15 Tourist Places to Visit in Meghalaya – Travel Guide

If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.
-Vincent Van Gogh

We hope you can feel this quote. The best places to visit in Meghalaya will blow your mind with exotic fruits and spices, dense forests, sparkling waterfalls, tranquil lakes, and mysterious caves. You will also find the wettest place on earth and the cleanest village in Asia here.

best tourist places to visit in Meghalaya

If you love nature photography for hours and enjoy exotic activities like trekking, camping and caving, Meghalaya- the “Abode of Clouds” will be the best place to go. It will steal your heart the moment you enter the world of pure nature. Enjoying nature and fresh air is a thing which you will keep in your heart forever, for which Meghalaya is India’s one of most popular honeymoon destinations as well.

To enhance your experience, here are the Top 15 places to visit in Meghalaya that you will never want to miss. Let’s look at the top 15 Meghalaya tourist destinations.

1. Dawki / Umngot river

  • Location: Dawki, West Jaintia Hills
boating on dawki river

Attractions of Dawki

  • The crystal clear blue-green water.
  • Boat rides during winter of the river.
  • Camping by the river bank.
  • Excellent view of the Bangladesh- India border.

In such a time, when the whole world is fighting pollution, you will get a chance to visit a clear river. If any boat floats in this river, it will look like it is floating in the air. The Umngot River reflects the greenery on the other side.

Dawki is like a fairyland, where you can easily spot beautiful fishes without getting under the water. The Umngot river is evident to the naked eye. The Jaintia and Khasi hills flank this river. The green sparkles of the river are under the sun.

If anyone takes a boat ride on the Dawki river, they might come across the ephemeral streams and secret alcoves in the hills. You can even listen to the bird chippering. There is no wonder that it is one of the best places to visit in Meghalaya with a charming view of the Dawki river.

The water is transparent and clear of the Umngot River. You can take a glance at a crystal glass surface and experience the beautiful fish, pebbles, and uniquely-shaped rocks scattered in the river. The fisherman’s boat will give you a nostalgic feeling of a fairy tale. You can also camp by the bank of Dawki in the designated area. The camping organizer arranges all gear and food including tents. Besides being our favourite destination in Meghalaya, Dawki is also one of the best camping sites in India.

If you are a nature lover, you will never stop clicking the picture of that place. The best way to experience the beauty of the Dwaki river is by boating, by which, you will be able to view under the water. You will feel like you are boating on a glass surface. You can even view the Bangladesh border from the river.

How to reach Dawki?

The best way to reach the Dwaki river is by driving. You can take a private vehicle or any rented cab or drive from Shillong, which is around 86 km far from the river. You can also get on a bus from the Police Bazar to reach there. The road to Dawki is very scenic.

Best time to visit Dawki

The best time to visit Dawki is during winter, from November to February. The winters are cold there, but not too chill. During winters, lack of rainfall makes it perfect for visiting in winter because excessive rainfall can cause landscapes and road blockages.

2. Seven sister waterfall or Nohsngithiang fall

  • East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya
Seven sister waterfall or Nohsngithiang fall in Meghalaya

Attractions of seven sister waterfalls

  • One of the highest waterfalls in India.
  • Breathtaking seven different falls from the cliffs.
  • Beautiful rainbow effect during monsoon.
  • Several other beautiful waterfalls are nearby.

Seven sister waterfalls justified its name. It has seven different falls, which are strategically arranged on a high cliff. You can get a clear and fantastic view from a distance. It is fascinating to mention that the waterfall hurtle from the seven areas. The view itself gets enhanced during the rainy season. Rain acts as a pinch of beauty to nature. The entire region becomes alive. It is one of the best tourist places to visit in Meghalaya if you love waterfalls.

Not only Nohsngitiang Falls, but there are also many other spots nearby to visit, such as Mawsmai Caves, Nohkalikai Falls, and the double-decker root bridge. If you have ample time for a trip, then you can hire a motorcycle and ride to Cherrapunjee and spend time in Dawki and Mawlynnong village. Explore the culture of Khasi Monoliths.

Visit the scenic waterfalls during the rainy season. It descends from a height of 315 m and is counted as one of the tallest falls. The waterfall has seven segments that are fed by rainwater. It is gushed over the cliffs of East Khasi hills. The surroundings and the Sundays on the water create a beautiful rainbow effect with an enchanting view.

How to reach seven sister waterfalls?

You can get on a bus from Police Bazar (Shillong) to Cherrapunjee which is around 54 Km away. If you want to go privately, hiring a cab can also be an option.

Best time to visit seven sister waterfalls

The best time to visit the seven sister waterfalls is during the monsoon. Rain plays a massive role in that time. Plan the trip between June to September. You can also go anytime in the daytime. Seven sister waterfalls are open seven days a week.

3. Nohkalikai waterfalls

  • Location: East Khasi Hills, Cherrapunjee
Nohkalikai waterfalls in Meghalaya

Attractions of Nohkalikai waterfalls

  • The prettiest and highest waterfall in Meghalaya.
  • An excellent hike to the top of the waterfall.
  • Amazing viewpoints.

The Nohkalikai falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in India. It is a gem that is hidden in the lap of Khasi hills. The waterfall plunges from the plateau and is fed rainwater. At the bottom of the plunge, it forms a green pool. The stairs can access it. Nohkalikai falls is the perfect site to visit to enhance your experience if you visit when the whole plateau is covered with mist. It is the best tourist place to visit in Meghalaya with beautiful waterfalls and greenery.

The story behind this waterfall is sad, though, which enhances the unbelievable beauty. It is told that the woman named Likai has remarried someone after the death of her husband. She had a little girl with her first husband. But, she could not show love to her second husband.

Her husband was driven by anger and jealousy, and he killed that girl and cooked a meal with the flesh. Likai unknowingly ate it, and after realizing the truth, she jumped from the waterfall. From there, it is named Nohalikai waterfalls. In terms of beauty, it is a pure example of nature’s fantastic creation.

How to reach Nohkalikai waterfalls?

Opt for a bus from police Bazar (Shillong), around 55 Km from the waterfall, or take a cab to the Nohkalikai falls. You can also rent a car or take your private vehicle from Shillong or hire a taxi to enjoy the sightseeing during the journey.

Best time to visit Nohkalikai waterfalls

The ideal time to visit the Nohkalikai falls is during the monsoon. During that time the view is perfect. There is a gallery from where tourists can watch the beauty of nature. There are also stairs which take the tourists to various viewpoints.

4. Double Decker living root bridge and rainbow waterfall

  • Location: Umshiang River at Nongriat Village
visit the double decker root bridge

Attractions of living root bridge and rainbow waterfall

  • Breathtaking living root bridge and astonishing Rainbow waterfall.
  • It is one of the iconic bridges recognized by UNESCO.
  • Adventure trekking activity and swimming in the lake.
  • Excellent place for birdwatching.

Do you want to start your trip from somewhere inspiring?

The double-decker living root bridge can be the perfect one to start from. It is cuddled in the verdant forest of the beautiful Cherrapunjee, located 3 km away from Nongriat village at 2400 feet in height. This exemplary bridge has been created to join the roots of ancient rubber trees.

This innovative credit goes to Khasis, who gas trained the roots of various trees for several years. As a result, the roots have grown in such a way that the bridge can form. The Double-decker living root bridge or Umshang Bridge is known for its colossal size and the breathtaking ways it joins nature and science. The double-decker living root bridge is the best tourist place in Meghalaya with the most scenic beauty.

Along with the visit to the double-decker living root bridge, you can experience the spectacular Rainbow falls. It is hidden deep in the forest. The waterfall has got its name because a rainbow is formed due to the sun’s rays. The water drops into the pool wear a natural rainbow flounce with pride.

rainbow waterfalls

The path to the rainbow waterfall is not a plain one; rather, it is a mixture of plunges and climbs. A trek to rainbow falls initiates from Double Decker Bridge and will take around one to two hours to complete the whole trek. The bridge is in the Nongriat village and is only accessible by trek from the Tyrna village. The trail is excellent to watch nature closely. The place is home to thousands of birds. So, using your birdwatching gear would be helpful if you are interested in birding.

The total trek is a very challenging trek which consists of 3500 concrete steps in one way. Therefore, one has to take a cab or bus to reach Tyrna. It will take around four to six hours to complete the trek. Don’t stuff your rucksack with unnecessary items. Keep it lightweight as it will help in trekking up and down the stairs.

How to reach the double-decker living root bridge and rainbow waterfall?

You can take a bus from the Police Bazar (Shillong) and then take a cab to Tyrna Village. You can also hire a cab to the Village via Cherrapunjee. Trekking will start from there.

Best time to visit living root bridge

The best time to visit double decker living root bridge and Rainbow Waterfalls is in winter. During the rainy season, the roads are very slippery. It will become tough to walk. Though the climate in Cherrapunjee is unpredictable, you must check the weather report before going.

5. Krang Suri Waterfall

  • Location: Jowai, Jaintia Hills
Krang Suri Waterfall Meghalaya

Attractions of Krang Suri Waterfall

  • One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Meghalaya.
  • Swimming in pure crystal water.
  • Magical water of the plunge pool
  • Challenging and narrow roads make an exciting trip.
  • Less explored, so the crowd is less.

One of the beautiful waterfalls of Meghalaya is hidden in the calmness of the Jaintia hills. Krang Suri comes under the best waterfalls in India. The waterfall is exalted with the green surroundings and glowing blue water. The charming beauty and the tranquil ambience of the place will regenerate your soul. Visit this surely if you are planning a trip to Meghalaya.

The waterfalls are located around 30 Km from the Jowai. Taking a dip in the magical waters of the plunge pool will give you a lifetime experience during a time of extreme pollution. The water looks very tempting, and if you love nature, you can’t stop yourself from getting a dip into the pool. This is one of the unique places of tourist interest in Meghalaya with a breathtaking waterfall.

The Krang Suri falls is located in the mountains and can be seen from far. If you want to view the waterfall, then you will have to walk along the mountain borders. The path is a very slippery and narrow one. It adds some thrill to the trek of Krang Suri. You can view the steepness and height of the mountain from there. But be careful.

The Krang Suri waterfall is also famous in our beloved Bollywood movies. The gorgeous blue shade of copper sulphate in the water attracts everyone. If you want to visit Krang Suri, you must go during summer because the rainy season can make your path even more difficult. Krang Suri doesn’t get much crowded, because many people don’t know about it. But, it is simply breathtaking.

How to reach Krang Suri Waterfall?

If you are in Shillong, you can take a bus from Police Bazar to reach Dawki. Hiring a car would be a good option from there. Otherwise, you can also take a roadway from the Jowai. From Shillong, it will take around 3.5 hours. After that, you will have to hike 20 minutes from the parking area to the forest.

Best time to visit Krang Suri Waterfalls

You can also visit the Krang Suri waterfall at any time. The weather is pleasant, and the waterfall looks adorable throughout the year. But during monsoon, it enhances the beauty even more. Visit the place in the daytime so that you make time for swimming in the Krang Suri waterfall.

6. Shillong Hill Station

  • East Khasi Hills
Shillong police bazar

Attractions of Shillong

  • Police Bazar
  • Eco-park
  • Ward’s lake
  • Lady Hydari Park
  • Mary Help of Christians Cathedral

Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, is one of the cleanliest towns in India. Famously known as East Scotland, Shillong is situated at 5000 feet above sea level. It is a perfect mixture of natural heritage and unique culture. For some who are looking for natural charm, then Shillong is the perfect place to visit.

The museums, pine trees, breathtaking greenery, botanical gardens, azure lakes, and cascading waterfalls play the embellished culture of Khasis. All this makes it a perfect destination to spend your holiday. The bloom trees are the thing which is to be viewed during October.

Shillong, which means crib of clouds, is a beautiful hill station in the Northeast of India. It is hidden in the mesmerizing Garo and Khasi Hills. Visit Shillong if you have not experienced the crowd of police Bazar, ward’s Lake, Lady Hydari Park, and Mary Help of Christians Cathedral. It is one of the famous Bazar for both tourists and locals. This is one of the unique places of tourist interest near Shillong.

Police Bazar is one of the biggest markets in Shillong – it is a perfect shopping destination for tourists and locals. Shillong is a combination of high-quality restaurants, hotels and stores, and pocket-friendly things. The police Bazar is famous for its handicraft stores, jewellery, apparel, and Meghalaya merchandise. This bright market is crowded with both foodies and shopping enthusiasts.

How to reach Shillong?

Guwahati is the nearest railway station to Shillong. You can take a train to Guwahati railway station and then take the bus services to Shillong city centre. The NH40 connects Shillong to Guwahati. If you are coming through the airport, take a cab or regular bus service to the Police Bazar.

Best time to visit Shillong

The best time to visit Shillong is in October. The bloom trees are the thing which is to be viewed during October. Shillong, which means crib of clouds, creates a beautiful place in the Northeast of India. It is hidden in the mesmerizing Garo and Khasi Hills.

7. Elephant Waterfalls

  • Location: Shillong, East Khasi Hills
Elephant Waterfalls in meghalaya

Attractions of Elephant Waterfalls

  • The gigantic rock looks the like elephant
  • Three-step falls
  • Crystal clear water
  • Amazing nature view

Elephant falls are one of the unique waterfalls in Meghalaya. This is located at the periphery of Shillong city. So it is away from the lawlessness of the city. This waterfall is two-tier and set in rock singles, and it is one of the unique features of the waterfall. The curve waterfalls have attractive beauty with the green surroundings. So it makes an ideal spot for a picnic.

The three falls create an adorable fall and a combination of the streams that beautify the covered rocks. The locals call it “Ka Kshaid Lai Pateng Khohsiew”, meaning “Three step falls”. The popular and present names go its name in British Era. It was named after the elephant because some Englishmen had spotted the gigantic rock, which looked like an elephant. Later, an earthquake destroyed the stone. Now only the 3-step waterfalls remain.

If you are a nature lover, then visiting Elephant Waterfalls near Shillong will be the best decision you can make. People love to take photos of the waterfall along with the gigantic rock that looks like an elephant.

How to reach Elephant Waterfalls?

It is located on the outskirts of Shillong and is 12 Km away from Police Bazar. Hiring a cab is the best option to reach there.

Best time to visit Elephant Waterfalls

The Elephant waterfall can be viewed at any time of year. It retains its beauty every time of the year. The best time to visit the place is from January to April. However, you can visit Elephant falls during the daytime because it is worth watching when the sun’s rays touch the misty waterfall.

8. Laitlum Canyon

  • Location: East Khasi Hills near Shillong
Laitlum Canyon in meghalaya

Attractions of Laitlum Canyon

  • Covered with misty mountains.
  • Path of rigorous terrains for a hike.
  • Beautiful view of the Canyon.
  • A place for those who love adventure.

The laitlum means “End of the hills”, and it is also the poetic name of this place. The canyon lies in the hills, and it ends there. It is beautiful above. It represents the scary and exhilarating experience of trekking. The positioning of the canyon makes it more attractive to the destination. Treks that present beautiful views and natural terrains are breathtaking.

Laitlum canyon makes the best adventure to date, and it is discovered by humanity. The short trek got a path of rigorous terrains. It is also known as one of the best landscapes in India. Trekking in Laitlum Canyon can be one of the best experiences near Shillong.

You might have heard the phrase, “All you can imagine is the adventure”. This phrase itself is frightening. An adventure lover jumps from place to place and does daring stunts. But in laitlum canyon, you will not have to do any daring stunts. The Khasi tribes of Meghalaya have settled on the cliff.

On the other side, they tend to build houses and farms for their living. But living on the edge of the cliffs makes people numb. Mist is surrounded by the edges of the world. It also looks like a dense fog, and sometimes it obstructs everything. Nevertheless, it is one of the best places to visit in Meghalaya because of its breathtaking canyon view that you can find nowhere else.

How to reach Laitlum Canyon?

You can take a taxi or cab from Shillong for sightseeing which will cost you around four to five thousand rupees. You can also take a direct bus from the police Bazar of Shillong to Smit. It will take approximately twenty rupees. Walk a little to reach Laitlum. For sightseeing, buses are not the preferred option as they remain crowded. In that case book a cab.

Best time to visit Laitlum Canyon

The best time to visit Laitlum canyon is from June to October. It stays covered with the most and the best time to go there is at Christmas. The daytime will be the best time to visit. It respects the beauty of the Laitlum Canyon. Although the climate is not so rainy, checking out the weather cast is essential before visiting. September to May is the perfect time to visit.

9. Mawphlang Sacred Forest

  • Location: Synrang Kaban, Nongrum
Mawphlang sacred forest in Meghalaya

Attractions of Mawphlang Sacred Forest

  • Forest hiking with untouched natural beauty.
  • Local tribal culture.
  • Monoliths of archaeological values.

The Mawphlang Sacred Forest in Meghalaya is known for numerous stories and legends over the past years. This forest is one of the sacred places for the Khasi people. There is a rule that the local follows, “nothing goes out of the forest”. You may be thinking that it is not very sure to say something like this. If you take a dead leaf or dead log, then nothing is going to happen. But the ancestors said that you must be wrong there. Anybody who takes something out of that forest falls ill, and sometimes it gets more dangerous. So it’s better not to take anything out of the forest.

As per the local tribes, the immortal who resides in the forest is Labasa. It is decisive for the tribal community. It is consumed during the illness. This divinity is one of the main pillars of belief. Whatever the stories, respect the tribal culture and their belief. Let them protect the forest and its biodiversity. If you ever visit Meghalaya, you must go to the Mawphlang Sacred forest, and you will love the tribal people and their living style.

The forest trail will lead you to the various fantastic forest canopies which you might have seen. The tropical forest is filled with deciduous, semi-evergreen, and evergreen trees that make a fantastic spectacle. This forest will keep your interest to find out something new. If your guide describes every cranny and nook of the forest, then you will get a glimpse of tribal life—the tribal who inhabits the place and how their lives are affected in the forest.

In the Mawphlang sacred forest, there is a mock village that is full of mock tribals. It showcases the antique monoliths and art by the villagers. During March, the monolith festival is celebrated here. Because of these reasons, it is known as one of the best places worthy of visiting in Meghalaya.

How to reach Mawphlang Sacred Forest?

Mawphlang forest is located around 27 Km from Shillong. You can take the bus from Police Bazar. If you want to enjoy sightseeing, you can opt for a cab from Shillong to reach your destination.

Best time to visit Mawphlang Sacred Forest

The forest is open all year from 9 am to 4:30 pm. It is advisable to avoid the monsoon. The best time to visit the Mawphlang is during autumn, from September to early November. The steady and mild climate combines with the new forest, making it the best time to visit the Mawphlang forest.

10. Umiam lake (barapani)

  • Location: 15 Km north of Shillong
umiam lake in meghalaya

Attractions of Umiam Lake

  • A large lake surrounded by hills and forest.
  • Gulmohar trees during summers.
  • Adventurous water sports and longboat rides.
  • Sunrise view.

The Umiam Lake is an artificial water body. It is located at a distance of 15 km far from Shillong. It is the capital of Meghalaya. This lake was constructed for generating hydroelectric power. The green Khasi hills surround Umiam Lake. It forms the best panoramic sight in Meghalaya for nature lovers.

People who love adventure will love the sunrise of the lake. You must not miss the early sunrise from Umiam Lake. The lake also has a park which makes it an ideal place for picnics. Mostly every local people visit Barapani during weekends for a picnic. This area is bustling. But you will love nature in any manner.

The lake is surrounded by thick forests and also expands an area of 222 Km. Nature lovers and students admire the fauna and flora of Umiam Lake. It is because they study the science behind this scenic beauty. Children also spend most of their time with their parents in the park.

Visitors live on the can boat ride, and adventure lovers love to enjoy water sports and boating. Besides the Umiam Lake’s beauty, you can also view the life of the tribal who comes to the lake for their living. Natives such as fishermen come to find many things in the water. During summers, shores get adorned by Gulmohar trees, and during winters, water levels reduce and turn into azure.

How to reach Umiam Lake?

The NH6 will be a short drive from the police Bazar. You can take a taxi from Shillong to the beautiful lake and enjoy the scenic view. You can also travel by bus from Police Bazar to save your money.

Best time to visit Umiam Lake

The best time to visit Umiam Lake is during summer. You will love the view of the Gulmohar trees. From March to June, it will give the best experience. The summer weather will be pleasant for exploring the region.

11. Mawlynnong Village

  • East Khasi Hills
Mawlynnong Village in meghalaya

Attractions of Malwlynnong village

  • The cleanest village in Asia recognized by Discover India.
  • Living root bridge at a short hike.
  • Mawlynnong waterfall.
  • Watchtower to look around.

Mawlynnong village is a pure example of cleanliness. The whole area is provided with bamboo dustbins. The garbage item and the waste products go to that dustbin. If you genuinely love cleanliness and want to be a part of this, you can visit Mawlynnong village. It is the cleanest place to visit in Meghalaya.

It’s better to say that smoking and plastic bags are prohibited there. The biggest attraction of this village is the Khasi tribe. The famous tribe is ahead of all patriarchal notions. In the Khasi tribe, the children are named after the mother’s surname. The property also is passed through the matrilineal lines.

The living root bridge is one of the main attractions of this village. This bridge connected the roots of the giant tree and made a hanging bridge. This wonder was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This bridge takes several years to develop on its own and has a capacity of sixty to seventy people.

The main attraction of the Mawlynnog village is the Sky view. It is the most vantage point. The site has a viewing tower of 85 ft., which is made out of bamboo. The tower views the Bangladesh landscape. You can see how the people of Mawlynnong protect nature. This village is located on the border, and the entry fees are deficient.

Another attraction is the Mawlynnong forest, and the calmness is interrupted by the Mawlynnog waterfall. It makes the place ideal for relaxing after a tiring day of roaming around. You can also arrange a picnic with your loved ones. The main attraction is the epiphany chirps which are hundred years old. It stands with the testimony and also manages the charm of the world. The blossoms of orange and red with green surroundings gives a regal look to the village.

How to reach Malwlynnong village?

If you are in Shillong, you can take the bus from Police Bazar to reach Malwlynnong village. You can also take a cab drive from Shillong. From here, it will take around a few hours. Also, you get to see the waterfalls while travelling on the road before reaching there.

Best time to visit Mawlynnong village

The weather is pleasant throughout the year. You can also visit the Mawlynnong village at any time. The beauty of the hill looks adorable all year. But during monsoon, it enhances the beauty even more. During winter, it will give a more adventurous feeling while trekking.

12. Mawsmai cave

  • Cherrapunjee (Sohra)
Mawsmai cave in Meghalaya

Attractions of Mawsmai Cave

  • Holy cave of Khasis
  • Adventurous caving activity.
  • Lights dancing on the limestone.
  • Mawsmai waterfalls

There are lots of cave systems that are dipped in the mystery. This is the real exploration for the people who love exploring caves. You can feel that you have landed in another world. These caves are well maintained, and the lights enhance the magic by dancing on limestone.

It will give you such an experience which will be caged in your heart for your life. Watching the lights playing in the limestone will give your eyes a fantastic experience. Thus, if you like adventure caving activities, Mawsmai cave can be your best place to visit in Meghalaya.

The Mawsmai cave is one of the holiest caves of the tribe Khasis. The cave is around 150 meters long. Those who love exploring will love to explore this cave. In some areas of the cave, the ceiling is very low. There are a few locations where we even had to crawl. Thus, you must be careful.

You must not miss a chance to visit Mawsmai cave if you are in the Cherrapunjee. Another attraction of the Mawsmai cave is the magnificent waterfall. The waterfall is rushed from the top of the cliff of Khasi hills.

How to reach Mawsmai cave?

Mawsmai cave is around 58 Km from Shillong. The total driving distance is approximately 1.5 hours from here. You can take the bus from Police Bazar to Cherrapunjee. This cave is located 6 km far from the Cherrapunjee. Take a cab to the waterfall. You can also take a drive from Shillong.

Best time to visit Mawsmai cave

The best time to visit the Mawsmai cave is during the winter. During this time, the beauty of the cave enhances. Adventure lovers will love the cave during this season.

13. Arwah Cave

  • Cherrapunjee
Arwah Cave in Meghalaya

Attractions of Arwah cave

  • Famous for fossils and limestone formation.
  • Offbeat travel destination.
  • Adventure caving activity.
  • A beautiful natural stream flows inside the cave.

Arwah cave is larger than the Mawsmai cave and is covered with the Law Shynna forest of Meghalaya. This is a treat for archaeology and adventure lovers. The Arwah cave has been discovered but explored by few. This cave is creepy and dark inside and especially while crawling through tunnels. There are lots of narrow passages and chambers in the cave.

Only a part of the Arwah cave is open for visitors. The available tourist area is around 300 meters which will take around half an hour to explore. This cave is one of the most popular places in Meghalaya with fossilized stones.

The Arwah Caves are known for their limestone formation and the antique fossils formed through 56 million years. The adventure lovers and explorers spotted fossils of ancient molluscs, crustacean shells and fish bones. This section of Arwah caves holds the stalactites and stalagmite formations. A stream also flows through the cave.

How to reach Arwah cave?

Arwah cave is at a distance of 5 Km from the Cherrapunjee Bus stand. Hire a car from the Police Bazar of Shillong to Arwah cave via Cherrapunjee. You can also ride a bus that will drop you at the Cherrapunjee market. From there, no public transport is available to the place. Thus, you either have to hike or hire a private vehicle.

Best time to visit Arwah cave

The best time to visit the Arwah cave is during the winter season. During this time, adventure sports, trekking, hiking, and caving are the best things to do in Meghalaya. Hiking to Arwah cave during winter, autumn and spring can be an exciting trip. Adventure and people who love thriller trips will enjoy this trip even more.

14. Don Bosco museum

  • Mawlai Mawdatbaki, Shillong
View of Shillong from the rooftop of Don Bosco museum

Attractions of the Don Bosco Museum

  • Showcase of indigenous and tribal cultures of Meghalaya.
  • History and traditions of North Eastern India.
  • Alcoves, Agriculture, Art, Basketry, costumes, ornaments, musical instruments, weapons gallery.

If you are a history lover, then you will love this place a lot. You can cover and enjoy the cultural heritage of North East India. Don Bosco museum displays an antique collection of weapons, photographs, ornamentation, handicrafts, paintings, artefacts, attires, and regional artwork. It is known as the largest museum in entire Southeast Asia.

The museum consists of a seven-story building along with seventeen different galleries for tourists and locals. The Don Bosco museum displays Indigenous Culture, and it is one of the best spots to visit in Shillong. This is one of the best Meghalaya tourist spots near Shillong.

How to reach Don Bosco Museum?

Don Bosco is around 3.5 km from the Shillong bus stand. It lies on the outskirts of Shillong. You can hire a car from Police Bazar to the Don Bosco Museum.

Best time to visit Don Bosco Museum

The best time to visit Don Bosco Museum is in October. The bloom trees are the thing which is to be viewed during October. Shillong means crib of clouds which makes it an ideal place to visit in October.

15. David Scott Hiking Trail

  • Syring Kaban, Meghalaya
David Scott Hiking Trail in Meghalaya
Photo Credit: Upasana Kakati from www.unconventionalandvivid.com

Attractions of David Scott Hiking Trail

  • One of the oldest hiking trails in Meghalaya.
  • Outstanding natural beauty with surrounding forests, rivers and waterfalls.
  • Khasi culture and village.

This hiking trail was named after the British officer Davis Scoot. This hiking trail is one of the oldest and most popular trekking routes in Meghalaya. This trail is around sixteen kilometres long, and it stretches from the Mawphlang to Lad Mawphlang. Both villages are known for their unique history, folklore, and culture. This is the centre stage of the Khasi culture.

The Mawphlang is the settlement of the Khasi hills, which was named after the Monoliths. This trail was made to connect Bangladesh and Assam. The trekking can also be done from the other side, but it is done chiefly through Mawphlang because of its ascending trail. It is one of the best places to visit in Meghalaya for a beautiful hiking experience.

This trail is not marked in online maps properly. Thus, take help from the locals to get proper directions. The David Scott trails are a storehouse of landscapes. One can experience the landscape by going through the roads. The bridges, forest groves, expansive meadows, streams flowing down from the mountains, cascading waters, rock formations, woods, and rivers- all are included in this trek.

You can begin your trek from any point in Mawphlang village. Go through the winding route of valleys and hills.

How to reach David Scott Hiking Trail?

David Scott trail is about 26.8 Km from Shillong. You can hire a taxi from Shillong to the starting point. You can also rent a shared vehicle from Shillong to Mawphlang, where you can also book a local taxi with the tourist guide. Do not worry about finding the location since it is a popular place. The shared car will cost around ₹80 to ₹100 from Shillong to David Scott hiking trail. If you want to avoid the hassle, hiring a private vehicle would be the best option.

Best time to visit David Scott Hiking Trail

The best time to visit this place is in winter. Though you can do this trek all year, it is not advisable to visit during the rainy season. The trail can be very slippery, and the river flows at high force. Therefore, you can face difficulty while facing the river.

How to reach Meghalaya?

  • By Air: Meghalaya stands high on the list of many tourists who want to explore the state’s beauty. The only airport in Meghalaya is Umroi which is around 35 km from Shillong. You can also take the airport Gopinath Bordoloi Airport in Guwahati, which is around 128 km from Shillong. You can also take a cab from the airport to Shillong.
  • By Train: The closest railway to Meghalaya is Guwahati Railway Station, around 100 Km away from Shillong.
  • By Road: Meghalaya Transport Corporation (MTC) is associated with a few urban communities inside the state, just as in adjoining states. The parkway that associates Guwahati with Shillong is NH40, and it is very much kept up with and simple to explore.

Explore the beauty of Meghalaya with our list of places given. You can explore your adventure feeling through caves and falls. Meghalaya is full of nature and known as one of the cleanliest states of all. Take the help of a local guide for sightseeing, or you can explore on your own. You can take breathtaking photos and videos of Meghalaya using a drone camera like in this video-

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