Chota Mangwa Travel Guide – Homestays And Attractions

Darjeeling, the glorious hill station, is now overrun by tourists, and too much chaos has weakened its natural beauty. If you want to spend two or three days in a quiet hilly place surrounded by nature, then Chota Mangwa, an offbeat ecotourism destination at an altitude of 6000 ft., can be your next choice for travelling. It is an eco-village situated at the top of the Mangwa hill in the Darjeeling district, away from the crowd noise.

The view of Kalimpong and the mountains in Sikkim looks spectacular from Chota Mangwa. There is only one place to stay- Darjeeling Blossom Eco-Tourism Complex, which does not offer high-end amenities like a city but beautiful cosy cottages, a colourful garden, mouth-watering delicious food, and an awesome view around.

Chota Mangwa Travel Guide with homestays and sightseeing

How to reach Chota Mangwa?

If you are coming by train from NJP, you have to book a car, and it takes almost 2.5 hours to cover 64 Km and reach Chota Mangwa via Teesta Bazar. And if you are planning to travel by aeroplane, then from Bagdogra airport you will also need to follow the same direction. If you stay in Darjeeling, then Chota Mangwa is 1.5 hour of drive from Darjeeling, covering only 35 km.

The car’s fare lies in the range of ₹2500-₹3000, depending on the season. I highly recommend booking an SUV car like Bolero, Tata Sumo, etc., as the road condition is bad in some parts of the journey. But, once you reach there, I am sure Chota Mangwa will make you happy.

how to reach chota mangwa

Main Attractions and Sightseeing at Chota Mangwa

If you want to feel the true essence of village life nestled in the lap of the mountain and want to attach to nature, then Chota Mangwa may fulfil your wish. The journey towards Chota Mangwa is a wonderful experience, and when you reach there, it will offer complete peace with chilly weather and complete silence of nature. If there is a heaven, you can get a glimpse of it at Chota Mangwa.

The less crowded place is truly nature’s paradise and worth spending a couple of days in. On top of that, the hospitality of the local people of this eco-friendly village can melt your heart. This quiet village has an excellent view of the river Teesta, and you can witness a magnificent view of Kanchenjunga on a clear sunny day.

sunrise at chota mangwa

In the early morning, you can witness a picture-perfect sunrise over the hills of Kalimpong. The lush greenery and different types of flowers during the spring season enhance the beauty of Chota Mangwa. December to February is the time when oranges grow in Chota Mangwa. You can visit the orchards of orange and taste the fresh juice. Bird watching is also a very good option to spend time here.

Nearby attractions at Chota Mangwa

Tea garden near Chota Mangwa
  • One can reach the old monastery situated at the Takling Khasmahal Village through the forest trails. The way toward the monastery is quite adventurous. From the monastery, the view of the misty mountains and forest is awesome.
  • Teesta river can be seen from a distance. The curve of the flow of the river around the mountains is magnificent to look upon. If you love photography, this place can be your ideal destination.
  • Hiring a car, you can visit the beautiful Rungli Rungliot Tea Garden and orchid centre in Takdah. The car may cost ₹1800 to ₹2500 for half-day and full-day sightseeing.
  • Lamahatta park is a very good place to see near Chota Mangwa. This scenic park is covered by dhupi and pine trees. A sacred lake is situated at the top of the park.
  • Bara Mangwa, Tinchuley, and Kalimpong are also within short driving distances from Chota Mangwa.

Darjeeling Blossom Eco-Tourism Complex: Best Place to Stay

Darjeeling Blossom Eco-Tourism Complex: Best Place to Stay

To enjoy the natural beauty fullest, we recommend staying in the Darjeeling Blossom Ecotourism Complex, the best homestay/ lodge at Chota Mangwa. It is owned by Mr M. K. Pradhan, a veteran known for his contributions to establishing ecotourism in the area. Darjeeling Blossom has all the necessary amenities, including warm water from eco-friendly solar water heaters. You can contact the hotel officials to arrange cars for sightseeing activities.

There are 14 cottages in Darjeeling Blossom Ecotourism Complex with double-bedded rooms for couples and large 3-4 bedded rooms for families. The rate of the cottages starts from ₹1600 to ₹4000, excluding GST. The wooden rooms of the cottage are very comfortable and worth every penny.

The resort is situated on top of a hill with excellent views from all sides. The complex is full of flowers, and in the winter season, the orange trees are in full blossom. There are several seating benches in the complex from where you can witness the beauty of the mountain, gaze at the sky for hours, and when you look down, you can see the Teesta river flowing.

In the early morning, the mesmerizing sunrise and at night, the mind-blowing starry lights of Kalimpong town can be seen from here. If you are lucky enough, you can also get a glimpse of the Milky Way.

night view of kalimpong from chota mangwa

Organic food is served in the hotel, and every item is very delicious. You can either visit the dining hall or order in your room for dinner. The cost of food is ₹700 and available for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The behaviour of the staff in the complex is heartwarming. On special request, Darjeeling Blossom also arranges bonfires, barbecues, and local cultural shows.

There are many other homestays to halt that has been established lately. But they are not as beautiful and have fewer facilities than the Darjeeling Blossom eco-tourism complex at Chota Mangwa. You can easily spend here two or three days just doing nothing but feeling everything around nature. You can also hire a car from the complex for sightseeing.

There is a small and beautiful hilltop within a 2-minute walking distance from the complex towards the northeast side. View of Sunrise, the hills of Kalimpong, and the Teesta river look the best from here. This place is remote and must be advanced with proper precautions.

Contact Details Of Darjeeling Blossom Ecotourism Complex

  • Address: Takling, Chota Mangwa, Darjeeling- 734312
  • Email:,
  • Mobile: 9800072639, 8972549897, 8972363954, 9635925321
  • Book A Room At Darjeeling Blossom Ecotourism (Tariff: ₹1600-₹4000 + GST)

Best time to visit Chota Mangwa

You can visit Chota Mangwa throughout the year, but every season has its own speciality. In summer, you can get a pleasant atmosphere here, running away from the heatwaves in the plain land. During the rainy season, the mist and clouds cover the whole place, making it slightly gloomy. The road gets slippery, and sometimes you may be unable to go outside the room. So, you should avoid visiting this time.

In winter, the Chota Mangwa offers a crystal clear view. At this time, the Kanchenjungha is seen very clearly from here. Apart from it, you may like the taste of fresh oranges at this time. October to February is the best time to visit Chota Mangwa.

moss and garden at chota mangwa eco tourism complex

Tips to visit Chota Mangwa

  1. If you are planning to visit anytime between December and February, you must carry warm clothes along with travel essentials with you as the weather gets very cold.
  2. If you come in the early or late rainy season, do not forget to bring an umbrella and raincoat.
  3. Before reaching Chota Mangwa, the last 2 Km stretch of the road is not in good condition. Therefore, you must hire an SUV like Scorpio or Bolero.
  4. The hilltop near the complex I have mentioned must be reached with extra caution. It would be best to avoid the place during the night unless you are professional.
  5. The Ecotourism Complex uses a solar heater to warm water for regular use, which is good but do not expect a city-like facility in Chota Mangwa.
  6. If you are planning for an itinerary of 4-5 days, I suggest staying two days at Chota Mangwa and the remaining days at Tinchuley, Lamahatta and Takdah from there.
couple seating at Chota mangwa ecotourism complex

Chota Mangwa is getting more popular day by day as the crowd in the other tourist places is increasing. If you are a nature lover and want to spend a memorable time in the green with the singing birds around, you must visit it once. This peaceful offbeat place will allow you to take a rest and free your mind from the daily busy routine.

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