Best Places To Visit in Bengaluru with Family and Friends

India serves as a wonderful travel destination for all travelers around the world. At some point, India surely ends up on a travelers’ list. However, there are some endlessly surprising places in India due to which it got the reputation it deserves. One of those places is none other than Bengaluru which is also known as the garden city of India.

The city of Bengaluru (formerly Bangalore) is the capital of the Indian southern state of Karnataka. It is undoubtedly one of the largest cities in India covering an area of a whopping 709 km². If you live in India or planning to visit India, Bengaluru is a city you can’t ignore.

So, undoubtedly this city has got your attention and you’d like to know more about the best places to visit in Bengaluru. Don’t worry, we’ve come up with just that.

best places to visit in Bengaluru

Top 20 Best Places to Visit in Bengaluru

1. Cubbon Park

Location of Cubbon Park

Located at Kasturba Road, behind the high-court of Karnataka Ambedkar Veedhi, this place is one of the best places to visit for couples in Bengaluru. This park is officially called the Chamarajendra Park and covers an area of 300 acres which is ideal for an evening or morning walk.

Cubbon Park in bengaluru

Attractions of Cubbon Park

It was first established in 1870 by John Meade and was initially spread over 100 acres. The main attractions of this park are the beautifully crafted statues of famous personalities like Queen Victoria, Chamarajendra Wadiyar, Sir Mark Cubbon, and Sri. K. Sheshadri Iyer and Rajya Dhurandhar.

Also, as a special recommendation, Cubbon Park houses the Bangalore Aquarium which is the second largest aquarium in India.

How to Reach Cubbon Park?

One can easily reach Cubbon Park by hiring a cab or by Bengaluru Metro. It is also connected by KSRTC bus that travels through various important points in the city. However, if you’ve made up your mind to visit Cubbon Park, you have to spare 1 or 2 hours of your day. Only that way, you can fully explore this delightful place in the beautiful city of Bengaluru.

2. Bengaluru Aquarium

Location of Bengaluru Aquarium

Although this aquarium is located inside Cubbon Park, it certainly deserves a special attention in our list. The Cubbon Park is known for its size- it’s the biggest aquarium in all of Karnataka and the second largest in the country.

Atractions of Bengaluru Aquarium

This aquarium contains a variety of aquatic flora and fauna which is a delight for professional photographers around the country. This is a must-visit place if you’ve got plans to visit the city in the coming months. It houses an exotic collection of fishes. Goldfish, freshwater prawns, Red Tail Shark, Moon Tail, etc. are some of the species that can be found in this aquarium.

The aquarium can be easily recognized in Cubbon Park due to its diamond-shaped design. It has 3 floors with a whopping 83 tanks in total. A truly remarkable place to visit.

3. Bangalore Palace

Location of Bangalore Palace

The Bangalore Palace serves as the central attraction of Bengaluru at current times. This majestic palace is located in Vasanth Nagar and is spread over 45000 square feet with 430 acres of mesmerizing gardens surrounding it. It is located right within the city.

Bangalore Palace

Attractions of Bangalore Palace

The Bangalore Palace is itself a great attraction in the city, millions of tourists and locals visit this majestic palace every year. Apart from the elegance and beauty it holds, the Bangalore Palace also plays host to numerous events, exhibitions, and concerts.

How to Reach Bangalore Palace?

Hire an auto or take a bus to reach this place. Like all the major attractions in Bengaluru, the Bangalore Palace is also connected by Bengaluru Metro and various BMTC buses. Also, you can hire a cab or book an auto-rickshaw to get to this majestic palace.

Tips to Visit Bangalore Palace

Considering the vastness and complexity of the Bangalore Palace, we recommend you to get yourself a guide before visiting this palace. The guide will take you through the palace and you’ll know about the history of this complex yet beautifully built structure.

4. Wonderla Amusement Park

Location of Wonderla Amusement Park

Situated at Mysore Road, Wonderla Amusement Park is one of the best places to visit in Bengaluru with friends. It is located at a distance of 28 km away from Bengaluru city. If you want to have fun in Bengaluru in the craziest way possible, this amusement park is for you. It has more than 60+ exhilarating rides, enough to keep you engaged for the whole day.

Book a local cab and you can reach this place in no time.

Attractions of Wonderla Amusement Park

This amusement park has breathtaking rides, rides that you’ll never forget like a rollercoaster and other amazing water slides. Other thrilling land rides are also available in this amusement park. It is well-advised and requested for heart patients, pregnant women, and people with high blood pressure not to engage in any high-thrill ride.

Apart from all the thrilling rides that you’ll experience in Wonderla Amusement park, it also houses one of the best food courts in all of Bengaluru. Park view restaurant, Chillies restaurant, Waves restaurant, and Greens restaurant serves some of the most delicious food the city has to offer. They serve the healthiest South Indian breakfast, a wide selection of meals including biryanis and combos, and 100% vegetarian Indian and Chinese food.

5. Lal Bagh Botanical Garden

Location of Lal Bagh Botanical Garden

Being one of the oldest botanical gardens in all of India, it has served as a major tourist attraction in Bengaluru. The Lal Bagh Botanical garden is situated in the heart of the city, covering an enormous area of 240 acres.

Lal Bagh Botanical Garden near bangalore

Attractions of Lal Bagh Botanical Garden

The Lal Bagh Botanical Garden packs pretty much the same joy it used to before. This botanical garden is not like others you’ve heard of or even visited before.

Thanks to Tipu Sultan’s legacy, this garden has one of the largest collections of rare plants. It consists of approximately 1854 species of plants and various bird species like Myna, Pond Heron, Parakeets, Purple Hoor Hen, etc. Visiting this garden is a delight for all the skillful nature photographers out there.

A flower show is held every year this year which serves as a great attraction to this botanical garden. The Lalbagh Rock (Peninsular Gneiss) is also present in this botanical garden which is over 3 billion years old and therefore serves as a major tourist attraction.

How to Reach Lal Bagh Botanical Garden?

The Lal Bagh Botanical Garden is well-connected with the bus services of the city. One can also choose to hire a cab for reaching this beautiful botanical garden representing the true art of nature.

6. Bannerghatta National Park

Bannerghatta National Park

Location of Bannerghatta National Park

The Bannerghatta National Park is a sanctuary consisting of large species of flora and fauna. Located at the outskirts of the city (nearly 22km away from Bengaluru), it covers a massive area of 104sq. km. Other than that, the country’s first butterfly park is located in this National Park.

Attractions of Bannerghatta National Park

It contains the 10 reserve forests of the Anekal Range, a zoo, a Children’s park, a Crocodile Farm, etc. You can experience all of this via a safe and affordable jungle safari, without which your visit to this National Park is not worthwhile.

The best part of all is that you don’t have to worry about whether you’ll see the animals or not. This park has small zones for animals that almost guarantee the visibility of that animal.

How to Reach Bannerghatta National Park?

The park is located on the outskirts of Bengaluru, but you can still take a local bus to reach this place. Also, there’s a small town named Ulsoor near the airport. You can alternatively take a bus to reach that town and then a taxi to finally reach Bannerghatta National Park.

7. Nandi Hills

Location of Nandi Hills

This amazing tourist destination is located 60 km away from Bengaluru and is constantly gaining popularity. The mesmerizing look of the clouds over the beautiful hills makes this place no less than a paradise. It’s situated at a height of over 4800 feet above sea level.

Nandi Hills in Bangalore
Image by Sourav Das

Attractions of Nandi Hills

Not just the hills, there’s a majestic fortress that houses numerous temples and monuments. It can be called a perfect destination for photographers and explorers out there. The main attraction of this place is the view of sunrise and sunset. This place becomes crowded with visitors at this time.

If the weather is cold, you’ll literally find yourself above the clouds surrounding the beautiful hills, it’s so beautiful that calling it heaven at that time won’t be wrong.

Nandi Hills near Bengaluru

How to Reach Nandi Hills?

It’s recommended to bring your private vehicle or book a cab to visit this place as it’s located way farther than the main city.

8. Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace

Location of Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace

The Tipu Sultan Palace is one of the greatest historical monuments of all time in Southern India. It’s a magnificent palace of one of the greatest rulers of Indian history: Tipu Sultan. This is located in the old-Bengaluru near the Bengaluru Fort.

Attractions of Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace

As this palace was used as a summer retreat by Tipu Sultan, it boasts of various beautiful ornamental paintings and magnificent arches. This palace is known for its beauty and elegance. The monument is so beautifully designed that it is often called the “Abode of Happiness” or “Rash-e-Jannat”.

Sparkling fountains, flowering shrubs, etc. serves as the main attraction for tourists and other visitors. If you live in Bengaluru or planning to visit this majestic city, then Tipu Sultan’s Palace will make your trip worthwhile and that’s a guarantee.

How to Reach Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace?

Reaching this magnificent historical monument is easy, you can get there via the Bengaluru subway which is the cheapest way to get there. However, you can also hire a cab or use the Bus service to reach your destination even quicker.

9. Snow City

Location of Snow City

Another unique place providing a one-of-a-kind experience in our list is the Snow City located in JC Nagar, Bengaluru. Covering an area of 12500 square feet, this place can give you an unforgettable experience.

Attractions of Snow City

Have you always wanted to go to a hill station to enjoy the snowfall, but never got the chance? Well, the snow city theme park delivers the same experience. The temperature inside the theme park is sub-zero, providing an identical if not better experience than a hill station will do, except this one will cost less.

The constant sprinkle of icy-cold snow makes it a kind of travel destination if you’ve planned to visit Bengaluru. This snow theme park is very popular among kids due to various snow animal sculptures, igloos and toys present inside. It’s a perfect destination if you want to take a break from your corporate life to have some quality time with your family or friends.

How to Reach Snow City?

Reaching the snow city is a piece of cake. It’s well-connected to various buses and even the Bengaluru Metro (purple line). One can also hire a cab to reach there quickly and without much hassle.

10. Innovative Film City

Location of Innovative Film City

Located at the outskirts of the city, 35.2 km away towards Bengaluru, this is an Indian movie theme park. Serving as one of the best places to visit in Bengaluru, the Innovative Film City covers an area of 58 acres.

Innovative Film City

Attractions of Innovative Film City

Not just a normal theme park but with a touch of an amusement park, the Innovative Film City has exhilarating rides like a go-kart that the children love. It also has a Cartoon Park made specifically for kids. Apart from the rides and all, it’s a one-stop destination for get-togethers, corporate parties, and family fun.

Innovative Film City has much more to serve. You can book it as a wedding destination, well-designed studios can be used for a family photo shoot. The festive season, especially Pongal is well celebrated in the IFC which serves as a great attraction for this theme park. What more? The list is very long.

How to Reach Innovative Film City?

The Innovative Film City is easily accessible through the nearest airport: Kempegowda Airport. One can choose to hire an airport taxi to directly reach the IFC or use a BMTC shuttle bus service for the same.

11. Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium

Location of Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium

Administered by the Bengaluru Association of Science Education or BASE, the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium is a one-stop destination for all the science enthusiasts out there. Being just 2 km away from the city railway station, this planetarium is located at the heart of the city. It’s a paradise for astrophile people and knowledge-seekers.

Attractions of Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium

This planetarium is a major attraction for tourists and people from around the state. It also is the desired place to visit for major educational institutes in all of Karnataka. Children become fond of this planetarium simply because of the way things are explained.

Sky Theatre, being its main attraction, is a 15-meter-high air-conditioned hemispherical dome on which projections of galaxies and stars are made. You can see deep-space secrets in the way a telescope can show you. It explains complex topics like the history of this vast Universe, science facts, etc. in a very fun and intriguing way. If you have planned to visit this planetarium, we recommend you to enjoy the show in the Sky Theater as well.

How to Reach Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium?

As said, it’s located at the heart of the city, just 1.5 km away from the nearest Railway Station. You can easily reach there by bus as it’s well-connected with various bus routes. You can also choose to hire a cab to reach there quickly.

12. Anthargange

Location of Anthargange

Located in the Kolar District of Karnataka, about 70 km away from Bengaluru, the Anthargange is a major attraction for tourists and devotees and one of the best places to visit around Bengaluru. The Anthargange hill range sits at an altitude of 1712 meters above sea level making it one of the highest in the country.

Attractions of Anthargange

The Kashi Vishwanath Temple is also present in the Anthargange temple, which attracts devotees from around the country. Apart from all that, you can also experience the natural caves among the volcanic rocks, providing an unforgettable experience overall.

You can choose to camp in a tent at Anthargange or plan a day trip only as there is no facility for lodging around the area. The jaw-dropping visuals that you’ll get to see here are one of a kind.

How to Reach Anthargange?

You can reach Anthargange by train or their private vehicle. However, we recommend you to visit the place in your private vehicle.

13. ISKCON Temple, Bengaluru

Location of ISKCON Temple

This ISKCON Temple is located in Rajajinagar, Bengaluru. The temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and is ranked among the largest temples in the world. That said, this temple is a major tourist attraction in Bengaluru.

ISKCON Temple, Bengaluru

Attractions of ISKCON Temple

The temple is not just for a mere visiting purpose, it has various engaging activities like programs solely dedicated to the awareness of the mighty Lord Krishna. Prayers, recitals, lectures, and songs admiring Lord Krishna are also regularly conducted in the temple.

You will reach a new level of spirituality if you dedicate one full day to this ISKCON Temple, ultimately making your trip to Bengaluru more memorable.

How to Reach ISKCON Temple?

The Green Line Metro and buses serve as the primary means of transportation to and fro this temple. However, you can also choose to hire a cab or book a taxi for the same.

14. Male Mahadeshwara Hills

Location of Male Mahadeshwara Hills

Located at the edge of Bengaluru, it’s a town in Hanur Taluk of Chamarajanagar District, 210km away from Bengaluru.

Attractions of Male Mahadeshwara Hills

The place is a major attraction for hundreds of thousands of pilgrims and devotees visiting each year. The temple is surrounded by an area of over 155 acres and is dedicated to Lord Mahadeshwara, an incarnation of Lord Shiva.

The roads are good and the paths are well-paved with tilted footpaths, providing a safe experience for the tourists. The temple is located in the beautiful lush-green forest which also attracts skilled nature-loving photographers from around the country.

How to Reach Male Mahadeshwara Hills?

You can reach this place via a taxi, car rental, or your private vehicle. It is recommended to go with your private vehicle or car rental. That way, you’ll get to enjoy the experience completely.

15. Lumbini Gardens

Location of Lumbini Gardens

This public park, named after the Lumbini in Nepal, is located on the banks of Nagawara Lake in Bengaluru.

Attractions of Lumbini Gardens

Serving as one of the major attractions of the majestic city of Bengaluru, the greenery and elegance of Lumbini Gardens is outstanding. It’s no less than a paradise for nature photographers around the country and the tourists.

The night scene of this garden is truly remarkable. It’s illuminated with multi-colored beautiful lights which makes it a wonderful weekend travel destination near Bengaluru.

Apart from that, it also houses some species of rare plants which adds a little extra to its show. So, highly recommended to visit this place.

How to Reach Lumbini Gardens?

Nearly all of the major public transports of the city are connected with Lumbini Gardens. You can easily take a bus or hire a cab to reach there.

16. UB City Mall

Location of UB City Mall

One of the largest malls in India, the UB City Mall stretches itself for a whopping area of 13 acres. It is located in the Central Business District in Bengaluru and serves as a one-stop destination for all one’s shopping needs.

Attractions of UB City Mall

Over the years this mall has gained popularity as it houses almost every brand you name.

The UB City Mall is not just known for its shopping experience. The best spa in the city, the best food in the city, all can be found here. You name it they have it. After all, it’s a major attraction of Bengaluru for a reason.

This mall also plays host to numerous festive events throughout the year to make the visitors’ experience even better. Aa a special tip, do wear some gorgeous dress while dropping by this exotic mall. This is one of the best places to visit in Bengaluru for couples and spend a romantic day with your loved one.

How to Reach UB City Mall

The UB City Mall is easily accessible through the Bengaluru Metro, Vidhana Soudha Station being the nearest to it. You can hire a cab from that station to the mall.

17. Hebbal Lake

Location of Hebbal Lake

The elegant Hebbal Lake, once a place to dump garbage, is among the well-known and popular tourist attractions in Bengaluru. It is spread over 150 acres in area and is home to some rare bird species. You can experience the true beauty of nature here. This is one of the best places to see in Bengaluru.

Attractions of Hebbal Lake

As the seasons change, this lake changes too. That said, it’s a seasonal lake that dries up during summer. All that vividness of flowers and trees is gone during the summertime. But don’t worry the lake recovers all its beauty in the monsoon season like magic.

We recommend you visiting this lake on a weekend instead of partying in a club somewhere. Spending some quality time with nature can be really beneficial for your health and give you a very much needed break from the daily hustle in life.

How to Reach Hebbal Lake?

Hebbal Lake is easily accessible via a bus service directly from the airport. Also, you can hire a cab for the same, it’s the most convenient way after all.

18. HAL Aerospace Museum

Location of HAL Aerospace Museum

Located near HAL police station, the HAL Aerospace Museum is dedicated to spreading the knowledge of how far Indian Aviation has come in the past decades.

Attractions of HAL Aerospace Museum

The museum was inaugurated by HAL itself (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited) in 2001 which is one of Asia’s leading aeronautical companies. The museum focuses primarily on the greatness of HAL, teaches about the history of HAL and the Indian aviation industry.

It is known for being one of the largest Aerospace Museums in South Asia. Proudly boasting various achievements that HAL has achieved, it gives the visitors a knowledgeable experience.

This museum also displays some of the most powerful aircraft and technology that the Indian Air Force possesses.  So, if you love to know the history, take a notebook with you to note down the facts.

How to Reach HAL Aerospace Museum?

The museum is just around 10km away from Bengaluru City Railway Station, making it easily accessible. You can reach HAL Aerospace Museum via a bus service or hire a cab for the same.

19. Jakkur

Location of Jakkur

Jakkur is a suburb in the north of Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. Located by the side of the NH-44 between Yelahanka and Hebbal.

Attractions of Jakkur

So, now it’s time to explore the city from the sky. You can simply take a Micro Flight ride at Jakkur to experience just that. Located at Jakkur Aerodrome, New Airport Road, it offers a 10 min ride above the city with an experienced flight instructor. This unforgettable experience is something that you can’t get anywhere- not in a museum, not in an aquarium, not in a planetarium, nowhere.

The plane flies at around 40,000 feet high, enough for you to spot every landscape and building in the southern part of this marvelous city. When up at 40,000 feet, you literally enjoy the feel of fresh air while looking at the mesmerizing beauty of this majestic city. If you’re in Bengaluru or planning to visit soon, you just cannot miss this once in a lifetime experience.

How to Reach Jakkur?

You can reach Jakkur via a well-connected system of bus services. You can enjoy this one of the best places to visit in Bengaluru for one day with your family.

We recommend you to visit this place either in your private vehicle or in a taxi or cab. 

20. Ramanagara

Location of Ramanagara

The town Ramanagara is located on the outskirts of Bengaluru, nearly 47 km away from the city. This beautiful town will look very familiar to you if you’re a fan of classic Bollywood. Why? Because one of the most iconic films ever made in Bollywood: Sholay, was shot here. You don’t want to miss visiting this town, don’t you?

Attractions of Ramanagara

This marvelous town is a major attraction for hikers and trekkers around the country. The main attraction of this town is the rock elevations where the Gabbar scene was shot. People from around the country visit this town to experience just that. Apart from that, various sightseeing options are available which will make your experience memorable. This is one of the best places to visit in Bengaluru for one day.

If you like trekking to places like Sandakphu, it is worthy of visiting. Take a good action camera and you can click some everlasting memories in this place to frame it in your living.

How to Reach Ramanagara?

The Ramanagara town is easily accessible through bus or a cab ride. Also, a cheaper way to reach there is by train, there is one train available that will take you from Bangalore to Ramanagara directly.


Bengaluru is a majestic city, there is absolutely no doubt about that. There are places, however, which make this city as majestic as it is today. This city has evolved exponentially in the previous decades and falls under the tourists’ list of top priority cities. Apart from the fun Bengaluru packs, this city has a history that cannot be forgotten.

If you manage to visit the best places to visit in Bengaluru city, we guarantee that your Bengaluru trip will not be in vain. Instead, this trip with your friends or family will turn out to be so wonderful that it’s going to be so hard for you to leave this marvel.

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