 

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Mirrorless vs. DSLR Camera Comparison with Pros and Cons

Mirrorless vs. DSLR Camera

Mirrorless cameras were considered a potential threat to DSLR cameras when they first entered the market. However, with each passing year and rapidly evolving technology, both mirrorless and DSLR cameras have undergone various improvements, and picking a clear winner between them is more challenging than ever.

With that said, let’s look at various aspects of Mirrorless vs. DSLR Camera and settle this never-ending debate once and for all. One thing is for sure, though, both of these cameras possess several distinct features that serve user bases with different interests, needs, and demands. 

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Binocular Vs. Telescope Comparison with Pros & Cons

Binocular Vs. Telescope

Both binoculars and telescopes serve the same purpose of watching distant objects. While you can use a telescope to view stars, planets, and galaxies, a binocular can help you to watch birds, long-distance wildlife, and in some cases gazing at the stars.

But, which is better for you?

A comparative study on the differences between binocular vs. telescope by comparing their features, pros, and cons will help you find the most suitable device.

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Camping Essentials List: Your Ultimate Guide

camping essentials

Wouldn’t it be great to sleep under the stars at a valley or sit by the seashore?

Camping is the most enjoyable activity to overcome the stress of your regular professional life and studies. It can be any location, be it national parks, in the backcountry, private camping grounds, and even in the backyard.

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Kolkata Book Fair 2022 – Location, Timing, Theme, History & Attractions

Kolkata Book Fair Gate

Kolkata Book Fair has been part of Bengal’s rich culture since its inception in 1976. Winter without the book fair is incomplete. The citizens forward to its book fair every year. With over 600 stalls, the fair is a fusion of literature and cultures– a be-all and end-all for bibliophiles in Kolkata and West Bengal.

The International Kolkata Book Fair is a one-of-a-kind event that offers tons of books from various authors, countries, and cultures. People travel and soak themselves in a magical zone like never before as there are art performances and food too. The 45th edition of the book fair held from 28th February to 13th March in 2022.

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External Frame Vs. Internal Frame Vs. Frameless Backpack – Which Is The Worthiest?

External Frame vs. Internal Frame Vs. Frameless Backpack

A backpack is the essential travel gear for every traveler. Internal frame, external frame, and frameless backpacks are the types of backpacks depending on the frame that sits away from your torso, increasing ventilation and reducing the sweat factor.

Therefore, it would help if you knew their differences and similarities. By comparing External Frame Vs. Internal Frame Vs. Frameless Backpack, understand their pros and cons to find out which is better and why. This article will provide detailed information on each so that you can decide which type of travel backpack is worthiest to your needs.

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Different Types of Travel Bags with Pros, Cons & Uses

Different Types of Travel Bags

The holiday season always commences the mood for getaways. Scheduling a vacation requires a lot of packaging to make the expedition more home-like and congenial. Different types of travel bags can help you pack your belongings by your preference and budget.

Travel bags are the most crucial aspect of traveling as they help carry the belongings easily and keep them safe. Finding a well-built travel bag that is spacious enough to fit in all the travel essentials is truly a bonus. Various travel bags are available in the market- trolley bag, backpack, daypack, duffel bag, messenger bag, etc.

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Handicraft Fair in Kolkata 2022 – Venue, Date & Attractions

handicraft fair in Kolkata

It you live near Kolkata or travel to the city in between November to February, make sure to visit the Handicraft Fair, also known as Hasta Shilpa Mela locally. For handmade craftwork collectors and souvenirs, nothing can be matched up to the collection of handmade apparels, jewlery, decorative fixtures, paintings, vases, statues. So, if you are a passionate traveler who takes pleasure in collecting crafts items from fairs at reasonable rates, think no beyond the handicraft fair of Kolkata.

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