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Trekking is an exciting and stress-busting activity that refreshes the mind. Walking through the breathtaking views of mountains amidst greenery with a racing heartbeat is the best experience for sure.

Alongside trekking shoes and rucksacks, a trekking jacket is highly essential for such an adventure. But, finding a good trekking jacket is not as easy as it sounds. An increase in manufacturing companies and similar features altogether make a ton of options to choose from. But, now that you are here, you won’t have to go through this state of dilemma.

After researching hundreds of jackets, we have found the Rab Microlight Alpine Down Jacket to be the Best Trekking Jacket in India. It is equipped with every feature that a trekker needs on the journey. The jacket is very comfortable and built with water-repellent materials.

But as the choice can vary from person to person, we have chosen five other trekking jackets in this article. The individual product reviews will contain all information to simplify your effort to the maximum extent for 2024.

Best jacket for trekking in India

The 6 Best Jackets for Trekking in India (2024)

1. Rab Microlight Alpine Down Jacket

Rab Microlight Alpine Down Jacket

Product Highlights

  • Preserves warmth in low temperature
  • Applicable for Men
  • Compact and can be stored easily in the storage bag
  • Made of Recycled 30D nylon Pertex Quantum
  • It weighs around 467 g for L size
  • Comes with two hand pockets
  • Water-repellent feature with surface-treated outer fabric
  • Available in all sizes with Recycled 20D nylon, 38g/m² lining
  • An elegant and smart look with 8 different colours
  • Hoodie with Full-zip that covers the neck

What Is Special About This Jacket For Trekking?

The Rab Microlight Alpine Down Jacket provides excellent temperature control with its active insulations in adverse conditions. You can wear it at a temperature close to 0⁰C. Besides, the 700 fill power P.U.R.E recycled hydrophobic down is quite appreciable with this weight.

The Jacket can be compressed easily and can be stored in the bag at ease. Moreover, it weighs just 226 grams even with multiple water-repellent layers. Surface treated outer fabric of the Jacket prevents water from getting into it. It lasts forever, even in extremely wet conditions.

So, if you are planning to trek to a cold place like Har Ki Dun, Brahmatal, or Kashmir Great Lakes, it is undoubtedly a suitable choice. Determined by quality and comfort, Rab is a world-class brand, that gives you value for money.


  • Comes with two hand pockets and one chest pocket.
  • Lightweight and water-repellent design.
  • Multiple colour variants with all standard sizes.
  • Can be stored in a storage bag easily.
  • An adjustable hoodie is available to protect from extreme cold weather.


  • Expensive product.

What Is Best About This Jacket for Trekking?

The Men’s Trekking Down Jacket leads in trustworthiness among several options available. Heat retention capability, incredible water repellency, lightweight design, and good durability get well complemented by the price. It could be one of the best choices for comfort and thermal regulation.

2. Quechua X-Light Men’s Down Jacket

Quechua X-Light Men’s Down Jacket

Product Highlights

  • Down filling thermal Insulation around Torso and back
  • Applicable for Male
  • Water repellent and comes with an extended back
  • Two zippered hand pockets
  • Storage pouch at the bottom of the bag
  • Thermal chamber to reproduce temperature, wind and humidity condition
  • long-lasting warmth in any adverse conditions
  • Comes with a manual to wash and dry the Jacket for reuse
  • Available in different sizes (from XXS to XXXL)

What Is Special About This Jacket For Trekking?

This male trekking jacket from Quechua is made from 28% of 100% polyester in the main component. 21% of 100% polyamide is present in the mainlining. Besides, 21% of the filling is 100% polyester. For thermal Insulation, 75% down and 25% duck feather is used for down filling around the Torso and back.

The Jacket features adaptive thermal Insulation to suit all kinds of temperature, wind, and humidity conditions. Thus, you can feel convenient in any extreme conditions on mountains with low pressure and cold weather conditions.

The feathers of the Jacket ensure long-lasting warmth and never escape from the Jacket in any adverse conditions. Moreover, the company claims it is feather-proof after several feather impermeability tests.


  • Comes with a storage pouch at the bottom of your bag.
  • Feather-proof and long-lasting warmth.
  • Good thermal Insulation for extreme weather conditions.
  • Comes with two zippered hand pockets.
  • Waterproof/water-repellent material.


  • It may take 2 or 3 days to dry after a wash, but it preserves the quality.
  • The feather side may feel uncomfortable to some people, but several size options make it favourable.

What Is Best About This Jacket for Trekking?

This Men’s Down Jacket from Quechua is the best jacket for trekking in the Indian market. It can deliver reliable performance in both cold and humid conditions with excellent thermal Insulation. But, if you are looking for a down jacket for trekking in the winter season, this is possibly the smart choice. It can prevent heat loss from the body and maintain warmth for a long time.

3. Columbia Men’s Down Jacket

Columbia Men’s Down Jacket

Product Highlights

  • Water and stain-repellent down jacket
  • Applicable for Men
  • Made with water-resistant fabric
  • Features option for drawcord adjustment
  • Omni-shield technology repels water below 170⁰ F
  • Dries 3 to 5 times faster
  • Supports machine cleaning
  • Comes with a long sleeve
  • Made from a pure form of Nylon, polyester taffeta and polyester synthetic down
  • Feasible zip line

What Is Special About This Jacket For Trekking?

The Men’s Down Jacket from Columbia is a frost-fighter jacket with excellent thermal Insulation. 150g faux down dynamic insulation ensures prolonged warmth even in frigid climates. The lightweight build of the Jacket makes it extremely favourable for chilled mountain trekking adventures.

Omni shield stain and water repellent technology with 100% nylon Omnis-shield shadow can bear extreme wet conditions. With the zip-on, you won’t have even a single drop of water inside. Besides, the water-resistant fabric is quite reliable.

The Columbia Men’s Down Jacket can be cleaned easily by throwing it into the washing machine. However, you should go through the manual at least once to have a clear idea about the proper washing procedure. Omni shield fabrics can also dry faster than untreated materials.


  • Outstanding water and stain repellency.
  • Keeps the body dry and preserves warmth for a long time.
  • Omni shield fabrics dry up faster even after washing.
  • An adjustable drawcord provides a comfortable fit.


  • The hoodie is not present, but due to the raised collar, a cap could work fine.
  • The length of the Jacket could be a problem in some scenarios, but the water-repellency feature is lit.

What Is Best About This Jacket for Trekking?

If you are looking for a waterproof jacket for trekking, Columbia Men’s Down Jacket is the safest choice. The Omni shield waterproof fabrics work excellently in preventing water from getting inside. Besides, it also dries up 3 to 5 times faster than any other untreated jacket.

4. Forclaz Women’s Mountain Trekking Jacket

Forclaz Women’s Mountain Trekking Jacket

Product Highlights

  • Durable trekking jacket with polyamide canvas
  • Applicable for women
  • Inflating polyester wadding preserves warmth for a long time
  • Comes with drawcord at jacket base
  • Grey lining accompanied by low carbon dioxide impact
  • Compact design
  • Easily foldable using a zip
  • Water repellent with surface-treated outer fabric
  • Made from synthetic fabric
  • Machine washable at 30 degrees Celsius

What Is Special About This Jacket For Trekking?

The Women’s trekking jacket from Decathlon is made using inflating polyester wadding. It preserves the body warm even in chilly conditions for a more extended period. Besides, the eco-friendly design with a low CO2 impact makes it safe to use.

One of the best things about the Jacket from Decathlon is that the whole Jacket can be folded into a pocket. You can fold the entire body to its left-hand pocket using a zip having a double puller.

The padded Jacket has surface-treated outer fabric which repels water effectively. Thus, the Jacket remains the same weight even after going through extreme wet conditions. However, it weighs around 365 gm only.


  • Excellent water repellency.
  • Lightweight and easily foldable.
  • Machine washable and eco-friendly.
  • Drawcord at jacket base for convenient and useful thermal regulation.


  • The lightweight design may not suit hyperactive activities but is quite comfortable.
  • Folds may occur in prolonged rinsing but dries up faster.

What Is Best About This Jacket for Trekking?

These Women trekking padded jackets are the best jacket for winter. Being lightweight and eco-friendly, it is also safe on the skin in prolonged usage. Moreover, the surface-treated outer fabric repels water excellently, which makes it perfect for both the rainy and winter season in 2024.

5. Forclaz Men’s Mountain Trekking Jacket

Forclaz Men's Mountain Trekking Jacket

Product Highlights

  • Efficient in preserving warmth between 5⁰c to -5⁰c
  • Applicable for men
  • RDS certified down, and feather with 800 CUIN fill power
  • Compact design and easily foldable using a zip
  • Surface-treated outer fabrics for water repellency
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Comes with two hand pockets
  • Hoodie model with zip line touching jaws
  • Sophisticated design
  • Feasible zip line and holder

What Is Special About This Jacket For Trekking?

This Men’s trekking down Jacket from Decathlon feels comfortable even below 0⁰c. Besides, the RDS certification for down and feathers deliver a Fill power of 900 CUINN.

The Jacket is compact and can easily fold into the left-hand pocket using a zip with the double puller. Besides, it weighs just about 290g for L size which feels comfortable even for hyperactivities.

This full-sleeved trekking jacket for men comes with two hand pockets on either side with a proper fit. The fit body, accompanied by a Hoodie, makes it look elegant and sophisticated in all aspects.


  • A smooth-driven zip line with Hoodie prevents you from getting wet.
  • Comes with two hand pockets.
  • Right surface-treated outer fabrics for water repellency.
  • Two years of manufacturer warranty.


  • Humid conditions may bother some users.

What Is Best About This Jacket for Trekking?

This Men’s Mountain trekking down Jacket from Decathlon is an excellent option due to its comfort level. Water repellent features followed by the RDS certification make it a convenient choice for trekkers. Additionally, two years of manufacturer warranty reflects its durability level.

6. Wildcraft Men’s Black Extra Warm Down Jacket

Wildcraft Men’s Black Extra Warm Down Jacket

Product Highlights

  • Ultra-lightweight Jacket for Winter
  • Applicable for men
  • Easy to fold and pack in the storage bag
  • A feasible zip line with a suitable holder reaches the jaw
  • Two hand pockets are present on either side
  • Warm materials infused
  • Convenient to carry around
  • Provides great winter insulation
  • Available in different colours
  • Long-sleeved Jacket

What Is Special About This Jacket For Trekking?

The Men’s Down Jacket from Wildcraft is composed of all the warmest materials beneath the multiple layers. Thus, you can feel warm from the inside even in windy conditions in the winter season. Besides, it consists of 90% of the down feather, which makes it extra friendly.

The Jacket is lightweight and can fold easily to fit into a pouch. You can carry it anywhere without even noticing the weight due to the light and warm materials.

Two hand pockets are present on either side of the Jacket. The durable and comfortable materials make it easier to slide your hands in cold weather conditions at trekking destinations like Kheerganga or Kedarkantha.


  • Two hand pockets with easy to slide model.
  • Full-sleeve jacket with a lightweight design.
  • Extra warm Jacket for the winter season.
  • Zips extend to the jaw with a reliable line.


  • The availability of a hoodie could be better in snowy areas.

What Is Best About This Jacket for Trekking?

If you are looking for a jacket for the winter season, then this extra warm down Jacket from Wildcraft can be a great choice. It is infused with supplementary warm materials and has a durable build throughout. It can be a proper fit for any winter pants.

Benefits of best jacket for trekking

Why Should You Buy A Good Jacket for Trekking?

A good trekking jacket is an essential item for trekking at high altitudes. It is the most important apparel to keep yourself warm during trekking.

Trekking is one of the most exciting adventures that one could cherish forever. The scenic beauty of nature, accompanied by the stress-buster physical activity makes everything remarkable. But, as we step forward on the mountains, the temperature starts falling as well. The decrease in temperature not only delays the trekking time but also causes some adverse health effects as well. For this reason, you need to opt for a trekking jacket.

Excess heat loss from the body may result in hypothermia, a disorder due to extreme cold. In this scenario, one would need a dress that prevents excess heat loss and adds up a layer to protect from cold.

  • A trekking jacket is one such prop equipped with multiple layers to preserve body warmth while being exposed to extreme cold conditions.
  • Having a good trekking jacket can make your trekking adventurous while ensuring the utmost safety for your body.
  • It prevents excessive heat loss due to thermal insulation layers.
  • A good waterproof jacket can be an essential item during travelling when it comes to tropical and rainy areas. However, one should look for a waterproof trekking jacket to get the most out of it.

Types of Trekking Jackets

There are different types of jackets with varying purposes of the core. The most common types of jackets which are used these days are

Down Jackets

Down are the soft and warm feathers collected from the lower belly of ducks or geese. These jackets provide warmth to the body in extreme cold conditions and are incredible insulators.

Fill power is the measure of the loft, which indicates the insulating properties of the Jacket. Down jackets without proper water-repellent features can get extremely heavy. Thus, it is important to look for water-repellent features while buying down trekking jackets.

Fleece Jackets

Fleece Jackets are made from polyester synthetic wool which also intends to provide warmth to the body. It has good breathability for the Torso and typically functions with the layering system. These jackets are considered perfect for hiking.

Winter Jackets

These jackets have incredible rain resistance and are a good prop for extremely cold conditions of the year. Besides, they have broad elements and layers for weather protection.

Soft and Hard Shell Jackets

Softshell jackets are meant to provide warmth while allowing moisture. On the other hand, hardshell ones provide extreme heat inside but relatively lower breathability.

Insulated Jackets

As the name suggests, these offer excellent thermal Insulation even in wet and chilly climatic conditions.

Buying guide for trekking jackets

How to Choose the Best Jacket for Trekking?

There are a few essential factors in considering which you can choose the best jacket for trekking to places like Sandakphu. The following factors are very crucial to choose the right jacket.


The first and foremost feature of a trekking jacket is waterproof. Without proper waterproofing or water-repelling quality, you may sink into the water from the inside. The water inside your Jacket can lead to something fatal as well.

Thermal Insulation

Besides protection from extreme cold, it is also necessary to preserve your body’s warmth. A jacket with proper thermal Insulation can keep your body warm for a more extended period.


Trekking is a long adventure, and thus, you must look for a proper fit for your comfort. If you are not convenient while wearing the Jacket, the whole excitement of trekking will surely ruin. So, be careful and wisely choose the right size of jacket.

Side pockets

Besides protecting your body from chilled air, it is also essential to protect your hands and valuables. Side pockets with zips are a favourable feature in this case. During the trek, sometimes we need small items like binoculars, mobile phones, and gloves to be kept at convenient places that we can easily access. Side pockets of the jacket can be very helpful in this regard.

Feasible Zip Line

A good trekking jacket has a workable zip line that can be driven smoothly. With this feature, you can open and close your Jacket at any time without any inconvenience. It can be extremely useful while you are trekking.


If you are planning to trek in a tropical rainforest, then your Jacket must have a Hoodie. Instead, you can choose a jacket with a removable Hoodie as a safe choice. It is not a necessary option but can help you if you are planning to trek in snow or very cold temperatures.

Length of the Jacket

A lengthy jacket can be a bit uncomfortable while trekking. But, the small length is also not right as your pants also need protection in wet conditions. Thus, it would be best if you prefer a jacket of the proper size for your height.

Folding and Storage

Holding a jacket could be a hectic task when not in use. Thus, it is better to go for an easily foldable coat that can fit into any bag. For the same reason, the jacket should be lightweight. If you are planning a camping trip, choose the best tent in India and make sure it does not cause any extra burden while you are trekking.


There are two types of sleeves you can get in the Indian market- half and full. Long sleeves are the better choice always unless you are planning to trek in humid regions. The long sleeve jackets are preferred by most trekkers because of their wide application.


Durability is the last yet essential feature of a jacket on which you are spending your valuable money. You can go with a product with more warranty period to ensure long-lasting performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of Jacket is suitable for trekking?

It depends on your preference and mainly the region you chose for trekking. An insulated trekking jacket is the best choice in an extremely cold or snowy area. Fleece or down jackets are great for varying weather conditions. But, the most suitable option, in this case, would be a proper long sleeve down Jacket with excellent water-repellent features.

What are the best brands for trekking jackets?

There are several options in the market from which you can find the right trekking jacket for you. But, reputed companies that have already made a mark with these products are undoubtedly a safe choice. Wildcraft, Decathlon, and Quechua are some such manufacturers that provide trustworthy products.

What type of Jacket is suitable for minus temperature?

Almost all jackets are meant to provide warmth in cold conditions, but insulated jackets deliver this sole purpose. However, you can also find a good down jacket with RDS certification for such situations. But, multiple layers for thermal Insulation and water repellency are essential in such jackets.

What is the best way to clean trekking jackets?

All trekking jackets are packed with a dedicated manual for cleaning and maintenance. But, the best way to clean a Jacket is by using regular detergent with other garments or tennis balls. This ventilates the down of the jackets during washing. However, preferring the manual from the manufacturer is the safest way to clean.


Cold weather and decreasing temperatures with every elevating step towards the peak can slow down your trekking speed and also cause hypothermia. It affects blood pressure as well, which could be fatal for the trekkers. It not only protects the body from cold weather but also prevents heat loss from the body. By using the best sleeping bag and a warm trekking jacket, you can be assured of a comfortable camping experience.

By now, you might have indeed found the best jacket for trekking in India that suits your requirements in the right way. All the six jackets mentioned above are from reputed manufacturers with a reasonable warranty period. Besides, all of them are durable as well.

Decathlon trekking jackets are probably a step ahead of their competition in many aspects. But, your selection may vary with your individual preference. If you still doubt your chosen Jacket, cross-check your choice with the complete buying guide. Once done, you will surely crack the right jacket for 2024.

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