9 Best Trekking Shoes in India in 2022 (For Men and Women)

You cannot trek comfortably without trekking shoes on uneven terrains. The trekking shoes made of all leather provide a good grip on your feet. They ensure the safety of your ankle, which the sports shoes cannot. Moreover, their cushioned structure reduces the fatigue of your feet to a great level. Keeping these problems in mind, faced by the trekkers, we have gone through sound research. We have come across the 10 most reputed brands and among all of them, we recommend Salewa ALP Trainer Mid GTX Hiking and Trekking Shoe as the best trekking shoe in India. The Polyurethane sole and the climbing lacing of these shoes are perfect for trekkers. The weight of this product is 540 g, which is quite lighter.

For adventure lovers, trekking is an inseparable part of their world. Besides good quality rucksacks, trekking on a snowy mountain during winter or through the wild nature demands a pair of good trekking shoes. Many trekkers find it a great difficult to walk comfortably on the rough surface of mountains. They often end up injuring their ankles. Here you need a pair of robust yet flexible trekking shoes to solve your problems.

best trekking shoe in India

The Best Trekking Shoes in India (2022)

Here we are recommending the Top 9 trekking shoes with the specialty of each for 2022. Along with that each of these shoes has some certain advantages and disadvantages. You will definitely know better once you can compare all of these shoes to pick the best one suitable for your requirements.

1. Salewa Trekking Shoe – Best for Men

Product Highlights

  • Weatherproof and waterproof boots.
  • Climbing lacing.
  • Vibram Hike Approach outsole.
  • 635 g weight.
  • Sole made of polyurethane.
  • Suitable for men.
  • GORE-TEX extended comfort lining.
  • 3F system and MFF.
  • Standard fit.
  • For both trekking and hiking purposes.

This trekking-cum-hiking shoe from the house of Salewa is designed with GORE-TEX extended comfort lining. This comfort lining is good for optimal waterproofing and breathability. This trekking shoe can withstand any weather-be it moderate or extremely hot and humid. The upper part of this shoe is made of Stretch fabric and suede leather and coated with polyurethane.

The closure is of lace-up type. Polyurethane makes the sole much hardy. This kind of hardy sole is good for rough surfaces. They help to strike a good balance. A very common problem with trekking shoes is that they cause you blisters. This one can help you in this regard. The non-insulated construction of this boot is perfect for releasing the heat.

This makes the trekker feel snug in this trekking shoe. The Multi-Fit Footbed (MFF) can be adapted to the shape of your foot. This MFF has interchangeable layers. The outsole is made of Vibram Hike Approach. Ombre Blue/ Fluo orange and black are the two available color options for this shoe.


  • Suitable for both trekking and hiking.
  • Attractive design with durable material.
  • Can withstand any weather.
  • It causes no blisters.
  • It can be adapted by the unique shape of your feet.
  • Weighs lighter for trekking.


  • Costly trekking shoe.

What is Best about this Trekking Shoe?

Salewa Men’s ALP Trainer Mid GTX Trekking Shoe is the best trekking shoe in India. It can release the extra heat while walking and soothe your feet. If you are planning a trek in the mountains, give this pair of shoes a try.

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2. Columbia Oxford Tan Sunlit Trekking Footwear- Best For Women

Columbia Oxford Tan Sunlit Trekking Footwear

Product Highlights

  • Comes in various colors.
  • Heel height is 0.5 inches.
  • The sole is made of rubber.
  • Suitable for women.
  • The product dimension is 12.7 x 12.7 x 1.8 cm.
  • Lace-up type closure.
  • Omni-tech protection.
  • Upper part made of suede leather and mesh.
  • Omni grip.
  • For trekking purposes only.

This product from the house of Colombia fits well into your budget. However, being a budget-friendly product, it has fulfilled the basic requirements of a durable trekking shoe. Mesh and suede leather together make up the upper part of this shoe. The upper part is designed in a webbing format, which is suitable for breathability.

You can find a total of 5 color options for this trekking shoe. These colors are- light grey/sky blue, black, light grey, mud/intense violet, and Oxford tan sunlit. The sole of the product is made of rubber, and the closure type is that of lace-up.

If you are uncomfortable in long heel trekking shoes, this would be a good option. The heel height of this boot is only 0.05 inches. The Omni-tech membrane on the upper part of this shoe vents out all the water vapor inside it. Your feet will not get sweaty in this trekking shoe. The Omni Grip Technology makes your feet stable while walking on rough surfaces. Even on the water, your feet will not shake.


  • Good for breathability.
  • Does not get sweaty.
  • Eye-catching design.
  • Budget-friendly shoe.
  • Heel height is not much.
  • Gives you many color options.


  • It may seem to be a narrow fit. In that case, buy a higher size.

What is Best about this Trekking Shoe?

Planning trekking is much costly. This trekking shoe can minimize your budget while not compromising on quality. This trekking shoe will be a worthy purchase to reduce your extra expenses.

3. QuipCo Terra Waterproof Trekking Shoe

QuipCo Terra Waterproof Trekking Shoe

Product Highlights

  • Unisex shoe
  • Comes in gray and blue
  • Lightweight, 980 gms
  • For short hikes and long treks
  • Durable waterproofing
  • Made of suede
  • Upper made of polyurethane and rubber toe
  • MD Eva Foam midsole
  • Lining – waterproof shock
  • Duratec TPR outsole

This trekking shoe is ideal for long treks on the terrain of mountains. The tongue stitch pattern is good for durable waterproofing and better fitting. The product weighs only 980 g. Many trekkers find it a problem to walk with heavy trekking shoes. This trekking shoe is particularly for them. The upper part of this model is made of polyurethane and rubber toe, and the chief component is suede. The waterproof shock lining of this boot can withstand any weather.

The Duratec TPR (Thermal Plastic Rubber) makes the outsole durable and hardy. However, the MD Eva foam midsole and the TRP outsole are, at the same time, flexible and lightweight. Reflective Tape on Back Hang Loop increases visibility. Gray and blue are the two available colors for this model.


  • Good for long treks in the mountains.
  • Lightweight construction.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Durable waterproofing.
  • Budget-friendly trekking shoes.
  • Fits well to the unique shape of your feet.


  • Extra care is to be taken while using this shoe.
  • Intermediate-level shoes.

What is Best about this Trekking Shoe?

This pair of shoes are the best waterproof shoes specifically made for trekking. You can comfortably walk on the rough terrain of the mountain in this boot. The best thing is that they will not pinch your pocket.

4. Lee Cooper Men’s Leather Trekking and Hiking Shoe

Lee Cooper Men's Leather Trekking and Hiking Boot

Product Highlights

  • Hiking boot.
  • Good for hiking.
  • Minor waterproofing.
  • Made of leather.
  • Closure type lace-up.
  • It can be used on a daily basis.
  • Two colours are available.
  • Suitable for men.
  • Quite heavy.
  • 90 days warranty for manufacturing defects.

Lee Cooper has been a favorite clothing and shoe brand for many. Lee Cooper has its branches in 100 countries across the world. It was established as a footwear brand in India much later. This men’s trekking and hiking shoe come in olive and camel colors which are the two most popular colors for hiking shoes.

The entire body of this shoe is made of leather which may shrink if you dry them in the sun. So, it is advisable to clean these boots with a proper leather spray. The manufacturer gives you a 90 days warranty for these boots.


  • Those who like leather shoes may find it good.
  • The olive and camel colors look unique.
  • You can use it daily too.
  • The brand value is beyond any question.
  • The price of these boots is reasonable.


  • Inadequate waterproofing in a snowy trek.

What is Best about this Trekking Shoe?

If you are looking for the best trekking shoes under 5000 INR, this boot can help. Moreover, you can use them for regular purposes with some cool jeans. It would give a classy look.

5. Adidas Men’s Ax2 Trekking and Hiking Shoe

Adidas Men's Ax2 Trekking and Hiking Shoe

Product Highlights

  • Suitable for men
  • Chief component mesh
  • EVA midsole
  • EVA cushioning
  • ADIPRENE support
  • Lightweight
  • Super High Traction Rubber
  • Top of Form
  • Dark Shale and Black colour
  • Bottom of Form
  • For casual use also
  • Lace-up type closure

These trekking and hiking shoes are for male adventure lovers. The entire body of this product is made of mesh. The ADIPRENE support gives it an enhanced grip on the rough surface. In wet weather, the Super High Traction Rubber will give you balance while trekking. The lace-up type closure is good for easy handling. This boot has only one color option available; this is a dark shale and black combination.

You can use these boots even for day-to-day purposes. The manufacturer gives a 90 days warranty for this product. If you have any manufacturing defects in this footwear, you can replace them in the said period. The EVA cushioning enhances the grip. You should often allow this shoe to get some air. This will help to deodorize it and retain its natural shape. The EVA midsole makes the shoes durable and long-lasting.


  • Enhanced grip with EVA cushioning and ADIPRENE support.
  • Budget-friendly shoes.
  • Can be used for both hiking and trekking.
  • Feels lightweight.
  • Can be used for casual purposes.


  • Only one color is available.

What is Best about this Trekking Shoe?

Trekking shoes get odorized soon. This pair is capable of deodorizing fast. On a long trek, you may end up removing your trekking shoes due to the odor. For such problems, this shoe can help you out.

6. Columbia Men’s Outdry Hiking Shoe

Columbia Men's Outdry Hiking Shoe

Product Highlights

  • Two colours available- Ti Gray and Red.
  • Closure type is lace-up.
  • Sole made of rubber.
  • Flat heels.
  • The outer material is textile.
  • Suitable for men.
  • Toe style is round.
  • 180 days warranty.
  • Techlite midsole.
  • Omni grip.

This trekking shoe is from the house of Colombia and is made for men. These shoes have the “outdry” feature that ensures a comfortable walk even in the rain and ensures being waterproof. This ensures the flexibility, protection, and breathability of the boots.

The outer part of this product is made of textiles, and the sole is made of rubber. The Omni grip feature helps to strike a balance on the rough paths. The midsole of the model is made with “Techlite Technology” for supreme cushioning. The shoe will fit according to the unique shape of your feet.

The manufacturer gives you a warranty for 180 days. You can replace this pair of shoes within this period. The width of the trekking shoe is regular. You do not need to worry about the heels as they are flat. Flat heel hiking shoes are comfortable for a long walk. They do not hurt your ankle. You can get two color options for this product. One is Ti grey, and the other one is red.


  • Flat heels feel comfortable.
  • Excellent design.
  • 180 days warranty for manufacturing defects.
  • Waterproof and breathable.
  • Omni grip technology is good for a rough surface.
  • Brand value is beyond any question.


  • Costly product.

What is Best about this Trekking Shoe?

The price of these trekking shoes may be a bit high yet; it fulfills all the basic requirements for hiking. They are breathable, waterproof, and flexible. This is the best lightweight trekking shoe that is very comfortable with flat heels.

7. Puma Men’s Leather Trekking and Hiking Boots

Puma Men's Leather Trekking and Hiking Boots

Product Highlights

  • Product dimension is 31 x 15 x 8 cm.
  • The weight of the boots is 871 g.
  • Made of leather.
  • 90 days warranty for manufacturing defects.
  • Can be used for casual purposes.
  • Closure type is lace-up.
  • Looks trendy.
  • Firm rubber grip.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Suitable for men.

Puma has been crowned as one of the leading brands for footwear. This model is an all-leather hiking-cum-trekking boot made for men. The product is quite light compared to many. It only weighs 871 g allowing you to walk on the trails easily. The dimension of the product is 310 x 150 x 80 mm that is known for good fittings.

The rubber on the sole gives a good grip on the terrains of the mountain. They fit your feet well and comfortably. You can even use them on casual occasions apart from hiking and trekking. The manufacturer gives you a 90 days exchange policy for any manufacturing defects.

Over 65 years, Puma has been taking care of the basic requirements of sportspersons. This model is no different to ensure your comfortability first. This is advisable not to expose these boots to the sun while they are wet. Try to dry them at room temperature. Since it is made of leather, it can get hardened, cracked, and wrinkled in the sun.


  • Feels lightweight for trekking and hiking.
  • Can be used on a regular occasion.
  • Made of pure leather.
  • Brand value is unquestionable.
  • Budget-friendly boots.


  • There is only one color available for this boot.

What is Best about this Trekking Shoe?

If you are looking for a complete leather boot, this one’s for you. You can rely on the brand. You can wear this pair on treks, hikes even for casual purposes. You can give them a try.

8. Woodland Men’s Leather Trekking and Hiking Boots

Woodland Men's Leather Trekking and Hiking Boots

Product Highlights

  • Three colour options available
  • Closure type- lace-up
  • Suitable for men
  • Waterproofing membrane
  • Both for trekking and hiking
  • Good for mountaineering
  • Looks trendy
  • 90 days warranty
  • Need to be dried at room temperature

Woodland is a world-famous brand when it comes to leather accessories. For formal shoes, loafers, floater sandals, casual shoes, boots, Woodland has been the pioneer. This pair of trekking shoes from the house of Woodland is meant for both trekking and hiking. These shoes are suitable for male trekkers and hikers.

The durable outsole and the lugs protect the ankle from any injury. The suede finish and EVA midsole provide you with a good grip.

The manufacturer gives you a warranty for 90 days. You can replace these shoes within 90 days if you get any damaged product. You should clean this boot with leather cleaner or leather shampoo. Use a good brush to wipe away the loose dirt on the surface. Never expose these shoes to the sun when they are wet. The wet shoes can get cracked and damaged in the sun. Khaki, brown, and camel are the three colors available for this model.


  • They are waterproof.
  • EVA sole is sturdy for good grip.
  • Can be used both for trekking and hiking.
  • 90 days warranty.
  • Budget-friendly boots.


  • The quality of the leather may need improvement.

What is Best about this Trekking Shoe?

EVA soles are one of the best features in these pairs. If you are looking for a durable trekking shoe with a long-lasting sole, go for this one. You can use them for multiple treks.

9. Adidas Trekking and Hiking Footwear

Adidas Trekking and Hiking Footwear

Product Highlights

  • Unisex shoes
  • Closure type is lace-up
  • 90 days warranty
  • The chief component is leather
  • Suitable for a wet trek
  • Ideal for snow trek
  • Weatherproof
  • Made for both trekking and hiking
  • Three colours are available

This trekking-cum-hiking shoe is another wonder from Adidas. It has been a leading brand to make the best trekking shoes in the Indian market. This model is designed especially for snow trekkers and hikers. This shoe provides a firm grip even on snowy and wet roads. So the risk of slipping is low. It is also weatherproof, so you can wear them in the rain as well.

Let these shoes get some air to deodorize. This will also help to retain its natural shape. Always keep this shoe in the trekking bag to avoid any damage to the upper material. The manufacturer gives a warranty for 90 days for this product.


  • Resistance to water in wet conditions.
  • Made of pure leather.
  • Easy to deodorize.
  • Fits well into your budget.


  • Less competitive to the previous products in terms of durability and quality.

What is Best about this Trekking Shoe?

If you are looking for budget-friendly shoes for trekking, you may buy this one. They will give you a good grip on the snowy roads as well as good comfort.

Types of Trekking Shoes Available in India

There are mainly the following four types of shoes for trekking and hiking.

best trekking shoe in India

1. Shoes for Trekking only

These types of shoes are solely for trekking purposes. If you are going on a trek on the rough, uneven terrains of the mountain, you need proper trekking shoes. They can accommodate crampons and are best for ankle support. They are for snowy roads and most damage-proof, weatherproof. This kind of shoe is needed for trekking to Sandakphu.

2. Shoes for Hiking only

Hikes are short one day or night walk on roads that are not so rough. For this purpose, you do not need trekking shoes. Hiking shoes will do well. These are better when you are not carrying much weight. They do not give as much as ankle support as trekking shoes.

3. Shoes for both Trekking & Hiking

These types of shoes can be used for both trekking and hiking simultaneously. The features of these types of shoes are a combination of hiking shoes and trekking shoes. The price of these shoes is a bit high.

4. Expedition Boots

These are the most upgraded version of trekking shoes. These are meant for high-altitude treks. Suppose you are going for Everest; in that case, you need expedition boots. They come with proper safety guards and hardiness to protect your feet. Your legs will feel less fatigued in these boots. These are also known as high-altitude boots. For extreme weather, the temperature below 0 degrees Celsius, you need these expedition boots.

Trekking ShoesHiking ShoesExpedition Boots
Trekking boots are a must when you are carrying a travel backpack for a long time.Hiking shoes are used when you need support but not carrying heavyweight.Expedition boots are needed when you are trekking on a mountain of great height.
Trekking shoes are the upgraded version of hiking shoes.Hiking shoes are not as much upgraded as trekking shoes.Expedition boots are more upgraded than trekking shoes and hiking shoes.
Trekking shoes are for multi-day walks.Hiking shoes are for a one-day walk.Expedition boots are for high-altitude walks for multiple days.

Best Trekking Shoes Suitable for Men and Women

Trekking shoes come in various styles, patterns, sizes, and designs suitable for men and women. Here you will know about the selection factors of shoes and recommendations for men and women.

best trekking shoes for men

Trekking Shoes for Men

Many brands have a wide range of trekking shoes for male trekkers. Most of the trekking shoes brands are specialized in making shoes for men.

The basic requirements for men’s trekking shoes are mainly four. The hardiness of the sole and upper part of the boots. You need a hardy sole to trek on the terrains of the mountain. Proper ankle support is required to prevent injury. They have to be Waterproof and weatherproof. The trekking shoes must be lightweight and blister-free.

They come with Omni grip technology. Outdry features and waterproofing membranes are other important features. They also come with a Steel toe safety guard.

Best Brands for Men’s Trekking Shoes

Some preferred brands for men’s trekking shoes are Colombia, Adidas, Woodland, Quechua, and Puma. Most of the men’s trekking shoes are lightly cushioned to reduce the pain of the feet. Another specialty is that they are in colors like khaki, brown, olive, or black mostly.

best trekking shoes for women

Trekking Shoes for Women

Female trekkers are though less in number compared to the male trekkers. Some brands are specialized in making trekking shoes for women.

The basic requirements of women’s trekking shoes are the same as male trekking shoes. Trekking shoes for women must have Well-fitting with a great comfort level. Great traction and stability on rough terrains is another requirement. Like men’s trekking shoes, they must be weatherproof. Other basic needs are hardiness, long-lasting, and lightweight.

They are lightly cushioned. They have a waterproofing membrane. All of them are mostly lightweight.

Best Brands for Women’s Trekking Shoes

The preferred brands for women’s trekking shoes are Adidas and Salewa. Women trekkers seek trekking shoes that are highly comfortable and fit well. Their ankles are more likely to get injured. So women’s trekking shoes come with better safety measurements.

Apart from adults, even today’s kids and teenagers love hiking and trekking a lot. It is very important to provide them with proper trekking shoes.

Kids are most tender. Their trekking shoes must be very comfortable. They should be easy to put on and put off. They must emit the heat generated inside the boots. Waterproof and weatherproof is another requirement. They must be lightweight and blister-free.

The best brands for trekking shoes in India for kids and teenagers are Adidas, Merrell, etc. Keeping the comfort level of the kids in mind, these shoes are blister-free and lightweight.

buying guide for best trekking shoes

Buying Guide to Choose the Best Trekking Shoe in India

Before buying any product, you need to have a sound knowledge of it. Trekking shoes are no exception just like trekking jackets. In this article, we have recommended the best trekking shoes for men and women in India. Now we will be considering some important factors of buying the ideal trekking shoes for you.


Treks are meant for a long duration. When you leave for a trek, you must be in those comfortable pair of shoes. As far as the comfort level is concerned, you need to check your trekking shoes’ size. Moreover, some trekking shoes are lightly cushioned and some are heavy. According to your comfort, you need to pick up a suitable and comfortable pair of boots for yourself. So the comfort level of the trekking shoes must be given the utmost importance.

Ankle Protection

Many trekkers end up trekking by hurting or injuring their ankles on the rough terrains of mountains. Keeping this fact in mind, the trekking shoe brands in India and across the world are now concerned with safety measures. Ankle protection of the trekking shoes is at the top of this list. Trekking shoes should fully cover your ankles, and the heel should give a good grip to your ankles. The mid-cut and the high-cut trekking shoes give the best ankle support.


While trekking, you carry a heavy backpack. Trekking lasts for at least three to four days. So eventually, you need to carry a lot of things. In such a situation it is advisable that you need to wear lightweight trekking shoes and carry a comfortable sleeping bag if the weather is cold. So check the weight before you pick up any trekking shoes.

Upper Material

Trekking shoes are mainly made of two materials. One is leather, and the other one is synthetic. Leather boots are more durable and breathable than synthetic ones. The leather-made shoes are capable of ventilating the excess heat. They are more waterproof than synthetic ones.


Just like the best camping tents, shoes for trekking should be waterproof. There are mainly two types of trekking shoes are there. One is waterproof, and the other one is non-waterproof. Waterproof trekking shoes have a lining of the membrane that makes these shoes waterproof. They do not hold the water within their tissues. Waterproof trekking shoes are best for trekking in wet and rainy areas. There are two types of waterproof shoes-partially waterproof, and completely waterproof.


To check the grip of your trekking shoes, look at the grooves. If the grooves are deep, then it will give you a good grip. Deep grooves have mud and dirt sticking to it. This is a sign of the good grooves that are capable of giving a strong grip even in rough paths. Grips are a very important factor in picking the ideal pair of trekking shoes. However, if the sole material is not good, the grip will not be up to the mark.


Trekking shoes with Gore-Tex are less breathable. If your shoes are not breathable, your feet may stink. You need to find those pairs of trekking shoes that are breathable. Do change your socks at an interval to keep the breathability of the boots smooth.


Trekking shoe brands across the world are constantly improving their technology to enhance traction. The deep lug pattern and the heel brake of your trekking shoes increase the traction. Good traction is important for a balanced grip.

The Sole Material

The midsole and the outsole materials are important for the durability and hardiness of your trekking shoes. EVA foam midsoles are much more durable than the others. Some of the trekking shoes may have midsoles and outsoles made of low-quality rubber. These types of midsole and outsoles may not last long.

Heel Height

The heel height of trekking shoes is a matter of personal choice. If the heel height is more than 0.05 inches, it would be difficult to walk. Some may even slip off. Moderate heel height is required for walking comfortably in the mountains.

best trekking shoes in India

Frequently Asked Questions About Trekking Shoes

Are sneakers good for trekking?

When you trek, you tread on the rocks, which might harm your ankles. Sneakers cannot protect your ankles as trekking and hiking boots can. Trekking boots have special soles and lugs that prevent any injury on the lower part of your feet. Sneakers are not waterproof, always like trekking boots. So to ensure the safety of your ankles, you need to have proper trekking boots with a good grip and support.

What should I wear if I don’t have hiking shoes?

If you are planning a short hike or a long trek, you must have hiking shoes. You cannot tread on the rocky path with a casual shoe. There is no substitute for hiking shoes when you go on a trek. Hiking shoes are flexible and waterproof. While trekking, you will face different weathers and different landscapes. In such situations, only the right trekking or hiking shoe will be perfect.

Are trekking shoes waterproof?

There are many trekking shoes in the market which are capable of withstanding the water. It is advisable to buy waterproof trekking shoes for your treks. Water-resistant trekking shoes have a lining of the waterproof membrane that emits water vapor and water. This process makes the trekking shoes withstand the water. Water-resistant trekking shoes are durable and comfortable.

What are the best brands for trekking shoes in India?

There are many trekking shoe companies in India. Some of them are the best brands of trekking shoes for men, and some of them are the best brands of trekking shoes for women. Here we have a list of some of the best trekking shoes in India: Colombia, Puma, Adidas, Salewa, Woodland, QuipCo, etc.

How to pack trekking shoes inside the rucksack?

Check the rucksack if there is any special compartment to store the shoes. If there is one, wrap the shoes properly and fit them inside the designated area. If your rucksack does not have such an option, you will have to pack it at the bottom of all the items and then pack smaller items and gadgets like camera, binocular, clothes, water bottle, etc.

India’s Best Trekking Shoe: Conclusion

By now, you must have understood why a trekking shoe is one of the important trekking essentials.

This article is an overall guide to every aspect of trekking shoes. In the fair of trekking shoes and hiking boots, you need to pick suitable pairs for you. Trekking is a bit costly, so you need to minimize the expense wherever it is possible.

In this article, we have tried to give a proper guide to the pros and cons of some budget-friendly trekking shoes. Not necessarily the same pair of trekking shoes would suit everyone.

The choice of personal accessories like shoes depends on individual comfort a lot. Go through this article, and pick up the best trekking shoe in India for you in 2022. If you are traveling for long days, check the best trolley bags suitable for such a purpose.


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