Blue Flag Golden Beach In Puri, Odisha

The Golden Beach in Puri is one of the cleanest blue-flag-certified beaches in India. It is located just 2.3 Km away from the Jagannath Temple and just 900 meters from the famous Swargadwar Beach. While the Swargadwar Sea Beach stays heavily crowded during the peak season, Golden Beach remains offbeat to most tourists. But it is indeed a must-visit place in Puri, Odisha, where you can stay in luxury hotels, eat delicious foods, swim, and spend quality time relaxing by the sea beach.

Blue Flag Golden Beach In Puri, Odisha

Highlights Of Blue Flag Golden Sea Beach

LocationPuri, Odisha, India
CoastBay of Bengal
Average Temperature22°C to 30°C
Yearly Rainfall1541 mm
Best Time To VisitOctober to February
Nearest ATMPuri (Nearby Governor House Road and Chakra Tirtha Road)
Nearest Railway StationPuri Railway Station
Nearest AirportBiju Patnaik International Airport, Bhubaneswar
Entry Fee₹20 to ₹300 per head
Golden sea beach, Puri

Why Is Golden Sea Beach Called A Blue Flag Beach?

Certified by the non-profit organization Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) from Denmark, Golden Beach is a blue flag sea beach from 12th October 2020. Sustainable tourism, environmental awareness, water quality, and eco-friendliness are the key factors of the 33 criteria required for blue flag certification.

Spread over 900 meters on the coastline of Odisha, the blue flag sea beach is a no-plastic zone and free of any litter. All you can see is its clean and widespread golden sands meeting the blue sea. The beach has facilities for bathing, a toilet, first aid, watchtowers, sitting areas, and drinking water.

The Integrated Coastal Zone Management Project (ICZMP) of the Forest and Environment Department, Govt. of Odisha, develops and maintains the sea beach as per the guidelines by FEE. You will find many designated dustbins along the coast where you can get rid of the items you do not require. Also, regular cleaning activities are performed to keep the beach neat and clean.

Cleaning activities by authorities at Blue Flag Golden Sea Beach

Odisha is doing pretty well to put importance on sustainable tourism and promote eco-friendly practices. Apart from the Blue Flag sea beach initiative, Odisha has 37 Eco-tourism Nature Camps across the state.

Golden Sea Beach Layout Map

Layout Map of Blue Flag Golden Sea Beach

Attractions Of Puri Blue Flag Beach

“Sky above, Sand below, Peace within”

-the tagline of Puri Blue Flag Golden Sea Beach truly justifies it.

While there are many sea beaches in Odisha, the Blue Flag Beach near Puri is the cleanest and best. Before I visited the beach for the 1st time, I barely had any idea what made it unique. Now, after visiting several times in the past years, I can tell you it is worth visiting.

Main Gate of Puri Blue Flag Beach

You will notice some beautiful artefacts on both sides when entering through the main gate.

Artifacts at Puri Blue Flag Beach

After crossing them, you will see a jogging track parallel to the sea. There are some ornamental plants in the well-maintained garden beside this path.

Jogging track at Golden Beach Puri

After passing this area, you will notice the small huts where recliner chairs and benches are available for sitting. There are a few watchtowers throughout the beach where you can get a wider view of the Bay of Bengal. Henry Island in West Bengal is a similar serene beach with a fantastic view of the same sea.

Huts with recliner chairs at Puri Blue Flag beach

When walking towards the eastern side of the beach, you will notice another gate that leads to Niladree Beach, separated by a fence from Golden Beach. On the other hand, the western side of Blue Flag Beach is connected to Swargadwar Beach.

Niladree beach beside blue flag beach

The 6000 sq. meters (length 200 meters and width of 30 meters) beach area between Gandhi Park and Hotel Mayfair is identified as ‘Safe Swim Heaven’. This area is being duly fenced with ropes and buoys to make it the safest place on the beach, where the condition is preferable for swimmers. Professional lifeguards are always present near the beach.

Decorated signage for beaches near Niladree sea beach

Blue Flag Golden Sea Beach Entry Fee

By providing the facilities mentioned above, the authority charges a small amount from the tourists. However, please note that personal and private motor vehicles are restricted from entering the beach area. You must park the car outside the gate, book tickets, and enter the premises.

Ticket counter and fare to enter Blue Flag beach Puri

The ticket counter is located on the right side before the entrance. Its gate opens at 5 AM and closes at 10 PM. The authority has categorized the entry fee depending on the type of activity and timing. Let’s take a look-

Ticket PackageDescription (per person)Entry Fee
DolphinPass for 3 hours₹20
OysterPass for 3 hours (1 month)₹300
SplashPass for bathing only₹50
ShellPass for 1 day₹100
Dos and don'ts at blue flag beach in Puri

Dos and Don’ts on Golden Sea Beach

  • Always use public toilets provided on the beach and keep them clean.
  • Put garbage and plastic bottles only inside the bins provided on the beach. Do not litter.
  • Use swimming costumes and bathe safely in the swimming zone.
  • Avoid carrying plastic bags to the sea beach and littering.
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol are prohibited in the area.
  • Camping, watersports, fishing, and environmental degradation are forbidden.
  • Drone photography is prohibited on beach premises.

How To Reach?

The Blue Flag Golden Sea Beach is located just 950 meters away from Swargadwar in Puri, where you reach by hiring an auto-rikshaw. In case you have not come to Puri before, do not worry; it is well connected via railway, air, and road.

The airport is 67 Km away from Swargadwar, which can be covered by a 1.5 hr. car ride. For a train traveller, auto-rikshaw services are available just outside the Puri station. Some hotels also provide pick-and-drop services from the station.

Blue flag sea beach in the evening

Top 5 Hotels Near Puri Blue Flag Beach

While there are many cheaper hotels away from Golden Beach, several sea-facing hotels have luxury accommodations. You can get all the necessary facilities: attractive rooms, air conditioning, free WIFI, comfortable bedding, hot water, a restaurant, etc. Let’s check out the best hotels near Blue Flag Beach, Puri.

1. Hotel Golden Palace

Located right beside the main gate of the Golden Beach, Hotel Golden Palace is the closest place to stay near Blue Flag Sea Beach. You can book two types of rooms in this hotel- poolside and seaside- in premium and deluxe categories. The beds are double and king-size, suitable for three adults. North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Continental, and Local foods are available in the restaurant. However, the rooms are costly and can vary from ₹4000 to ₹9000 in different seasons.

Hotel Golden Palace near blue flag beach Puri

2. Jamindar’s Palace – Beach Side Hotel

Located next to the Golden Palace, Jamindar’s Palace is another premium hotel facing Blue Flag Beach. It is a perfect place to stay if you want luxury accommodation while enjoying the stunning sea view. The hotel has the following categories of rooms in the price range of ₹4000 to ₹11000 for 3-6 persons: Standard, Deluxe, Super Deluxe, Suite, Royal Suite, Family Suite, and Jamindars Suite.

View of Jamindar's Palace from Blue flag sea beach

3. Mayfair Heritage

This 4-star hotel is most popular among tourists near the Blue Flag Golden Beach. Located next the Jamindar’s Palace, it is a luxury hotel with 9 rooms, 21 cottages, 2 standard suits, and 2 family suits that cost around ₹10000 to ₹25000. This large hotel has facilities of WIFI, a fitness centre, a swimming pool, laundry, a doctor on call, and a restaurant. You can order your favourite Odia and Bengali foods prepared by skilled cooks in the dining area. The hotel also has a bar facing the sea beach.

Mayfair Heritage beside Puri Blue flag beach

4. Mayfair Waves Resort

Located just beside Mayfair Heritage, Mayfair Waves is another hotel from the same group. However, it does not have varieties of rooms and cottages, only premium rooms. These rooms are available in 3 packages- Room only, Breakfast included, and Meal inclusive plan. Mayfair Waves has car parking facilities, a restaurant, a swimming pool, laundry, space, etc. Blue Flag Beach is located right in front of the hotel, with a fascinating view.

5. Hotel Vijoya International

While the above hotels are pretty costly, Hotel Vijoya International is comparatively cheaper. It is also a sea-facing hotel beside the Puri Blue Flag Sea Beach. Deluxe Rooms, Execute Rooms, and Family Suites are available for booking. The facilities include a swimming pool, gym, travel desk, indoor games, and 24×7 reservations.

Apart from these hotels, Hotel Samudra is also sea-facing and is located beside Niladree Beach. Hotel Panthanivas Puri is also good but has a partial sea view. Overall, most of these hotels are costly. If you are looking for accommodation on a cheaper budget, staying near Swargadwar would be a better option.

Beautiful blue flag beach of Puri

Overall, Puri’s Blue Flag Sea Beach is a fantastic travel destination for tourists who prefer to spend quality time away from chaos. You can stay at your preferred hotel and spend some days in luxury- with a quiet ambience, delicious food and a fantastic view of the Golden beach.

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